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Best Lifestyle Blogs in Manila Philippines

Top 10 Best Lifestyle Blogs in Manila Philippines

Are you tired of the same boring routine in Manila? Do you want to add a little pizzazz to your life? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best lifestyle blogs in Manila Philippines, because who needs to actually experience things when you can live vicariously through bloggers? These blogs cover everything from fashion to food to travel, so you can get your fill of the Manila lifestyle without ever having to leave your couch. Get ready to experience Manila in the most thrilling way possible – through the eyes of someone else!

Best Lifestyle Blogs in Manila Philippines

1. Ajay’s Writings on the Wall

  • (http://www.viloria.com/angelhouser/archives/00001134.html) Aside from being a blogger, Annalyn Jusay also writes regularly for the Manila Bulletin. She has a column called Blog-O-Rama which appears every Monday under Tech News. Through her column, she is able to help spread the word about Filipino bloggers and internet-related issues.
  • She has met Annalyn (or Ajay) personally once and she strikes her as friendly and down-to-earth. So do visit her website www.annalyn.net and read her writings on the net (este on the wall pala.)

This is Ajay’s personal weblog (stress on personal) and the views expressed here do not reflect the views of her company or the publication(s) she writes for.

While Ajay tries to be as honest as possible, it will be stupid for anyone to take everything she writes hook line & sinker. Sometimes Ajay is just having fun. Most of the time she writes when the mood suits her.

Ajay is a fan of the following: clothes, massages, shoes on sale, bags, make-up, net surfing, hot brewed coffee, buffet breakfasts, trying out different restos, luxury hotels, comfy beds, gadgets, Asia & its diversity as well as a hundred other things she’s forgetting right now.

Ajay has been to the following countries: the US, Belgium, Holland, England, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Lichstenstein, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran & Australia. She plans to travel throughout Asia, when her schedule permits.

It was only recently that Ajay got over her fear of flying. Her other phobias include earthquakes, heights and snakes.

Ajay lives and breathes the internet.

Ajay’s three secret wishes which will probably be unfulfilled during her lifetime: being a vegetarian, being a lesbian and doing a threesome.

Tomorrow is always a better day. 

Website: Website Link Here

2. Philippine Primer

  • The Expats’ Guide to the Philippine Lifestyle
  • Philippine Primer is a multimedia lifestyle publication geared towards the expat community in the country. They show what makes the Philippines the best expat destination by introducing the best tourist attractions, hottest restaurants, business opportunities, and interesting events in and out of the metro.

Primer Media, Inc. is a media and marketing company that supports the promotion of economic exchange between Japan and the Philippines.

Philippine Primer’s business includes free magazines, website features, social media promotion, etc. In 2008, Philippine Primer’s Japanese Magazine was first released, and since April 2016, the company has published an English-language free paper. At the same time, the company has been promoting Philippine Primer in Japan. We provide information not only to the Japanese community but also to Filipinos and other English expatriates in the country.

Their mission is to create business opportunities for its clients through various advertisement programs all the while providing useful information about the Philippines to their readers. They also aim to build a new media that will create a social movement in the Philippines through the provision of information and interactive communication between users.

And now, Primer wants to cater to the whole foreign community in the Philippines! They have established the Primer English Web to be the online source and lifestyle guide of the expats on living in the Philippines. From the hottest trends and the best dining spots, to the most popular tourists’ attractions in the country, they are here to provide updated information for you!

Restaurants – Primer loves food as much as you do! They are here to give you the latest information about the most popular bar and restaurants in the Philippines.
Travel – Travel the Philippine Islands with no worries! Let them be your guide in making your exploration worry-free.
Beauty & Fashion – Want to know what’s hot and what’s not? Don’t miss any of the latest trends in beauty, fashion, shopping finds, and many more.
Study – Finding the right school can be a bit challenging, but Primer is here to make sure you find only what’s best for you!
Business – Primer lists the updated information and correct details of the most searched and most reliable resources for emergency and everyday needs.
Events – Primer gives you the latest scoop on the most recent events around the block.
Tips & Guides – Primer is here to give you guidelines, advices and instruction on how to get by the beautiful islands of the Philippines.
Blogs – Primer staff shares their personal experiences about their favourite topics.

Website: Website Link Here

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3. Greta’s Junkyard

Blogging is a way for me to do what she love most, which is to write. It allows her to document many adventures and experiences, share with the world my opinions and random thoughts, and meet fellow beauty junkies, adventurers, WWE Fans, Potterheads, and Dramione Shippers!

She has been working in corporate for 10 years. She went from being an Account Manager of a digital marketing agency to a Marketing Manager of four beauty brands, to an Editor-in-Chief of an online beauty magazine, to a Managing Director of a content marketing agency, to a Managing Editor of a global beauty brand’s publication. Currently, she is the Managing Editor of a local parenting magazine. When she is not writing or producing content for her own platforms, she helps run her mom’s backyard business, Mama Jessie’s Kesong Puti. Apart from these, she offers workshops and services on makeup, content marketing, and more!

Interested to collaborate? You can contact her by emailing [email protected].

Website: Website Link Here

4. Purple Plum Fairy

She’s a freelance writer, social media community manager and part-time events coordinator. She’s part of the digital marketing trio called EchoManila, a Web Dev & Branding Provider that delivers top-tier designs and broad results. They support small businesses build well & strategize online experiences by brand building, digital marketing strategies, and creating and re-designing user-friendly websites that meet business goals. At present, Vance is working full-time in a hotel in Manila.

She is also a lifestyle blogger since 2010. Her blog, Purple Plum Fairy was Nuffnang’s Nutroplex Top of the Class Best Blog Story winner in 2010, Grand Winner of Contractubex Blog Contest in 2013, and Grand Champion for Digital Category in Sunlife’s Sinag Awards for Financial Literacy in 2018. During her free time, she loves to eat out with her husband Jason and play with their miniature black poodle, Eezypot. She believes in the late Anthony Bourdain’s words: You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.

You can email her at [email protected]

Website: Website Link Here

5. Mix of Everything

His Lifestyle blog giving you updates on lifestyle, family, tech, events, trends, gadgets, food, shows, travel and so much more!

You may visit his website in the link below or https://www.facebook.com/MixofEverythingLifestyleBlog

You can email him at [email protected]

Website: Website Link Here

6. K Figuracion

First time mom, Kaye, ventured into blogging back in 2010 with the I Love Keisha blog as an outlet for her newbie mommy experiences. It was here that she gets to share the quirks of daily life as a parent, wife, homemaker and everything else that life has to offer. Life has blossomed since then and so did her blog. Kaye is now a mom of 2 and manages the family business together with her husband while I Love Keisha got rebranded to K Figuracion. Not just that K Figuracion is featured as one of the top lifestyle blogs to follow in 2020 by Feedspot.

A well-loved modern wife. Hands-on and affectionate mother to Keisha and Kyle. Graduate of B.S. Accountancy. Former financial advisor. Lawyer wanna-be. Events host. Lifestyle blogger. Style savvy. Beauty enthusiast. Perennially poised. Work-at-home mom (WAHM)

Website: Website Link Here


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7. miss JHENZ

She started this blog June 7, 2012 – as a creative outlet for her to express my daliy life happenings, love for fashion, food, beauty, health & wellness, travel memories and product reviews.

I’m the kind of person who finds excitement in sharing all my new discoveries to my followers as if they were with me all throughout my journey. I Love To Inspire And Be Inspired! MissJHENZ Blog Is Open For Collaborations – Let’s Connect!

#LifestyleBlogger #Influencer #Let’s Connect

Website: Website Link Here

8. Earthlingorgeous aka Earth Rullan

  • Earthlingorgeous.com is Philippines Top Fashion Beauty Lifestyle and Advocacy Blog owned by Earth Rullan.
  • Earthlingorgeous.com inspires women around the world for more than 11 years and counting. This blog and the blogger behind it (Earth Rullan) has influenced a lot of people with regards to purchases, hobbies, life decisions, travel and even career paths.

Earthlingorgeous.com Philippines Top Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Advocacy Blog

Earthlingorgeous.com started as Earthly Explorations in 2007 and it was all about Earth Rullan’s personal rants most especially about relationahips and how difficult it was to raise a daughter with autism. To her surprise people started to flock this blog and so she decided to buy her own domain www.earthlingorgeous.com in 2008 and removed her very personal post and made this blog a general Women’s Lifestyle blog that focuses more on reviews, tips , personal opinion and other helpful information that is useful to the general public.

For Collaborations, Project Proposals, Advertisements, Endorsements, Event Invites, Store Visits And Other Inquiry Send Your Inquiries For Complete Rate Card At Earthlingorgeous (@) Gmail.Com

Website: Website Link Here

9. Foxy Folksy


Good food does not have to be expensive or difficult to make. With their recipes, you can make budget-friendly and restaurant-worthy dishes in no time!

You These days they really just focus on food recipes as that is what their readers are mostly into. But they still have the same aim, to have them easy, simple and budget-friendly but look and taste good!

You may want to email her at [email protected]

Website: Website Link Here

10. Drowning Equilibriums

Fashion Aficionado.Vintage Junkie. Dreamer.Pragmatist. Ruler of my earth- bowing to the God of their her universe.

Her lifestyle blog gives you updates on styling, travels, events, trends, and outfits.

#Stylist #Blogger #Nomad

Website: Website Link Here

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