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If you are a beauty or wellness service provider looking for a way to reach more customers and grow your business, you might be interested in Tropika Club. Tropika Club is an online platform that connects you with potential clients

Tropika Club was featured by Mothership online magazine on 7 September by writer Siti Hawa, and features both Wellaholic and Pretty 360. You can read the except of the article below. Get your next beauty booking via Tropika Club at

Welcome to Tropika Club, your online platform for customers to discover your services. Tropika Club's mission is to match beauty and wellness services providers with customers. By allowing businesses to offer discounts for off-peak slots to customers that are available

For our big Tropika Club launch, we want you to find new ways to move through life. We've teamed up with a few of Singapore's top fitness and wellness studios for a launch promotion of between 30% to 50%, so

Thank you for trying out Tropika Club, your #1 booking platform for beauty, wellness and fitness services in Singapore. With over 3000 services (and growing) across 8 key categories, and with off-peak discounts of up to 50%, there's no better

Yes we are finally ready for merchant onboarding. For all the hundreds of merchants who have signed up with Tropika Club, we are finally ready for onboarding.

Tropika Club is specially designed to help our customers navigate the portal with ease, and easily find the best off-peak discounts from where they are located. In this guide, we will showcase to you all the really useful features of

Tropika Club thanks all our influencers for sharing about the Tropika Club launch in August 2020. Tropika Club is the #1 online platform to discover and book beauty, wellness and fitness services. Customers can easily find available services near them, and

Have you seen your favourite Instragrammers trying out the kaleidoscope of merchants at Tropika Club? Now you can glow-up too! Whether you're looking for a good workout or a new look, we have some of the best promotions for beauty

Get your brand noticed through authentic word of mouth, through Tropika Club's Brand Ambassador program. People love to express themselves, and one of the several ways of doing so is through the things they buy. From the clothes they wear

Not familiar with using NETS QR when checking out at Tropika Club? Fear not! We are here to help you use NETS QR easily.

Tropika Club Deals brings to you great deals and offers from our merchants in the form of amazing discounted vouchers and codes. In addition, enjoy cashback as much as up to 5% for each purchase you make, regardless of the

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