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Merchant Onboarding for Tropika Club

Yes we are finally ready for merchant onboarding. For all the hundreds of merchants who have signed up with Tropika Club, we are finally ready for onboarding.

What does this mean?

This means that as our valued merchant, you can now log into the merchant backend portal to check and update your merchant profile, photos, as well as your services and your pricing. This is to prepare for our LAUNCH when the full onboarding is completed.

Merchant Onboarding for Tropika Club

What do I need to do?

There will be 4 key things that you will be required to do:

  1. Login and change Password: We will be sending to you an email with your merchant login and password. Please kindly log in to verify that its working and then change your password (It’s important to change your password to prevent unauthorised changes to your service pricing)
  2. Upload and check your photos: We will be uploading some of your salon/centre photos for you if you have already provided the photos. Please kindly check to see if they are okay, and if you have any more or have not provided us with the photos, you may upload them via your merchant account to be approved by our team. Research has shown that photos increases booking rates by 85%!
  3. Create your service types and pricing: What are the services available for booking? You will need to create the service names, tag them to the relevant service categories and list their pricing.
  4. Test the Time-of-day Discounts and our AI tool:  Once you have set up the services and pricing, you can also test the discounts and promotion capabilities. You can set discounts based on time of day (just like Eatigo) to attract customer bookings during off-peak periods. You can also use our special AI (Artificial Intelligence) to allow the AI to help you set the promotion. Do try it!

For any issues encountered during the merchant onboarding, please reach us via our Live Chat.



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