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Tropika Club's Flamingo is the chief editor and curator for all newsfeeds, articles and guides for Tropika Club Magazine. Beside contributing content to the magazine, the Flamingo also helps to give our reward points to customers who have booked beauty, wellness and fitness services in the search directory.

Have you ever marveled at great advertising and marketing methods as well as techniques and wondered where you could discover something similar to boost your marketing game? With the trend of online learning and education growing progressively over the past

In this hectic life that most are living right now, shampooing your hair with some conditioner after is the least you can do for your mane to stay healthy and shiny all the time. Conditioner helps to replenish moisture, smoothen

How to Spot a Real from a Fake The Ordinary Product? The very best means to ensure your product is genuine is to get directly from Deciem themselves. But that's not so very easy if you live someplace that Deciem

Simply put, "free flow" service refers to all-you-can drink and is found in bars or restaurants where you pay one price and can drink as much alcohol as you want, usually limited to one or two hours. It is also

You've obtained your nighttime dental hygiene routine down pat-- brushing, flossing, a little mouth wash, and a smile at the mirror as you flash your teeth. However experts say that there may be an action missing in your evening routine:

With the rising numbers of Covid-19 positive cases in Singapore as the government announced it was planning to move toward a living with Covid strategy -- attempting to control outbreaks with vaccines and monitoring hospitalizations rather than restricting citizens' lives.

Ever wonder what are the most frequently drawn winning 4D numbers from Singapore Pools? Check it out from the chart below. In fact, Tropika Club has compiled the Top 100 Frequently drawn 4D numbers from Singapore Pools, based on the

Having a bad hair day? In need for a good hair fix? Stuck in town needing to work on your hairdo? No matter, as the Tropika Club team has curated a list of the best hair styling salons in downtown

This September, Jurong Bird Park kicks off its very own month of giving. The park is sharing its festive jubilee cheer through carnival activities and initiatives, to give back to the community for 50 years of unwavering support. As one

Best summer desserts for cooling off on a hot sunny day in southeast country would be the most famous Chendol. A bowl of coconut milk based dessert which topped with kidney beans ,green strands,and corn served with shaved ice