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Tropika Club's Flamingo is the chief editor and curator for all newsfeeds, articles and guides for Tropika Club Magazine. Beside contributing content to the magazine, the Flamingo also helps to give our reward points to customers who have booked beauty, wellness and fitness services in the search directory.

The cycling craze is definitely happening in Singapore, with a lot of interest in cycling. If you are joining the cycling craze, and is looking for a new bicycle, you can take a good reference from our list of top

Medical Statistics say that in nearly 50 per cent of people, teeth are irregular, crooked or not aligned. With advances in the field of dentistry, particularly in the branch of orthodontics which deals with correction of irregularities in the teeth

Social media site can significantly boost your business, development, customer support, and also community -TRUTH!

Are you tired with constant shaving and waxing, and then doing it over and over again? Are you bothered by the unsightly ingrown hairs as a results of shaving? If you have not joined the masses who have moved on

The TreeTop Stroll Singapore is an attraction where walkers and also nature fans visiting Singapore, as well as our fellow Singaporeans should not miss. Located in Singapore's biggest reservoir, the TreeTop Walk as well as TreeTop route contains natural attractions.

We get it. Staying home, cooped up in your room, working from home within the four walls - all these are what the majority of us are facing right now. Me too, as I'm penning my thoughts down. Here I

Let’s be quite honest – bath bombs are just cool as heck. They come in all shapes and forms and multitudes of colours – from vibrant, to dark and soulful, to glittery heaven. There is nothing better than a relaxing

DAISO is a $2 mega store established in Japan, in 1977. Daiso is Japan's No.1 living ware supplier, providing customers the most variety and value for all their daily needs! If you didn't know, Daiso Singapore has started an online

The very best means to ensure your product is genuine is to get directly from Deciem themselves. But that's not so very easy if you live someplace that Deciem does not ship to or if your favourite product isn't offered

Mango juice has lots of health and wellness advantages such as handle diabetic person signs, boosting food digestion, keeping level of acidity degrees, reducing cholesterol levels, boosting skin health, stopping cancer cells and persistent condition, supporting the body immune system,