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How to Effectively Clean Your Makeup Brushes (The Definitive Guide)

How to tidy makeup brushes properly could appear noticeable, yet it’s a little bit extra complex than simply clean, rinse, and also repeat. Yes, it can be a little a pain, yet washing your brushes frequently makes a globe of distinction. Along with looking far better on your vanity, tidy brushes in fact do better. Dust, oil, as well as makeup build-up can bear down brush hairs, making them harder to collaborate with– which can indicate streaky foundation and also irregular blush down the line. Unclean brushes can likewise hurt your skin too. Considering they’re an important part of your make-up routine– what good is the best structure if you have absolutely nothing to apply it with?– it’s worth making the effort to find out to treat them right.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Why you should clean your makeup brushes: Cleaning your brushes regularly prevents bacteria buildup, improves makeup application, and extends the lifespan of your brushes.
  • How often you should clean your makeup brushes: You should wash your brushes at least once a week, or more frequently if you use them every day or have acne-prone skin.
  • What you need to clean your makeup brushes: You can use a gentle shampoo, a brush cleanser, or a DIY solution of dish soap and olive oil to wash your brushes. You also need a sink, warm water, a towel, and a brush drying rack or mat.
  • How to wash your makeup brushes: Wet your brushes under running water, then apply the cleanser of your choice and massage it into the bristles. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear, then squeeze out the excess water and reshape the brush head. Lay your brushes flat on a towel or hang them upside down on a drying rack or mat until they are completely dry.

How frequently should you clean your makeup brushes?

No offense, however you’re possibly not cleaning your brushes usually sufficient. Ideally you should be decontaminating your brushes after every use with a liquid cleanse. But he gets that’s not specifically reasonable for have to people and also states a deep clean once a week is great. Exactly how regularly you need to offer your brush bristles a great scrub-down depends upon exactly how commonly you utilize your brushes and also what you use them for. Some specialists recommend cleansing them a pair times a month, while the American Academy of Dermatology suggests cleaning them every 7 to 10 days– in any case, it’s likely method more frequently than you’re used to doing it. Yet do not go crazy– with a mix of easy tricks as well as brilliant products, even the laziest of lazies can wash their devices easily.

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What should you utilize to tidy make-up brushes?

The first step in washing your brushes is selecting a cleanser that will not damage them (also known as no rough cleaning agents). Lots of brand names sell items specifically created for make-up brushes, yet you can additionally use a mild soap, baby hair shampoo, or a gentle face cleanse. While you intend to rinse the brushes out completely, it’s excellent to avoid sulfates that may potentially leave a deposit on the brush and also bring about some irritation or pore blocking.

You can also use a brush cleaner spray

You can likewise take into consideration a brush cleaner spray. All you do is spray it on your brush (as received the image over), then clean your brush on a paper towel. It’s specifically handy if you’re traveling and also aren’t bringing a whole pack of brushes with you, because you can clean in between foundation as well as blush without obtaining a wet brush.

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Detailed technique to clean your make-up brushes the proper way

1. Load a cup with warm water and also a couple of drops of liquid soap or hair shampoo.

2. Swish your brush around in the mug, and gently work it against the bottom or the side to loosen up the make-up. The key word here is carefully, since you do not intend to flex the brush out of shape. If you’re using a bar soap, delicately scrub your brush on it under running water, and also work out the makeup with your fingers.

3. Wash delicately with lukewarm water, till you make sure no makeup comes off the brush when you run it over your hand.

4. Press bristles back into their common form if they obtained abused, and lay the brush flat to dry. Ciraldo recommends letting brushes dry on a towel that’s rolled on one end to make sure that the brush is put on a descending slant; this protects against water from running into the area where the bristles are attached to the manage.

5. For cleansing in between usages, fill a cup with fluid brush cleanser. Dip the brush into the fluid to lightly layer it, and afterwards wipe the brush back and forth on a paper towel till it is clean.

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When should you replace your makeup brushes and sponges altogether?

If you’ve noticed that all the wetting, scrubbing, and also pressing has actually modified the shape of your bristles, you’ll need to reshape them prior to setting them bent on completely dry. Utilize the hand of your hand and also your fingers to shape the damp brush hairs back to their initial kind, or attempt this clever little method: Glide the ends with a low-cost mesh protector, which permits air movement while still avoiding the bristles from drying all torn, flared, as well as out of whack.


I hope this helps you understand how to effectively clean your makeup brushes. Cleaning your brushes is not only good for your skin and makeup, but also for your mood and confidence. When you have clean and well-maintained brushes, you can enjoy applying your makeup more and create beautiful looks that enhance your natural beauty. At Tropika Club Magazine, we believe that beauty is not only about how you look, but also how you feel. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the best tips, tricks, and trends on all things beauty-related. Whether you need advice on skincare, makeup, haircare, wellness, or lifestyle, we have it all for you. Check out our website for more articles like this one, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers and updates. Thank you for reading Tropika Club Magazine!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know which type of cleanser to use for my makeup brushes?

The type of cleanser you use depends on the type of makeup products you use with your brushes. For example, if you use liquid or cream products, such as foundation, concealer, or cream blush, you need a cleanser that can dissolve the oil-based residue. You can use a gentle shampoo, a brush cleanser, or a DIY solution of dish soap and olive oil. If you use powder products, such as eyeshadow, bronzer, or highlighter, you can use a mild soap or a brush cleanser. You can also use a spray cleanser or a tissue to spot-clean your brushes after each use.

How do I dry my makeup brushes properly?

The best way to dry your makeup brushes is to lay them flat on a towel or hang them upside down on a drying rack or mat. This will prevent water from seeping into the ferrule (the metal part that connects the bristles to the handle) and damaging the glue that holds the bristles together. You should also avoid drying your brushes upright or using a hair dryer, as this can cause the bristles to lose their shape and shed.

How do I store my makeup brushes?

You should store your makeup brushes in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. You can use a brush holder, a cup, a jar, or a pouch to keep your brushes organized and protected. You should also avoid storing your brushes in a closed container or bag, as this can trap moisture and bacteria.

How do I sanitize my makeup brushes?

Sanitizing your makeup brushes is important to prevent the spread of germs and infections. You can sanitize your brushes by spraying them with rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant spray after washing them. You can also use an ultraviolet (UV) light sanitizer device, such as the [Lilumia 2 Makeup Brush Cleaner Device], which uses UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your brushes.

How often should I replace my makeup brushes?

The lifespan of your makeup brushes depends on how often you use them, how well you take care of them, and the quality of the materials. Generally speaking, synthetic brushes last longer than natural hair brushes, as they are more resistant to wear and tear. However, if you notice that your brushes are shedding, fraying, losing their shape, or smelling bad, it might be time to replace them. A good rule of thumb is to replace your brushes every six months to a year.

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