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Facts about Gurmit Singh that We Bet You Didn't Know

10 Facts about Gurmit Singh that We Bet You Didn’t Know


Gurmit Singh is a name that resonates with almost every Singaporean. Known for his comedic genius, acting prowess, and magnetic personality, Singh has been an integral part of Singapore’s entertainment landscape for decades. But how well do you really know this iconic figure? In this exclusive article, we delve into 10 fascinating facts about Gurmit Singh that are sure to surprise even his most ardent fans.

Facts about Gurmit Singh that We Bet You Didn't Know

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  • Comedy Roots: Gurmit Singh, famed for ‘Phua Chu Kang,’ initially aspired to be a serious actor before venturing into comedy.
  • Multitalented Star: Besides acting, Gurmit is a versatile performer, excelling in hosting, voice acting, and even singing.
  • Singaporean Icon: Gurmit’s iconic portrayal of Phua Chu Kang turned him into a beloved national figure in Singapore’s entertainment scene.
  • Unexpected Beginnings: Before showbiz, Gurmit worked as a firefighter, showcasing his diverse set of skills and life experiences.
  • Global Recognition: Phua Chu Kang’s catchphrase “Don’t play, play!” resonated globally, earning Gurmit international acclaim and recognition beyond Singapore.
  • Philanthropic Heart: Beyond the screen, Gurmit actively engages in philanthropy, contributing to various charitable causes and making a positive impact.

1. Early Life

Gurmit Singh was born in Singapore on March 24, 1965. While many know him as a household name in entertainment, few are aware that he initially aspired to be a pilot. However, life had other plans, and he eventually found his calling in the arts. His journey is a testament to the unpredictable paths that can lead to immense success.

2. The Birth of Phua Chu Kang

One of Gurmit Singh’s most iconic roles is that of Phua Chu Kang in the sitcom “Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.” What many don’t know is that the character was initially supposed to be a side role. However, Singh’s portrayal was so compelling that Phua Chu Kang became the centerpiece of the show, making it one of the most beloved series in Singapore.

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3. A Man of Many Talents

Gurmit Singh is not just an actor; he’s also a singer, host, and even a writer. He has hosted numerous award shows and events, showcasing his versatility. His talents extend beyond the screen, making him a true renaissance man in the Singaporean entertainment industry.

4. Family Man

Despite his busy schedule, Singh always makes time for his family. He is a dedicated husband and father, often sharing glimpses of his family life on social media. His commitment to his family is as strong as his commitment to his craft, making him a role model for many in Singapore.

5. Awards and Recognition

Over the years, Singh has received numerous awards, including the Asian Television Award for Best Comedy Performance multiple times. His accolades are a testament to his skill and dedication, solidifying his status as one of Singapore’s most celebrated entertainers.

6. Philanthropy

Gurmit Singh is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in various charitable activities and organizations, using his platform to give back to the community. His altruistic nature adds another layer to his already impressive persona.


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7. The Man Behind the Humor

While Singh is famous for his comedic roles, he has also taken on serious roles that showcase his range as an actor. He has the ability to make audiences laugh and cry, proving that he is more than just a funny man.

8. Career Challenges

Like any artist, Singh has faced his share of challenges. From typecasting to the pressures of fame, he has navigated the complexities of the entertainment industry with grace. His resilience is an inspiration to aspiring artists in Singapore and beyond.

9. Inspirational Speaker

In recent years, Singh has also ventured into motivational speaking. He often shares his life experiences and insights, inspiring others to pursue their dreams. His talks are a hit, not just in Singapore but also in various international forums.

10. Legacy

Gurmit Singh’s impact on Singapore’s entertainment scene is immeasurable. He has paved the way for future talents and set a high standard for quality and creativity. His legacy is one that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, inspiring generations to come.


Gurmit Singh is more than just an entertainer; he’s a cultural icon, a family man, and an inspiration to many. As we’ve uncovered in this article, there’s so much more to him than meets the eye. From his early aspirations to his philanthropic endeavors, Singh is a multi-faceted individual whose contributions to Singapore and its entertainment industry are truly unparalleled. So the next time you see him on screen, remember, you’re witnessing a legend in action.



Q: What are Gurmit Singh’s notable achievements in the entertainment industry?

A: Gurmit Singh is celebrated for his iconic role as Phua Chu Kang, earning him national and international acclaim.

Q: Can you share insights into Gurmit Singh’s early career?

A: Gurmit started as a serious actor but found fame in comedy, showcasing his versatile talents beyond initial aspirations.

Q: How did Gurmit Singh contribute to Singaporean culture?

A: Gurmit became a cultural icon through Phua Chu Kang, leaving an indelible mark on Singapore’s entertainment landscape.

Q: What sets Gurmit Singh apart from other Singaporean actors?

A: Gurmit’s diverse skills extend to hosting, voice acting, singing, and firefighting, showcasing a unique and multifaceted talent.

Q: How has Gurmit Singh impacted the global entertainment scene?

A: Gurmit gained international recognition with Phua Chu Kang’s catchphrase, “Don’t play, play!” resonating globally.

Q: Does Gurmit Singh engage in philanthropy?

A: Yes, Gurmit actively supports various charitable causes, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the screen.

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