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Invisible Grille and Zip Blind Companies

Top 10 Best Invisible Grille and Zip Blind Companies in Singapore

If the safety of your family and loved ones is your priority and you want to make sure that they’re always out of harm’s way; then, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with invisible grilles that are complemented by invisible grills or zip blinds. Simply put, the said commodities are worthwhile investments, especially if you regularly leave home for work and other commitments. Are you looking to protect your home using the Invisible Grille for your windows? Whether it’s for HDB, condos or other properties, check out the best invisible grille suppliers in Singapore!

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Elite Invi Grilles Offers stylish, strong invisible grilles ensuring safety without compromising views.
  • Sleek Invisible Grille Renowned for modern, child-safe grilles blending seamlessly with home aesthetics.
  • Invisible Grille Concept Provides durable, rust-resistant grilles with exceptional customer service.
  • LeGate Specializes in custom-fit invisible grilles enhancing home security and design.
  • Starlite Systems Expert in innovative, retractable zip blinds for ultimate sun protection.
  • DeGrille Known for premium-quality, virtually invisible grilles for a secure, elegant home.

#1 – Invisible Grille Concept


Established in Singapore in October 2009 to introduce a new solution for window and balcony safety grilles with the latest concept called “Invisible Grille”. IGC pride itself as one of the pioneering invisible grille provider in Singapore. From balconies, living rooms, and bedrooms to commercial settings like meeting rooms and building facades, their invisible grilles can be found in a wide range of settings. Safe and secure, yet aesthetically pleasing, IGC’s invisible grilles are the perfect accompaniment to every space you’ve got.

Type of Services:

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    • Residential – Balcony, Living & Bedrooms
    • Pet Lovers – Keep your pets safe indoors. 
    • Commercial – Shops, Warehouses & Factories
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 6611 1333

Location: 14 Jalan Masjid Singapore 418934

Contact: +65 6611 1333

Website: Website Link Here


#2 – LeGate


Legate is Singapore’s most known and trusted provider of home lifestyle solutions. Legate has over eighteen years of experience in innovating new products that offer convenience and protection for your home and family. At Legate, they aim to be your one-stop shop for all aspects of your home lifestyle needs to enhance and elevate your everyday life. Legate has deep expertise in supplying and installation of invisible grilles, window grilles, gates, blinds, turf carpets, louvers, and the latest addition to their extensive range of products, their Smart Home solutions.

Type of Services:

Location: 1 Tampines North Drive 1, Office #08-32 & #09-32

Contact:  +65 6242 1911

Website: Website Link Here


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#3 – Diamond Grille Systems


Diamond Grille Systems® trademarked and patented under Landsea Group provides you an excellent seamless invisible look of your surroundings and safety barrier for your loved ones.

Unlike Stainless Steel 304 or 316 materials wires used in Invisible Grille, Diamond Grille Systems® uses Switzerland Made Ultra High Strength & Corrosion Resistance Mono Core, Solid, Thin, and Round Wires, their Diamond Grille Systems® provide you high quality and solid Window Grilles to protect your love ones.

Their Diamond Grille Systems® is a combination of the excellent features in the Invisible Grilles and Aluminium Window Grilles / Mill Steel Window Grilles. Their Diamond Grille Systems® provides a seamless invisible look of your environment like the Invisible Grille and gives you the security and robustness of the Aluminium Window Grilles / Mill Steel Window Grilles.

​Being tough and secure, and yet invisible see-through view for your HDB, Condominium, or Landed Property.

Type of Services:

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    • Fixed Diamond Grille Systems®
    • Structure Fixed Frame Diamond Grille Systems®
    • Fixed Diamond Grille Systems®
    • Fixed Frame Diamond Grille Systems®
    • Casement Diamond Grille Systems®
    • Cat-Friendly Diamond Grille Systems®
    • Bi-fold Diamond Grille Systems®
  • Contact them for the quotations at +65 6694 8916 or WhatsApp +65 8830 0041

Location: 47 Kallang Pudding Road #10-04 Crescent@Kallang Singapore 349318

Contact: +65 6694 8916

Website: Website Link Here

#4 – SkyGrilles


SkyGrilles has humble beginnings as a sales and servicing company for Invisible Grilles only. But now they are offering fire extinguishers, window restrictors, and window rollers. And they are in the process of adding products and services that can really help their client’s families and homes safe and sound.

Type of Services:

  • Invisible Grille
  • Cat Proof Grille
  • Aluminum Grille
  • Main Gate
  • Roller Blind
  • Zip Track
  • Window Restrictor
  • Awning
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 6659 5838/ +65 9681 4322

Location: 4028 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1, #01-217, Singapore 569639

Contact: +65 6659 5838/ +65 9681 4322

Website: Website Link Here


#5 – Invisys Singapore


INVISYS Singapore provides leading-edge invisible grille and InviZip zip blinds technology to homes, commercial, landscaping, and others. Their products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. INVISYS Technology evolved from a small partnership company and the main offices are located in south-east of Singapore.

INVISYS Singapore provides innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective marketing. The company integrating the interests of all employees, customers, partners, and suppliers into its strategy and actively honoring its social and environmental responsibility creates the foundation of trust that makes possible the long-term success of the company. On top of exceptional invisible grilles and InviZip zip blinds, among other similar commodities, they are specifically designed to address various needs, preferences, and budget, among others.

Type of Services:

  • Invisible Grilles
    • For Openable Casement Window | Openable Door
    • For Safety Fence at Roof Top
    • For Safety Protection Feature at Staircase
    • For Integrated Security Alarm System
    • For Irregular Shape Balcony
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 6659 5232/ +65 6690 6165

Location: 07-14 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, Premier @ Kaki Bukit, Blk 8, Singapore 415875

Contact: +65 6659 5232/ +65 6690 6165

Website: Website Link Here


#6 – Meridian Invisible Grille


Led by a team of trained and committed specialists, Meridian companies itself has since evolved as a whole in terms of products that they offer, their customer service, and on-demand final renovation touches.

From humble beginnings in 1967 when they sold curtain fabric for a dollar by the meter, to today as the largest network of window covering stores in the country, they’ve maintained their commitment to deliver the highest quality and service.

They’ve always believed in the value of one-on-one consultations, local manufacturing, and providing a complete service from a free design, measure, and quote to full installation.

Type of Services:

  • Fixed Invisgrilles
  • Curtains
    • Day Curtains
    • Motorized Curtains
  • Blinds
    • Roller Blinds
    • Roman Blinds
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 9388 0699

Location: 349 Changi Road,Singapore 419817

Contact: +65 6345 2219 (Servicing); +65 9388 0699 (Enquiries)

Website: Website Link Here



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#7 – DeGrille


At Degrille, the company aspires to provide improved security while complementing the beauty of homes through innovative technology. Grilles are essential for ensuring the security and safety of homes and families. Degrille is ready to offer a variety of designs, Ninja Speed installation, seamless service, quality, and experienced reliable consultants.

Highly trained staff work closely with clients to determine their home’s needs. With the knowledge, experience, and competence to complete projects successfully, Degrille ensures excellent client service. The company continues to innovate to better serve its customers.

Type of Services:

  • Fixed Invisible Grille
  • BiFold Invisible Grille
  • Structured Invisible Grille
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 6909 9955

Location: 15 Changi North Street 1, Singapore 498765

Contact: +65 6909 9955 (Call); +65 9794 3335 (Whatsapp)

Website: Website Link Here


#8 – Elelaurels


Elelaurels is a group of experienced company in Singapore supplying and installing invisible Grilles. Certified by Setsco Singapore, your safety is their top priority, and they only use the Top quality materials in all their products.

All their staffs are well trained and experienced. They seek to help you strike the balance of home safety by installing invisible grills, along with aesthetics of advising you which type of product best suits your home.

To many out there, invisible grilles are just invisible grilles. They have many types of grilles for windows that are not known to others, do give them a chance to introduce more to you.

Type of Services:

  • Fixed Invisible Grilles
  • Invisible Grilles for Cats
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 8224 2252

Location: 2 Defu Lane 10 #03-521 Singapore 539183

Contact: +65 8224 2252

Website: Website Link Here


#9 – Max Window Grill


Five years ago, when Max Window Grill was started, it has slowly become one of the best grille contractors in Singapore. They decided that an online platform would be best to reach the customers they want to serve. From that time, they have prioritized their customers and got great results. They supply the doors and windows grilles, and they do the installation service as well. Their team goes to your location to do the job with a priority of customer satisfaction.

Type of Services:

  • Invisible Window Grill
  • Aluminium Window Grill
  • Wrought Iron Window Grills
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 3138 1283

Location: 3013 Bedok Industrial Park E, Singapore 489979

Contact: +65 3138 1283

Website: Website Link Here


#10 – CSA Invisible Grille


CSA Invisible Grille is the trusted brand for invisible grille because of their strict quality control and in keeping their promises to their valued customers. They insist on using the best quality components for every detail of their product ranging from screws to their wire rope.

All their staff are trained intensively and tested before they put them on the field to ensure the smooth process from order to handling over and after-sales.

They took pride in all their products manufactured and is constantly researching and exploiting new technologies to improve on their products.

Type of Services:

  • Fixed Panel Invisible Grille
  • Sliding Invisible Grille
  • Casement Invisible Grille
  • Contact or email them for the quotations at [email protected]; +65 8588 9339

Location: Harvest @ Woodlands, 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Block 1 Unit 05-36, Singapore 757322

Contact: +65 8588 9339

Website: Website Link Here



As the editor of Tropika Club Magazine, I’ve explored many options for invisible grilles and zip blinds in Singapore. After extensive research and reader polls, I’ve curated a list of the best companies. Each of these providers stands out for their quality, innovation, and customer service.

Invisible grilles offer a blend of safety and style, allowing unobstructed views while protecting your loved ones. Zip blinds provide excellent sun protection and privacy without compromising on design. I hope this guide helps you choose the right solution for your home. Discover how these top companies can enhance your living space with their superior products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are invisible grilles made of?

A: Invisible grilles are typically made of high-strength stainless steel, providing durability and security.

Q: How do I maintain my invisible grilles?

A: Regular cleaning with mild soap and water helps maintain the appearance and function of invisible grilles.

Q: Can zip blinds be customized to fit my windows?

A: Yes, many companies offer custom zip blinds tailored to your specific window dimensions.

Q: Are invisible grilles safe for homes with pets?

A: Yes, invisible grilles are designed to be safe for homes with pets, preventing them from slipping through openings.

Q: Do zip blinds offer UV protection?

A: Yes, zip blinds provide excellent UV protection, helping to keep your home cool and protect your furnishings.

Q: How long does it take to install invisible grilles or zip blinds?

A: Installation time varies, but most companies complete the installation within a few hours to a day.

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