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10 Reasons Why 90s Fashion is Making a Comeback in Singapore

10 Reasons Why 90s Fashion is Making a Comeback in Singapore

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  • Nostalgic Appeal: 90s fashion evokes memories of iconic styles, resonating with a sense of nostalgia among Singaporeans.
  • Celebrity Influence: Celebrities embracing 90s trends in music, film, and fashion spark renewed interest and enthusiasm among Singapore’s youth.
  • Versatile Wardrobe: The simplicity and versatility of 90s fashion make it adaptable to various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.
  • Fashion Cycle: Fashion trends tend to resurface cyclically, with the revival of 90s fashion representing a natural progression in style evolution.
  • Streetwear Resurgence: The resurgence of streetwear culture aligns with the laid-back, urban aesthetic popularized by 90s fashion icons.


The fashion world is cyclical, and trends often come full circle. In Singapore, the 90s aesthetic is making a bold resurgence, captivating fashionistas and nostalgic souls alike. From the vibrant hues to the iconic silhouettes, this retro revival is taking over the city-state’s streets and malls. Tropika Club Magazine explores the top 10 reasons why 90s fashion is making a comeback in Singapore, drawing from our team’s firsthand experiences and insights from our stylish readers.

1. Nostalgia Factor

The 90s hold a special place in the hearts of many Singaporeans, evoking memories of carefree childhood days and iconic pop culture moments. Embracing 90s fashion trends allows individuals to tap into that nostalgic feeling, transporting them back to a simpler time. From crop tops and mom jeans to chunky sneakers and bucket hats, these retro pieces evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort that resonates with the local audience.

2. Bold and Vibrant Colors

One of the defining characteristics of 90s fashion is its unapologetic use of bold and vibrant colors. Neon hues, clashing patterns, and vibrant prints were all the rage back then, and they’re making a triumphant return in Singapore’s fashion scene. Local fashionistas are embracing these eye-catching shades, adding a pop of energy and personality to their outfits. Whether it’s a neon green windbreaker or a pair of electric blue platform sneakers, these vibrant pieces are a refreshing departure from the muted tones that have dominated recent trends.

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3. Streetwear Influence

The 90s were a pivotal era for streetwear, with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and FUBU gaining immense popularity. In Singapore, this streetwear influence is evident in the resurgence of oversized hoodies, baggy jeans, and sporty tracksuits. Local youth are embracing this laid-back, urban aesthetic, blending it with their own unique style. Tropika Club Magazine’s team has spotted numerous Singaporeans rocking vintage streetwear pieces, often paired with modern accessories for a fresh twist.

4. Minimalist Chic

While bold and vibrant colors were a hallmark of 90s fashion, the decade also saw the rise of minimalist chic. Clean lines, simple silhouettes, and understated elegance were embraced by fashion icons of the time. In Singapore, this minimalist aesthetic is making a comeback, appealing to those who prefer a more pared-down and sophisticated look. Local designers and retailers are offering sleek slip dresses, tailored blazers, and streamlined separates that capture the essence of 90s minimalism.

5. Sustainable Fashion

The 90s fashion revival aligns perfectly with the growing demand for sustainable fashion in Singapore. By embracing vintage and secondhand pieces from the 90s, Singaporeans are actively reducing their fashion footprint and promoting a circular economy. Tropika Club Magazine’s readers have shared their experiences of scouring thrift stores and online marketplaces for authentic 90s gems, breathing new life into these pre-loved items.

6. Celebrity Influence

Celebrities have played a significant role in shaping fashion trends, and the 90s were no exception. From Jennifer Aniston’s iconic “Rachel” haircut to the Spice Girls’ bold and eclectic styles, these iconic looks have left an indelible mark on pop culture. In Singapore, local influencers and celebrities are embracing 90s fashion, inspiring their followers to embrace the trend. Tropika Club Magazine’s team has spotted numerous local celebrities rocking 90s-inspired outfits on the red carpet and at events, further fueling the trend’s popularity.


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7. Comfort and Versatility

90s fashion was all about comfort and versatility, with oversized silhouettes, stretchy fabrics, and relaxed fits dominating the scene. In Singapore’s humid climate, this emphasis on comfort and breathability is particularly appealing. Local fashionistas are embracing the ease and practicality of 90s staples like cargo pants, slip dresses, and oversized tees, seamlessly blending them into their everyday wardrobes.

8. Individuality and Self-Expression

The 90s were a time of self-expression and individuality, and fashion played a crucial role in this movement. In Singapore, the resurgence of 90s fashion allows individuals to showcase their unique personalities and embrace their quirks. From bold prints and clashing patterns to oversized silhouettes and statement accessories, the 90s aesthetic encourages Singaporeans to step out of their comfort zones and express themselves through their sartorial choices.

9. Subculture Influences

The 90s were a melting pot of subcultures, each with its own distinct fashion aesthetic. From grunge and punk to hip-hop and skater styles, these subcultures left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. In Singapore, elements of these subcultures are being incorporated into contemporary streetwear and high fashion, adding an edgy and rebellious flair to the 90s revival. Tropika Club Magazine’s team has spotted local youth embracing these subculture influences, blending them with their own unique styles.

10. Cyclical Nature of Fashion

Fashion is inherently cyclical, with trends often resurfacing after a few decades. The 90s fashion revival in Singapore is a testament to this cyclical nature, as the city-state embraces the styles and aesthetics that once defined a generation. By embracing these retro trends, Singaporeans are not only tapping into nostalgia but also celebrating the ever-evolving nature of fashion, where the past and present seamlessly intertwine.


The 90s fashion revival in Singapore is more than just a passing trend; it’s a celebration of nostalgia, self-expression, and the cyclical nature of style. From bold colors and streetwear influences to minimalist chic and sustainable fashion, the 90s aesthetic offers something for everyone. As Tropika Club Magazine continues to explore this resurgence, we invite our readers to embrace the trend with open arms, allowing it to transport them back to a simpler time while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I find 90s fashion trends in Singapore?

A: You can explore vintage stores like RetroGate or online platforms like Carousell for authentic 90s pieces.

Q: How can I incorporate 90s fashion into my wardrobe?

A: Mix and match modern pieces with 90s-inspired items like crop tops, high-waisted jeans, or chunky sneakers for a trendy look.

Q: Are there any iconic 90s fashion trends specific to Singapore?

A: Yes, Singaporeans embraced trends like baggy jeans, platform shoes, and bold prints during the 90s fashion era.

Q: Can I find sustainable 90s fashion options in Singapore?

A: Absolutely, explore thrift stores like New2U or join local clothing swap events for eco-friendly fashion alternatives.

Q: What are some popular 90s fashion brands making a comeback in Singapore?

A: Brands like Fila, Champion, and Tommy Hilfiger are experiencing resurgence in popularity among Singaporean fashion enthusiasts.

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