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4 Simple Ways To Make Your At-Home Exercises More Effective

With no news of gyms reopening anytime soon, at-home workouts will continue to remain a part of our fitness routines in the weeks to come. While many of you are doing your best to make the most out of minimal or no-equipment workouts, it might be disheartening to feel helplessly unable to physically challenge yourself without your usual gym equipment and think that you’re losing progress with every day that goes by. You’ll feel reassured to know that according to personal trainer at Core Collective and founder of Fitness Lifestyle Performance, Janet Lee, using our own body weight to perform simple exercises can, in fact, be just as challenging and effective as lifting weights at the gym! This article is curated by Tropika Club together with Janet of the Core Collective. Read on as Janet highlights 4 simple ways to make your at-home body-weight exercises more challenging.

1. Use Rep Tempos

Rep tempos refer to the rate or pace you perform every repetition on a given set and may also be referred to as lifting speed, rep speed or lifting tempo. Typically, in a training program given by your coach or personal trainer, the tempo will be prescribed and written such as 4-1-3-0.

Each number denotes the amount of time in seconds to perform each specific phase of the exercise. Take a look at the example below as we breakdown the 4-1-3-0 rep tempo of the well-known bodyweight exercise – a pushup.

• The first digit ‘4’ is the eccentric phase (or negative phase) where you lower your body down in your push up position, slowly, for a total count of 4 seconds.
• The second digit ‘1’ is the isometric phase (midpoint of the movement) where you’ll pause at the bottom of the pushups for a brief second.
• The third digit ‘3’ is the concentric phase (or lifting/positive phase) where you push up your body back up, slowly, for a count of 3 seconds.
• The fourth digit ‘0’ is the number of seconds spent at the top end of the movement. In this case, there will be no rest at the top of your push up position, and you proceed immediately with the next repetition.

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