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5 Great Strategies to Promote Your LinkedIn Account

Business professionals are showing love to LinkedIn, and its membership is growing at faster-than-expected rates. In fact, LinkedIn reported a threefold increase in LinkedIn Learning Usage Amid COVID-19 lockdowns. Getting attention on LinkedIn is important as it means more business opportunities from a new job, the perfect new hire, a new business partnership, and more. B2B companies love operating on LinkedIn because that’s where their target market is — but even if you’re not working in the B2B sector, you should know how to promote your LinkedIn account and get attention from the right people. Continue reading this article by Tropika Club to learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to your advantage.

1. Know Your Target Market

Before you start promoting yourself or your profile on LinkedIn, you should know who your target market is. While 30,000 connections sounds like a lot, it’s easy to fill up your slots if you aren’t selective about who you’re connecting with. You don’t want just anyone on your connections list. You want people that are interested in what you’re doing or who might know people that would be interested in what you’re doing.

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2. Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great place to get attention. There are many interest groups that you can participate in. You’ll find groups for almost any business interest, so keep looking until you find the group that you’ll want to spend some time providing value. The best way to get attention in these groups is to interact with people and be helpful.

3. Visit and Connect With Your Target Market

Look for people that are 2nd- and 3rd-level connections that are within your target market. These people should be active, engaged, and care about their LinkedIn profile—examples include Hayes Barnard and other professionals. You never know: you may reach out to connect, and the other person will be looking for or know someone who is looking for what you offer. Even if there isn’t a direct connection that creates a business transaction, you’ll increase your network when you connect with someone in your target market.


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4. Create Thought Leadership Content

LinkedIn has its own publishing platform where you can post articles. You can put your whole article there, or you can put a teaser article there and link to your full article on your blog. While people on Facebook might not care about professionalism or career achievements, LinkedIn audiences are there to hear about it. When you share a career achievement or insights on a project your brand has launched, your audience can keep up with you, see how credible you are, and watch you grow as an expert in your field. When people read your insights, facts you’ve noted, or consume your thought leadership content, they might want to ensure that you’re an actual expert in your field before taking your advice. While skills, endorsements, and recommendations aren’t directly related to creating thought leadership content, they will help you ensure that people will take your expert opinions seriously.

5. Promote Your Content and Profile on Other Platforms

Don’t only promote your content and profile on LinkedIn. Let people on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms know you’re active on LinkedIn. That’s the fastest way to build a lot of connections on your LinkedIn account. Take the time to socalise with other friends and members of the LinkedIn community.

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Promote Your LinkedIn Account Like a Pro

Now that you know more about how to promote your LinkedIn account, you can use it to grow your career, create new opportunities, and more. As people start reaching out to you, you’ll begin to notice how important LinkedIn is to your overall marketing strategy. Do you need to learn more about LinkedIn, digital marketing as a whole, and other important topics? Our site is full of articles that can help you as you’re growing your business and getting the word out about what you do.

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