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Feeling not confidence with the big pores on your face? Actually, large pores are the opening of hair follicles, which extend down further through several layers of your skin. Each pore contains its own sebaceous gland, which to produces face

If you want to consider including a supplement to help you increase your fat burn, a fat burner supplement can help your body function its best and metabolize body fat more effectively. Of course, you need to exercise or workout

Retinol, is a form of synthetic Vitamin A, an ingredients that promotes skin renewal and enhances collagen production. Other than that, it can helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, signs of aging and fade dark age spots. In addition,

No one wants to have a bad hair day, especially gentlemen. Men always put in effort to look their very best at all the time. Therefore, finding the best hair styling products for their hairstyle is depending on which hairstyle

Hair spray, is one of the most popular grooming products for both men and women to hold their hairstyles in place. Generally, hair spray is a fine mists of chemical compounds that are propelled from an aerosol can. It can

Sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses. Sometimes, you can simply get attracted to someone because of your perfume. Generally, perfume is a mixture of fragrant aroma compounds or essential oil used to give

Concealer is a beauty essential item in ladies' make-up bag. Generally, concealer is a type of cosmetic that used to cover dark circle, age spots, pores and other small blemishes that visible on the face. It works well with foundation

To start a good hair day, you will need to use the right hair clay, wax or pomade. Firstly, hair clay products generally have a medium hold and a matte finish. They are perfect for a men’s loose, relaxed and

Having a dehydrated and dewier skin? Tropika Club recommend you to add Hyaluronic Acid into your skincare routine. Generally, Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.) is a sugar molecule that can found naturally in our skin to bind water into collagen. So, our

Do you know adding a probiotic supplement to our daily life is good for our health? Generally, probiotic supplements include live bacteria and yeasts that are good for our digestive system. It also provides numerous health benefits such as enhanced