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Top 10 Best Selling Products from Mandom

Mandom haircare is a line of hair care products that are made with natural ingredients. The company was founded in 2013 by two friends who wanted to create a haircare line that was healthy for their hair and the environment. The products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals. Here’s the top 10 best selling products from Mandom on Shopee.

#1 – LUCIDO-L Oil Control Spray


Transform greasy & oily hair to fluffy, voluminous and smooth hair! It’s contains green tea extract and hamamelis extract to moisturise hair and scalp with refreshing savon scent

UV protection.

Brand: Lucido-l


  • Transform greasy & oily hair to fluffy, voluminous & smooth hair
  • Suitable for use in the morning & evening, with UV protection
  • Style your hair anytime, anywhere
  • Absorbs sweat & sebum, adds natural volume to flat & limp hair
  • Moisturises hair & scalp with refreshing savon scent

Weight: 70g

Pricing: $9.60

Where to Find: Link here


#2 – Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Hair Fall Control Series


Moist Diane is a premium Japanese silicone-free haircare brand that beautifully transforms hair based on specific hair and lifestyle needs.

Brand: Diane


  • Helps promote healthy scalp & boosts hair growth
  • Reduces hair fall by 96% after 4 weeks usage
  • Helps increase blood circulation of scalp for hair regeneration
  • Reduces scalp redness, sebum & dandruff

Volume: 450ml

Pricing: $16.90-18.90

Where to Find: Link here

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#3 – Barrier Repair Facial Sheet Mask

Description: Barrier Repair’s sheet masks are made in Japan and these facial masks come in a box of 5 sheets each. Featuring a unique baby water lipid formula, super soft sheets with close fitting 3-D cut and gentle, hypoallergenic & suitable for sensitive skin!

Brand: Barrier Repair


  • Adheres even to the corners of the eyes and mouth
  • Moisture-retainingmulti-layer structure
  • Three-dimensional pattern cut on a model of the female face

Volume: 5 Sheets

Pricing: $6.90

Where to Find: Link here



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#4 – Laundrin Sunset Pina Colada Room Diffuser 80ml

Description: Laundrin Sunset Pina Colada Room Diffuser is a mellow yet refreshing scent of tropical fruits.



  • Premium reed diffuser
  • Removes odour from pets, cigarettes and sweat for approximately 3 months
  • Use in rooms to deodorize unwanted odours and impart the premium scent of Laundrin


Pricing: $16.90

Where to Find: Link here


#5 – OSHIMA TSUBAKI Camellia Hair Care Oil

Description: Camellia seed oil is rich in triolein, which is also a component of human sebum. This makes it gentle on the skin and allows it to blend naturally into the hair and skin. Proprietary refinement technology removes smells and stickiness and, because the oil does not oxidize easily, it is pleasant to use to the very last drop.

Brand: Oshimatsubaki


  • Gives hair moisture and shine and makes hair stronger.
  • Protects hair from damage caused by blow dryer heat and UVB rays.
  • Suitable for hair, skin, cuticle, nail, beard, massage, body
  • Free from colorants and contains no mineral oils

Volume: 40ml/60ml

Pricing: $21-$29.50

Where to Find: Link here


#6 – OSHIMA TSUBAKI Hair Cream Light

Description: A hair cream that results to smooth, moisturize,d and manageable hair right to the ends. The tube allows easy adjustment of quantity. Recommended for people with fine or thin hair.

Brand: Oshima Tsubaki


  • Promotes healthy, smooth & shiny hair
  • Proprietary refinement technology removes smells and stickiness
  • Smooth, moisturized, and manageable hair
  • Gentle on the skin


Pricing: $14.90

Where to Find: Link here


#7 – GATSBY Moving Rubber Hair Wax Series

Description: GATSBY Moving Rubber Hair Wax Series create thin and thick bundles easily by applying Wild Shake thoroughly, starting at the root of your hair. Its texture is smooth, making it easy to style while giving off a natural shine.

Brand: Gatsby


  • Strongest holding power, suitable for very short to short hair
  • Keeps hair in place throughout the day
  • Floral fragrance
  • Wavy and messy look, or short defined style

Weight: 15g & 80g

Pricing: $9.60

Where to Find: Link here


#8 – GATSBY Facial Wipes

Description: GATSBY Facial Wipes can help to prevent acne with skincare properties.

Brand: Gatsby


  • Contains Menthol that can feel refreshed instantly with a cooling sensation
  • Wipes Away Dead Skin Cells
  • Helps make skin smoother and brightens skin tone
  • Contains Smooth Powder that can remove oil shine and helps prevent stickiness on the face

Volume: 15 Sheets

Pricing: $2 – $2.70

Where to Find: Link here


#9 – Laundrin Fabric Refresher

Description: An anti-bacterial and odour eliminating fabric refresher. Eliminates unpleasant cigarette smell and unwanted odour caused by pets. Suitable for textile that can’t be washed every day. Prevents muskiness in the wardrobe. Contains organic botanical extracts, safe for sensitive & baby skin.

Brand: Laundrin


  • Antibacterial & anti-odour
  • For curtains, sofa, rugs, bed and other products that cannot be washed every day
  • Eliminates bad smell from cigarettes and sweat
  • Can also be used as a room fragrance

Volume: 370ml

Pricing: $9.90

Where to Find: Link here


#10 – Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover

Description: Remove makeup in seconds with the new Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Water! Featuring a new blend of pullulan which reduces friction during cleansing and moisturizes skin as well as penetrating hyaluronic acid which retains moisture after cleansing, the series removes makeup easily while remaining gentle on the skin.

Brand: Bifesta


  • Gently lifts and removes makeup impurities and dead skin cells with micelle particles
  • Low friction formula, gentle on the skin and removes makeup easily
  • Leaves skin moisturized after use
  • Moisturises and refreshes skin

Volume: 400ml

Pricing: $17.90

Where to Find: Link here


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