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Top 10 Best Hair Oils in Singapore

The 10 Best Hair Oil in Singapore that gives you shiny and beautiful hair.

Oiling hair has a multi-dimension effects as it prevents breakage and increase the tensile strength. When massaged in the correct way, oil enhances or stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp, easing the passage of nutrients and thereby nourishing the hair. Apply oil at least three to four inches away from the scalp, but all the way to the ends. the best way to apply it is to start ends and work your way up. Different oils have different perks, so target them to your needs. The Tropika Club team has rounded up Top 10 Best Hair Oils in Singapore. Read on!

Tropika Club's Top 10 Product Ranking Singapore Edition

2. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Gold

Description: Upon application, the lightweight and non-greasy miracle oil gets absorbed and penetrates into the hair instantly. Luxuriously nourished and richly protected, the Extraordinary Oil reinvents hair to become sumptuously smooth and radiantly shiny. Hair color is protected against fading with exceptional nourishment.

How to Use: Distribute 2-3 pumps onto palm and apply: 1. Before shampoo and conditioner to restore, nourish and prep hair for washing 2. On towel dry/ dry hair (before blow drying) to protect hair 3. Throughout the day for continuous nourishment and shine

Pricing: $17.90 for 100ml

Where to Find: Guardian

3. Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shine Oil

Description: Can be used on both wet and dry hair to create a silky, smooth finish. Apply a coin-sized amount evenly throughout hair, avoiding the root area. Style as desired. For the sleekest, healthiest hair imaginable, use Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner.

How to Use: Can be used on both wet and dry hair to create a silky, smooth finish. Apply a coin-sized amount evenly throughout hair, avoiding the root area. Style as desired.

Pricing: $15.90 for 59ml

Where to Find: Watsons

4. Botanist Botanical Hair Oil – Smooth

Description: A plant-based oil treatment for damaged or discoloured hair.

How to Use: Apply an appropriate amount to your hair and brush.

Pricing: $32 for 80ml

Where to Find: Sephora

5. OUAI Hair Oil

Description: Ouai’s multitasking hair oil smoothes frizz and seals split ends for a high-gloss, silky finish. Packed with African galanga root extract and nutrient-rich ama, borage and baobab oils, it prevents colour from fading and protects hair from sun damage.

How to Use: Work 1-3 drops through wet hair and let air dry, or smooth through dry strands after a blowout to calm frizz.

Pricing: $45 for 45ml

Where to Find: Sephora

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6. VERB Ghost Oil

Description: A transparent, restorative hair oil that revitalises hair from roots to ends.

How to Use: Apply two or three drops on damp hair for extra heat styling protection or to dry hair for smoothing shine.

Pricing: $24 for 60ml

Where to Find: Sephora

7. Briogeo Rosarco Oil

Description: A nutrient-rich oil treatment to seal split ends and restore dry, brittle hair to a healthy, vibrant state.

How to Use:

  • Apply a few drops to your palms, using more or less depending on hair length and thickness.
  • Rub hands together so the treatment is evenly distributed.
  • Gently rub your palms through your hair, focusing on the mid-length to ends.
  • This treatment can be applied to damp hair before air- or blow-drying or it can be applied to dry hair as needed.

Pricing: $43 for 28ml

Where to Find: Sephora

8. Hysses Rose Geranium Hair Serum (Argan+)

Description: Rose Geranium Hair Serum (Argan +) Locked with extra Argan oil combined with the essences of Rose and Geranium, this lightweight formulation delivers intense smoothness and shine for thick and texture hair or curly hairs.

How to Use: Serum can be applied on damp hair or dry hair at any time of the day: Towel-dried/damp hair (before blow drying) to protect hair, or throughout the day for continuous nourishment and shine.
For long hair: Separate your hair into two parts for fine hair, or three parts for thick hair. Mist one pump onto your palms and then evenly distribute onto the midsection and ends of hair. Comb or use fingers to distribute evenly. Mist more if you have dry, thick, or frizzy hair.
For short hair: Mist one pump of the serum onto your palms. Run fingers through your hair for even distribution.

Pricing: $26.90 for 65ml

Where to Find: Shopee

9. Rossano Ferretti Vita Rejuvenating Serum

Description: Turn back the clock with Rossano Ferretti Vita Rejuvenating Serum, an anti-aging treatment formulated to naturally fight signs of hair aging. A powerful blend of Cassia Angustifolia, Hyaluronic Acid, and Konjac extract creates a protective bio-film over the hair, leaving it fuller, softer, stronger, and younger looking.

How to Use: For best results, use with the Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo and Hair Mask

Pricing: $83.61 for 50ml

Where to Find: Revolve

10. La Biosthetique Lotion Epicélan Equilibrant

Description: Epicelan Equilibrant anti-dandruff lotion combats dandruff on a dry and sensitive scalp, protects against dehydration, is regenerative and thus lastingly eradicates dandruff. Dry scalps lack protection! They are highly sensitive and react with itchiness and tightness. The protective acid mantle is no longer intact and the scalp’s sensitive microbial flora rapidly becomes imbalanced. The scalp tries in vain to master the situation by strengthening its stratum corneum. Luckily, we are warned of this – annoying little skin scales are visible in the hair and on the clothing – and now it’s time to take urgent action because otherwise this will impact the hair growth! Epicelan Equilibrant targets dry scalp scales, starting with their cause, and lastingly eradicates them. At the same time, the hydrolotion instantly soothes unpleasant tightness and itchiness of the scalp. The synergistic combination of natural fatty acids, lipids and high-quality active ingredients such as panthenol, liquorice root extract and valuable essential oils gently restores the scalp’s balance. At the same time, the anti-dandruff balm strengthens the natural defences, normalises the microbial scalp environment and thus effectively prevents the formation of new dandruff.La Biosthetique’s specially created active ingredient complex Complexe Pellicules lastingly improves the scalp environment. The results are amazing: Reduces visible dandruff after the first few applications by up to 50%. Lotion Epicelan Equilibrant ensures an intact and relaxed scalp, dandruff-free hair and dandruff-free clothing.

How to Use: After washing hair, shake the bottle and apply about 5?8ml over the entire scalp working strand by strand. Do not rinse out.

Pricing: $44 for 100ml

Where to Find: Zalora