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You can think of face mists as a toner or a fluid that packed with nutrients to help retain moisture in your skin. It makes your serums and moisturizers absorb better too! What's great about it is can spray it

Concealer is one of the most important make-up products to have in your make-up bag. Not only does it conceal blemishes, it is also designed to create a base for the eye shadow. Those that have to deal with redness,

Oiling hair has a multi-dimension effects as it prevents breakage and increase the tensile strength. When massaged in the correct way, oil enhances or stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp, easing the passage of nutrients and thereby nourishing

Sunscreen keeps your skin healthier in other ways as well. It protects sensitive skin against sunburn and it reduces the appearance of sun damage – discolorations and dark spots, sagging or leathery skin, and wrinkles. These protections help your skin

Texturizers allow you to easily switch from a wavy or curly texture to straight hair with the use of styling products and tools. Texturizers can make hair more manageable to style and many people find they need to worry about

Sleeping masks are used to seal in your facial serums, creams and oils. Those with dry skin would immensely benefit from ingredients like argan oil, lavender and ceramide that hydrate and help repair the skin's barrier while keeping it smooth

Tinted moisturiser generally contains more humectants - which means it helps keep moisture locked into your skin. Tinted moisturisers are usually best for women with dry skin and women that don't need quite as much coverage. If you have severely

Loose Powder seals the moist consistency of foundation and makes it last longer. It also helps to prevent makeup transfer to runoff one may experience in the middle of the day. for people with oily skin, wearing loose powder is

Makeup removal should be part of your daily skin care ritual because it is good for you skin. Here are the specific benefits: it washes away cosmetics, impurities and dirt from surface of your skin, which could lead to irritation

Highlighter is a type of cosmetic product that reflects light. Often used for contouring, it can applied to the face or other parts of the body to brighten the skin on a given area, create the perception of depth and