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Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia

Today, we will be discussing the top 10 best vacuum cleaners in Malaysia. This article will compare the various brands and models of vacuum cleaners available in Malaysia, in order to help you make a decision on which one to buy. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have a better idea of which vacuum cleaner suits your needs the most.

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner?

Choosing a good vacuum cleaner can be a daunting task with so many options available in the market. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner:

  1. Type of Vacuum Cleaner: There are different types of vacuum cleaners, such as upright, canister, stick, handheld, and robotic. Choose a type that suits your needs and preferences.
  2. Suction Power: Consider the suction power of the vacuum cleaner as it determines the effectiveness of the machine in picking up dirt and debris.
  3. Filtration System: Choose a vacuum cleaner with an efficient filtration system, especially if you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma.
  4. Capacity: Check the capacity of the dustbin or bag in the vacuum cleaner. A larger capacity means less frequent emptying.
  5. Maneuverability: Consider how easy it is to move the vacuum cleaner around, especially if you have a large house or multiple levels.
  6. Noise Level: Check the noise level of the vacuum cleaner as some models can be quite loud, which can be a problem if you have young children or pets.
  7. Price: Vacuum cleaners are available at different price points. Consider your budget and choose a vacuum cleaner that offers good value for money.
  8. Brand and Warranty: Choose a vacuum cleaner from a reputable brand that offers a good warranty and customer service.

Overall, choose a vacuum cleaner that meets your cleaning needs, is easy to use, and fits within your budget. Research and compare different models to make an informed decision.

#1 -Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Description: The S7 is the latest line of robot vacuums from Roborock, after having the S6 series the last couple of years. The main upgrade with the Roborock S7 this year is the mopping functionality. With the mop, Roborock added two main features, VibraRise and Sonic Mopping. VibraRise allows the vacuum to pick up the mop off of the floor when it is on carpeted areas, so that it does not get your carpet wet. And with the Sonic Mopping it’ll vibrate about 3,000 times per minute, to scrub your floor.

Brand: Roborock


  • Mop with the Power of Sound
  • Mop Auto Lift Up
  • Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition
  • Upgraded Floating Brush
  • All-New All-Rubber Brush
  • Clean On and On and On


  • Weight: 4,7 Kg
  • Dimensions: 353 x 350 x 96,5 mm
  • Colour: White or Black

Pricing: RM1,239.69 – RM2,975.69

Where to Find: Link here


#2 – Deerma Dual Axis Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC55

Description: Deerma VC55 is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner that can handle even stubborn dirt with its suction power of up to 13,000Pa and unique brush design. It is equipped with 2 rollers and 2 independent motors, which makes it eliminate dust quickly and effectively. Its clever design ensures freedom of movement and makes it easy to clean the floors under furniture, and its light weight means you can easily pick it up to vacuum curtains, for example.

Brand: Deerma


  • Even More Efficient Cleaning
  • Powerful Motor-Efficient Filtration
  • Long Cleaning Time
  • Even More Convenience


  • Weight: 2,2 Kg
  • Dimensions: 235 x 158 x 1140 mm
  • Colour: White

Pricing: RM399

Where to Find: Link here

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#3 – Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Description: Dyson Vacuum New 2022 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Pro V10 / v30/ K7 / K8 / K9 /X7 PRO

Brand: Dyson

Features & specifications:

    • Suction Power: 998000k PA
    • Power: 1600W ~ 250W (max)
    • K8 PRO Accessories: Aluminum Pipe, Motorized Floor Brush, Sash Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Power Pack Charger, HEPA Filter, and Wall Docking
  • DYSON Vacuum V30 PRO
    • Suction Power: 988000k PA
    • Power: 1600W ~ 250W (max)
    • K8 PRO Accessories: Aluminum Pipe, Motorized Floor Brush, Sash Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Power Pack Charger, HEPA Filter, and Wall Docking.
  • DYSON Vacuum K7 PRO
    • Suction Power: 975000k PA
    • Power: 1600W ~ 250W (max)
    • K7 PRO Accessories: Aluminum Pipe, Motorized Floor Brush, Sash Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Power Pack Charger, HEPA Filter.
  • Vacuum K8 PRO
    • Suction Power: 985000k PA
    • Power: 1600W ~ 250W (max)
    • E17 PRO Accessories: Aluminum Pipe, Motorized Floor Brush, Sash Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Power Pack Charger, HEPA Filter, and Wall Docking.


  • VX-10 RM359
  • K9 ULTRA Pro RM399
  • SUPERSONIC V30 Pro RM299

Where to Find: Link here



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#4 – Russell Taylors Handheld Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

Description: Russell Taylors is a diversified, market-driven consumers products brand. It has captured the heart of many households since its incorporation. From masterful design, to precise engineering, robust testing and global certification, Russell Taylors brings you quality and excellence in all of its products. With affordability in mind, Russell Taylors delivers the best value for money with outstanding after sales services.

Brand: Russell Taylors


  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Handheld Design
  • Easy Waste Disposal
  • Powerful Technology


  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • Dimensions: 16 feet (corded)
  • Colour: Red

Pricing: RM118

Where to Find: Link here


#5 – Midea Vacuum Cleaner Bagless

Description: Midea specializes in air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, large cooking appliances, large and small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care, and lighting.

Brand: Midea


  • Easy Dust Disposal Push Button to empty duct cup
  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Automatic cord rewind


  • Weight: 5,1 Kg
  • Dimensions: 246 x 345 x 285 mm
  • Colour: Grey

Pricing: RM152.80

Where to Find: Link here


#6 – KESSLER – Cordless Rechargable Vacuum Cleaner


Kessler Malaysia is one of the leading consumer electronics and household products distributor in the country. They started their online store to letting customers, like you, reach us wherever you may be.

They are committed to provide you with a convenient and unique shopping experience, as well as, better value each and every time you shop at Kessler online store.

Brand: Kessler


  • Let you reduce the experience of body aches after doing housework
  • Wireless rechargeable vacuum cleaner saves you time and effort
  • High quality! Good looks! Simple operation, easy to carry
  • Easy to clean! Easy to store! Doesn’t take up space! (After washing and drying before use)
  • Live broadcast has tested 10KG heavy objects can be sucked up! Very strong suction
  • Adjustable length, 3 types of suction tips (round, pointed, flat), dust in the corners/high places/slits can also be easily solved


  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Capacity: 0.30L
  • Colour: Pink, Green, White, Black

Pricing: RM198.98

Where to Find: Link here


#7 – Vacuum K7PRO New 2022 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Description: Kaden series is Electrolux brand crossover with NIKOLA Kaden japan. The crossover is proposed to build a renovated brand new home appliances with exceptional design and Kaden technology, including Vacuum K7PRO New 2022 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Brand: Electrolux


  • 22.2V HD Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Smart Inverter Motor
  • Cleanable HEPA Filter
  • Detachable Brush
  • Swivel Steering


  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Vacuum Cleaner Filter: Anti-Dust Mite Vacuums, HEPA Filtration
  • Suction Power: 88000Pa

Pricing: RM275

Where to Find: Link here


#8 – Airbot DX115C 2IN1 Handheld Mini Wired Vacuum Cleaner

Description: Housework can be enjoyable. Airbot Feather Light Mini Cleaner with triple filtering system, 2in1 operating mode, 1,2 Kg, and magic portability.

Brand: Airbot


  • Easy and convenient, clean and smart
  • Conveniently easy to clean every corner.
  • Home cleaning, ergonomic handle, one-hand control, lady-friendly.
  • Sided exhaust, strong suction, longer motor life.
  • The power switch is 1 and 0, easy to operate, no brainer.
  • Transparent dust cup, easy to observe for dust level.
  • Extensible handle, to make the vacuum transform from mini vacuum to handstick vacuum in 5 seconds with quick coupling.
  • Lightweight design, the elderly and kids can easily maneuver, easy to achieve household appliances, sofas, mattresses, and car cleaning.
  • The efficient brush head, push and pull sweep effortlessly, with a smooth four-wheel structure, whether it is tiled, wood tiles, or carpets can be cleaned instantly.


  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Length: 3.5m Cable
  • Colour: Dark Grey

Pricing: RM79.9

Where to Find: Link here


#9 – Samsung Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Description: Samsung’s unique Twin Chamber System TM divides the normal dust chamber into two compartments, allowing for improved cleaning and longer-lasting power. As the powerful suction circulates dust particles through the cyclonic air path of the inner chamber, the dirt and debris are separated from the air. As a result, the larger dust particles are filtered into the outer chamber until you’re ready to dispose of them. This also means Samsung’s Twin Chamber vacuums don’t require wasteful, messy, and costly replacement bags.

Brand: Samsung


  • Twin Chamber System
  • Large Capacity Dustbin
  • Detachable Dustbin
  • Auto Cord Rewinder
  • HEPA infiltration system


  • Weight: 4,1 Kg
  • Dimensions: 280 x 238 x 395 mm
  • Colour: Dark Red

Pricing: RM236

Where to Find: Link here


#10 – Jallen Gabor A3 Robotic Smart Vacuum

Description: Robotic vacuum cleaner is an intelligent electric omnidirectional cleaner with the functions of vacuum, sweeping, and mopping. It is suitable for the smooth ground to work freely, cleans all directions, cleans with low noise, and does not make noise. It has long endurance, small stature, and large energy saves time and labor and creates a comfortable space for you.

Brand: Jallen Gabor


  • Strong And Suitable Suction, Large Capacity Dust box, Anti-Winding Side Brush
  • Low Noise, Large Battery
  • Climbing Function
  • 3 in 1 Cleaning: Sweep, Mop & Vacuum
  • 8cm Anti-Fall Feature
  • Corner Cleaning
  • Automatically Clean Tiles, Hardwood & Floors
  • Intelligent Memory


  • Weight: 615 g
  • Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 65 mm
  • Colour: Black or White

Pricing: RM34.50

Where to Find: Link here


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