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Facts About Mount Faber: The Peak of Singapore

10 Facts About Mount Faber: The Peak of Singapore

Facts About Mount Faber: The Peak of Singapore

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  • Historical Haven: Mount Faber, Singapore’s iconic hill, boasts a rich history and was once a fortress during World War II.
  • Panoramic Paradise: Offering breathtaking views of the city and Sentosa Island, it’s a prime spot for romantic sunsets.
  • Cable Car Commute: Accessible via a scenic cable car ride, the journey to Mount Faber is an attraction in itself.
  • Treetop Walkway: Stroll along the Henderson Waves, a stunning elevated walkway that connects Mount Faber to Telok Blangah Hill Park.
  • Lush Greenery: The hill is draped in lush greenery and houses various flora and fauna, making it a nature lover’s delight.
  • Dining Delights: Enjoy delectable dining options at Faber Peak, a dining enclave perched atop Mount Faber.


When it comes to iconic landmarks in Singapore, Mount Faber stands tall — literally! This well-loved hilltop destination offers not just panoramic views but also a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. If you think you know everything about this fascinating locale, prepare to be amazed as Tropika Club Magazine uncovers 10 facts that will make you see Mount Faber in a whole new light.

1. A Brief History

Despite its relatively modest height of 105 meters, Mount Faber is steeped in historical significance for Singapore. Originally named Telok Blangah Hill, it was renamed in 1845 after Captain Charles Edward Faber of the Madras Engineers. Captain Faber carved a winding road to the summit, giving the public access to what would become one of Singapore’s most iconic vantage points. This road is now known as Mount Faber Road, and the area continues to be a link between Singapore’s past and its modern urban landscape.

2. The Iconic Cable Cars

One of Mount Faber’s most defining features is the Singapore Cable Car, which connects Mount Faber to Sentosa Island. Introduced in 1974, it was the first aerial ropeway system in the world to span a harbour. With its bird’s-eye view of Singapore’s cityscape, the experience is one of the most unique ways to capture the city’s beauty. It’s not just a mode of transportation, but also an attraction that has captivated both tourists and locals for decades.

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3. Rich Biodiversity

Mount Faber is not just about heights and scenic views; it’s also a biodiversity hotspot. A haven for nature enthusiasts, the area is home to a myriad of flora and fauna. From towering Tembusu trees to vibrant Flame of the Forest blooms, and from chatty cicadas to elusive squirrels, the hill offers a slice of nature amidst Singapore’s urban jungle.

4. A Spot for Love Birds

Popular among couples, Mount Faber is often considered one of Singapore’s most romantic spots. The hilltop park provides an intimate setting for romantic escapades, from proposals at Faber Point— the highest point on Mount Faber— to scenic dinners at Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro. The panoramic views and charming ambience make it an ideal place for love to blossom.

5. Popular Jogging Destination

For fitness enthusiasts in Singapore, Mount Faber offers a refreshing alternative to city jogging routes. The Faber Loop, a popular jogging circuit, provides a challenging but rewarding workout, complete with steep inclines and calming views of lush greenery. It’s no wonder that this natural wonder has become a local hub for health and fitness aficionados.

6. The Murals and Artwork

Adding a touch of art and culture to the natural scenery, Mount Faber is dotted with a series of murals and sculptures. One notable installation is ‘Bell of Happiness,’ where people can ring the bell while making a silent wish. These public artworks add another layer of richness to the hill’s already diverse tapestry.


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7. Must-Visit Faber Peak

Faber Peak Singapore, formerly known as The Jewel Box, is another must-visit when you’re at Mount Faber. With its range of dining options and events spaces, Faber Peak offers a little something for everyone. From family gatherings to corporate events, it is a versatile space that combines natural beauty with modern amenities.

8. Spans Across Multiple Parks

Mount Faber is part of the Southern Ridges, a 10-kilometre chain of green spaces that includes Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park. The trail connecting these parks offers a unique trekking experience that feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore city life. With multiple points of entry and exit, the trail is adaptable for both novice and experienced hikers.

9. Various Vantage Points

From Henderson Waves, a 36-meter high pedestrian bridge that offers unobstructed views, to Faber Point’s covered viewing deck, Mount Faber offers several vantage points to enjoy the panoramic sights of Singapore. Whether it’s daytime vistas of the busy port or twinkling city lights at night, the different perspectives make each visit unique.

10. Accessibility and Amenities

Mount Faber is remarkably accessible, with convenient public transport options that make it an easy destination for a day out. Besides, amenities like restrooms, water points, and eateries are well-maintained and readily available. This attention to public convenience allows visitors to focus on the beauty and experiences that Mount Faber offers, making it a well-rounded destination for both tourists and locals.


In conclusion, Mount Faber isn’t just a hill with great views; it’s a microcosm of what makes Singapore unique. From its rich history and diverse ecology to its modern amenities and art installations, this cherished landmark offers a complete experience. As we’ve unraveled these 10 compelling facts, it’s clear that Mount Faber has much more to offer than what meets the eye. A visit to this iconic peak is an essential Singaporean experience — one that will elevate your appreciation of the city we call home.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I reach Mount Faber from the city center?
A: You can take a short MRT ride to HarbourFront station, then either walk or take the cable car to Mount Faber.

Q: Are there any guided tours available for Mount Faber?
A: Yes, several tour operators offer guided tours, providing insights into the history and natural beauty of Mount Faber.

Q: Can I have a romantic dinner at Mount Faber?
A: Absolutely! Faber Peak offers fine dining options with panoramic views, perfect for a romantic evening.

Q: Are there hiking trails on Mount Faber for outdoor enthusiasts?
A: Yes, there are hiking trails, like the Southern Ridges, that connect Mount Faber to other scenic spots like Henderson Waves.

Q: Is Mount Faber suitable for family outings with kids?
A: Yes, there are family-friendly activities, such as the treetop walk and the fun-filled attractions on Sentosa Island nearby.

Q: What’s the best time to visit Mount Faber to avoid crowds?
A: To beat the crowds, try visiting on weekday mornings or during the off-peak hours of late afternoon.

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