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Q&A with Wenhui

Q&A with Wenhui: Bubbling Inspirations at Home

Beyond being a dancer, Wenhui also paints, bakes, and cooks! As the Circuit Breaker began, Wenhui spared no second to indulge in interest both old and new. In between creating her own bubble teas and relishing in K-dramas, she still gets on her feet and practices dance at home too.

In this edition of our Q&A series, Wenhui tells Tropika Club how she’s keeping her chin up at home during the Circuit Breaker, and more.

*The interview below has been edited for clarity.

Q: What is your first memory of dance?

A: I was dancing for my K2 graduation show (I still have the videotape of it, haha!). I also had the opportunity, in that same show, to lead a dance for a K1 class in front of everyone. I loooooved performing and I loved the stage.

Q: Why did you want to make dance a big part of your career? 

A: Dance has unknowingly been a part of me although I’ve always considered it as a hobby and a leisure activity that I can look forward to after school (as my co-curricular activities).

In 2015, when I was invited to be one of the pioneer dancers for TRDOco, a contemporary dance company founded by Ryan Tan, I didn’t hesitate at all. I have grown to love dance even more. It’s really part of me now and I can hardly see it as ‘work’.

Q: What is an achievement you’re most proud of as a dancer? 

A: As a dancer – how much I have improved over the years.

I am someone who is pretty hard on myself. A lot of times, I haven’t been giving myself enough credit for the little improvements I made because I’m still ‘not good enough’, that I’m ‘not there yet’, because ‘I haven’t achieved this’, or that ‘I’m not like so-and-so’.

But looking back, I really have come quite far. Of course, I still have a looong way to go. But, for a non-gifted body like mine, I have grown a fair bit.

Q: But you also cover food, events, and a bit of fashion; you even paint and act too. Are you always exploring new interests? 

A: I think I’m easily fascinated by many things, but I don’t explore many! I had so many interests that I wanted to pursue over the years – I wanted to be a doctor, an optometrist, a sports masseur, a Pilates instructor, a physiotherapist… But as you can see all these have something in common: science, which is something I am not terribly good at. So I ended up exploring things that are more on the ‘artsy’ side.

Q: Did you explore anything new during the Circuit Breaker period? 

Q&A with Wenhui
Wenhui making bubble tea at home.

A: YES. I learnt to make bubble tea – I drink bubble tea almost every day before CB so it has already been a part of my lifestyle, haha. I try to do everything from scratch, and I have been experimenting with different drink and pearl flavours! I’ve made my own versions of Hazelnut Milk tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Honey Milk Tea, Earl Grey and Honey Milk Tea, Bandung Milk Tea, and Matcha Latte!

It’s actually very fun exploring and making my own bubble teas. The only painstaking part is the rolling of pearls – I’m a perfectionist so I want them all to be perfectly round and equally-sized, so this can take around 2 to 3 hours to make about 100 pearls. My fingers have never cramped so badly.

I levelled up my baking skills too! I have been helping my Mum previously, but now I can do most of the stuff on my own! I have been delivering my bubble tea and bakes to my friends around Singapore (via Grab Delivery). Knowing that they’re happy makes me happy.

Q: Then as a painter, dancer, and choreographer, how do you stay creative at home? 

A: I recently opened up slots for commissioned works for my illustrations. Since I’m getting a couple of requests from friends for their loved ones, so I’ve been practising my skills through those works! They are mostly portraits, which is something that I am struggling with, but it’s a good challenge!

As a dancer and choreographer, I must admit that I haven’t been doing much creatively. But I have been learning others’ choreographies and taking classes/training with my dance company TRDOco, so I’ve been moving my body, just not so much of my brain, haha! I have only choreographed (for myself) twice during this period, but it’s still something I rejoice in because I hardly ever do that for myself.

Q: How are you taking care of yourself during this COVID-19 period?

A: I am someone that likes to occupy myself with many things, so I tend to keep myself busy all day long until my body finally gives up on me. However, since I save a lot of time from not travelling to and from work, I try to get more (at least 7 hours of) sleep every day. I never let myself go hungry too. Hahaha, I LOVE FOOD.

I am also stretching more now! I’m considered pretty stiff for a dancer so I have been working hard on it, and stretching helps me learn to relax and calm my mind.

I think most importantly is knowing your skin type and problem(s) and then finding products that target them best.

Q: What’s the beauty and grooming regime you follow now? 

A: My skincare routine consists of a cleanser, toner, (on some days) mask, serum, and moisturiser. I know sunscreen is very important but I don’t have the habit of applying it. I drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated and I also make sure I cut my nails regularly! I get my hair trimmed and my roots touched up every 3-4 months at Black Hair Salon. 

Q: What’s one skincare product that you think everyone should get? 

A: I don’t have ‘one’ particular product, but I have been using La Roche-Posay’s facial products religiously for a couple of months now. I started using them initially because they were sponsored, but I found that they really worked well on my skin! All their products are tested for allergy and are made for sensitive skin.

I think the most important step is knowing your skin type and problem(s) and then finding products that target them best. What works for someone might not work for another!

Q&A with Wenhui

Q: What is one message you would like to give to your fans?

DON’T WAIT till “you’re ready”. If you want/enjoy something – go for it now. Do more of it, build on it. You’ll never be on your way to “being ready” until you get started.

There might never be a next time, or a second chance. One day, you might look back and regret not starting early. As cliché as it might sound, time really waits for no man!

You can find Wenhui on Instagram, and her blog. If you’d like to commission her for an illustration, or simply look at her works, head over here.



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