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25 Nov, Wednesday
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The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Whether it’s a full skincare regime or just brushing your teeth, having a nighttime or time of day routine is way more necessary for your well-being than you think. Here’s why it pays to try and do a similar thing each day just before you head to sleep. Tropika Club shares with why it’s important to have a good sleep and how to prepare to sleep well.

We all understand that the brain could be a powerful factor, nonetheless it likes constants; same breakfast each morning, same flavoured toothpaste, the more one thing is repeated, the less motivation you have got to spend creating a choice. Depending on the action, it also gears you towards a particular mood; psychologically speaking, it’s the same principle as an appetiser, whose entire purpose is to make you hungrier by telling your brain it’s time to eat.

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