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3 things you should be doing in Phase 2 by Tropika Club.

3 things you should be doing in Phase 2

It’s happening. Businesses brace for the incoming crowd come this weekend; even Haidilao is “almost fully booked”. By now you’ve probably seen the flurry of articles online or Telegram messages detailing what you can do during Phase 2 of the reopening, so we’ve decided to do something a little different. As you mark 19 June as a red-letter day, here are 3 things you should be doing in Phase 2 by Tropika Club.

Why can we move into Phase 2?

That’s because the community infection rates have remained stable during Phase 1, with the number of cases in the dormitories of migrant workers declining and no large clusters emerging.

But even as Singapore goes into Phase 2, safe distancing measures should still be practised.

  • A safe distance of at least 1 metre from others should be observed at all times.
  • If you’re going out with a group, the group cannot have more than five people, and the safe distance requirement of 1 metre should still be adhered to.
  • Groups should not be mixing with each other, even in small social gatherings and households.
  • Households may receive up to five visitors at any one time.

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Things you should be doing in Phase 2

1. Stay In Touch with Nature

You may have been jogging around your neighbourhood during Circuit Breaker and Phase 1. But now since we’re going into the Phase 2 of Singapore’s re-opening now you have the chance to visit the other nature spots across the island.

You’d be surprised by how diverse the flora and fauna is in Singapore. And some of the nature spots truly offers an otherworldly experience. To get you started, here are our picks for the Top 10 Best Nature Spots in Singapore. Not to mention, you get to avoid the crowd too.

2. Support Local Businesses

Yes yes, there is the whole Passion Made Possible campaign going on. But be it if you’re going for a haircut or craving for fried chicken, there’s no better time to lend local businesses a hand. It could be just as simple as opting for your neighbourhood mamak shops or the hawker centres. Or, you can choose home-based businesses for your next purchases.

3. Work From Home

Your company should continue to let you work from home. Unless, your work requires you to access specialised systems and equipment that are not in your home, or that if you need to complete legal transactions.

If you’re back at the office, there shouldn’t be any social gatherings between your colleagues. In addition, a safe distance of one metre should still be observed.

3 things you should be doing in Phase 2

Bonus: Continue to Stay at Home

Disclaimer: I am a self-proclaimed introvert.

But why not! You could be reducing your risk of exposing to the coronavirus. After all, do you really want to face the searing Father’s Day weekend crowd? Is bubble tea really worth, literally, braving the queue? Do you really want to spend hours to plans things to do in Phase 2? Besides, there’s plenty you can do at home, from just chilling with online games, or sweating it out with virtual workouts.

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To be Cautiously Optimistic

3 things you should be doing in Phase 2

While China had been lowering restrictions as it re-opens workplaces, it has seen a recent spate of COVID-19 cases – 31 new confirmed cases for 16 June, a new high in Beijing since early February. After 24 consecutive days of no new cases, New Zealand saw 2 new cases on 17 June when two women left quarantine early without being tested for the virus.

Recent developments include a Chinese firm has claimed its vaccine have passed clinical trials, and it already had begun human trials in the Henan province in April. And in Singapore, a vaccine from a US firm Arcturus Therapeutics is planning to start human trials in August.

So the world continues its wait for a new, affordable vaccine is widely distributed. But for now, you know the drill: keep your distance, wash your hands. Stay safe, everyone!



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