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Dairy free milk

Top 10 Best Dairy Free Milk in Singapore

Many people are switching to dairy free milk as an alternative to regular milk because it is more environmentally friendly. Dairy free milk is made from plant-based sources, so it doesn’t require any water or land to produce. It also doesn’t contain any animal products, so it is a good choice for vegetarians and vegans. Milk is an important part of a child’s diet and some adults still enjoy drinking milk. However, there are now many alternatives to milk that can be enjoyed without having to give up on the taste and quality. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best dairy-free milks in Singapore.

1. Oatly Dairy Free Foamable Barista Edition Oat Milk Drink

Description: If you want a really nice latte that doesn’t contain milk from a cow you have a couple of options. You could snap a photo of this package and show it to your barista or you could buy this carton and make one yourself. The Barista Edition oat drink is made from liquid oats, which means it is not overly sweet or excessively heavy. It is fully foamable, giving the barista a total control over the density and performance of the foam for the perfect match with espresso-based drinks. It tastes just as amazing if you drink it straight or pour it on your granola or put it to work with your cooking skills. Free from lactose, milk protein and soya.

Pricing: $5.98

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Oatly Dairy Free Foamable Barista Edition Oat Milk Drink - Try Swedish |  Lazada Singapore

2. UFC Velvet Almond Milk Original

Description: UFC Velvet Original Almond Milk is made from 100% premium almond nuts and is fortified with natural Aquamin Calcium. Its Healthy and great in taste. UFC Velvet Almond Milk is a heart-healthy, low-calorie and nutritious beverage made from quality Australian whole almonds. It is added with “Aquamin”, a marine plant-based calcium derived from the red algae Lithothamnion found in the pristine waters off the coast of Iceland.

Pricing: $5.50

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

UFC Velvet Almond Milk - Original | NTUC FairPrice

3. Australia’s Own Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk

Description: This delicious milk contains the goodness of organic almonds with the benefits of no added sweetener, no cane sugar, no gluten and no lactose. Our products are also endorsed with the Australian Certified Organic Bud Logo to ensure consumers of its organic authenticity. Product of Australia. Imported by RedMart.

Australia’s Own Dairy Milk is sourced mostly from the green pastures and clean air of Victoria, mainly the Goulburn Valley and Murray Valley in the Murray-Darling basin, one of Australia’s most abundant agricultural regions.

Pricing: $5.30

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Almond Milk Unsweetened Organic - Australia's Own Foods

4. Sanitarium So Good Long Life Original Almond Milk

Description: Gluten Free Indicated On Packaging? No – No Indication Allergen Contains Almonds Allergen May Be Present Allergens Covered By The May Contain X, Manufactured On Equipment That Previously Processed X And Similar Statements. Tree Nuts Allergen Free From Cholesterol Dairy Gluten Lactose Dietary Claim High In Calcium No Artificial Flavours Or Colours.

While home-made almond milk is a great source of nutrients, packaged almond milk such as So Good Almond Fresh comes with added nutrients like vitamin A, B2, B12, and D. Highsource of Vitamin D and Calcium in almond milk is also helpful for good bone health.

Pricing: $4.05

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Buy Sanitarium So Good Long Life Unsweetened Almond Milk 1l Online |  Worldwide Delivery | Australian Food Shop

5. Rude Health Organic Hot Chocolate Oat Drink

Description: Forget drinking that cup of hot chocolate at your Granny’s, this is something different. We’ve combined cocoa with the comforting creaminess of oats to make a velvety dairy free hot chocolate that you (and your Granny) will love. Like all of our drinks, our Hot Chocolate is dairy free and Organic.

Snacks giant PepsiCo has acquired a minority stake in alt-milk and cereal company Rude Health. Rude Health is a healthy food and dairy-free drinks company best known for its breakfast cereals and alternative milk products. The business launched in 2005 by husband and wife team Nick and Camilla Barnard.

Pricing: $7.90

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Organic Hot Chocolate Drink – Your Sustainable Store

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6. Blue Diamond Barista Almond Breeze

Description: Almond Breeze Barista Blend is Australia’s first almond milk developed in partnership with baristas, specifically for baristas. Barista Blend is an easy to use product, working just like dairy and other non-dairy alternatives developed for the food service market. This industry-first has been designed to deliver great taste and a rich creamy froth to sit atop lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. Product of Australia. Imported by RedMart.

Pricing: $5.70

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Blue Diamond Barista Almond Breeze | Lazada Singapore

7. Pacific Original All Natural Hazelnut Non-Dairy Beverage

Description: Pacific Natural Foods Original All Natural Hazelnut Non-Dairy Beverage has all of the natural goodness of real hazelnuts combined with calcium, Vitamins D, and riboflavin to create a great tasting dairy-free beverage. It can be enjoyed by the glass, in cereal, in smoothies, in recipes or in coffee and tea. It is lactose, cholesterol and trans fat free.

Pricing: $6.90

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Pacific Original All Natural Hazelnut Non-Dairy Beverage | Lazada Singapore

8. Pureharvest Organic Rice Milk Natural 1L Dairy Free Milk

Description: PureHarvest Organic Rice Natural is a naturally sweet & delicious rice milk. It is the the unfortified version of our Organic Rice Unsweetened and does not have additional plant calcium. This is the perfect milk substitute for people with intolerances or allergies as it is 100% soy, nut, dairy & gluten free. Our Organic Rice milks are made from 14% whole organic brown rice with no emulsifiers and no preservatives. Just simple organic ingredients produced right here in Australia.

Pricing: $4.05

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Pureharvest Organic Rice Milk Natural 1L Dairy Free Milk | Lazada Singapore

9. 137 Degrees Belgian Chocolate Pistachio Milk

Description: Contains a whole lot of nutrients from pistachio milk delicately crafted with fine dark cocoa. Suitable for young and old, vegan or lactose intolerant milk lovers. This bundle includes 12 packets. This winning Nutmilk is a whole lot of nutrients from pistachio delicately crafted with fine dark cocoa. Especially delicious served chilled. Incredibly suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant, vegans, the young and old.

Pricing: $22.50

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

137 degrees Double Belgian Chocolate with Pistachio Milk 1000ml x 2 packs |  Shopee Singapore

10. Rice Dream Organic Milk

Description: Rice Dream Organic is a refreshing drink with a flavour that appeals to the whole family. You can enjoy it chilled by the glass or on your favourite breakfast cereals. You can also use it for cooking, soups and sauces. Rice Dream is a delicious beverage made from rice, a pure source of energy that nourishes the body and vitalises the spirit.

Pricing: $5.20

Where to Find: Buy at Lazada

Rice Dream Organic Milk | Lazada Singapore

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