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Top 10 Best Eyeliner in Singapore

The 10 Best Eyeliners to compliment your eyeshadow and makeup look

In this modern world, there are no limit to beautify a women. Eyeliners may be a part of your daily beauty routine. There are so many different kinds of eyeliner available in the market today, all of them are separated into different categories that are designed for different uses around the eyes. Eyeliner is used for emphasizing the shape of the eye by framing the eyelid and accentuating the lash line. Looking to invest in a new eyeliner? Come read on this article. The Tropika Club team has rounded up Top 10 Best Eyeliner in Singapore. Check them out!

1. Etude House All Day Fix Pen Liner

Description: All day fix pen liner that completes a clear eyeline with its fine particles and super fitting adherence.

How to Use:

  • Hold pen horizontally and draw along lash line from center to outer part of eyes.
  • Slightly lift pen and draw from inner to center part on eyes.

Pricing: $11.56 for 0.6g

Where to Find: Shopee

2. Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Description: Waterproof and sweat proof, the liquid eyeliner comes with a quick dry formula to prevent smudges and smears. Long wearing and with an intense shade, eyes are enhanced and defined for hours on end, without need of touch-ups.

How to Use:

  • Apply on eyeline area.
  • If the liquid does not come out, close the cap with the pen head down and shake the pen.
  • Use facial cleanser for removal if needed.

Pricing: $12.90 for 0.4ml

Where to Find: Lazada

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

3. Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyelights Liner

Description: Maybelline’s Light Eyeliner Pencil illuminates and defines with lustrous eye-lightening pigments. Bring on a long-lasting, smudge proof, and waterproof eyeliner.

How to Use:

  • Step 1: Apply the liner along the upper lash line, along the bottom eye line, and at the waterline.
  • Step 2: For extra eye-brightening effect, line the pencil along the inner corners of the eye.

Pricing: $17.90

Where to Find: Shopee

Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyelights Liner

4. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Description: An easy application, waterproof liquid liner that stays on all day and night. Introducing an additional five “Intense” shades of Stila’s best-selling waterproof liquid liner, which enables you to create a variety of eye-opening effects, from thin, precise lines to thick, dramatic looks. The formula glides on with ease, dries quickly and won’t smudge or run. The fine marker-like tip offers precise application, even for novices, and results in beautifully defined eyes that will leave a lasting impression. From thin, precise lines, to thick, dramatic strokes, the formula glides on with ease, dries quickly and won’t smudge or run, day-into-night. The fine marker-like tip offers precise application for everyone from novices to pros and results in beautifully defined eyes that will leave a lasting impression.

How to Use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Pull gently on the upper corner of the eye area to stretch and smooth the eye before lining. This will make it easy to line and eliminate bleeding of he colour.
  • Apply the liner as close to the lashes as possible, using the tip of the pen to create a thin, clean line.

Pricing: $34.00 for 0.5ml

Where to Find: Sephora

5. Laneige Finger Graphic Liner

Description: Close-up Finger Eyeliner for a non-trembling, delicate and clear line. Supports fingers securely to allow delicate eyelines like done by a makeup professional. The water and sweat proof formula instantly fixed to stay resistant and smudge-free against water and sweat. The resilient Felt Tip finely fills in between the eyelashes and waterline with delicate, flowing lines in various volumes.

How to Use:

  • Finger-Grip Handle! – Put the index finger in the finger hole and place the inner side of the finger on the matte surface to hold the Finger-Grip Handle.
  • Rotate halfway to open! – With fingers in place, rotate the screw cap halfway until you hear the clicking sound to open Finger Liner.
  • Make sure to close the cap after use! – Film formula may solidify by contact with air. Make sure to close the cap after use.

Pricing: $36.00 for 1.2g

Where to Find: Sephora

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6. Mamonde Super Longwear Auto Pencil Slim Edge Eyeliner

Description: A slim liner that creates a soft and delicate eyeline without shine or clumping with excellent sustainability. Thinner, lighter pencil 2mm lightweight slim liner.

How to Use:

  • Fill in the gaps between the eyelashes on the outer corner of your upper eye.
  • Apply gentle pressure on the pencil when filling in the eyelashes to draw a solid line with no gaps between the eyeliner over the lashes and waterline.

Pricing: $12.33 for 0.1g

Where to Find: Qoo10

Mamonde Super Longwear Auto Pencil Slim Edge Eyeliner

7. Benefit Cosmetics Roller Liner Black Liquid Eyeliner

Description: Benefit’s new liquid eyeliner Roller Liner offers precise definition with a natural-looking, matte finish. The waterproof, 24-hour long-wear formula glides on smooth for a clean, controlled line. An everyday precision liquid liner with a true matte finish.

How to Use:

  • Rest the precision tip on the base of the lashes and line from the inner corner outwards.
  • Dot between base of lashes to create subtle definition.

Pricing: $21.00 for 0.5ml / $39.00 for 1ml

Where to Find: Sephora

8. L’Oreal Paris Flash Winged Eyeliner

Description: Create flawless flicks with the L’Oréal Paris Flash Winged Eyeliner, a waterproof liquid eyeliner with specially designed tip for creating foolproof cat eyes. Gliding smoothly and easily across the lid, the ultra-flexible, no-fail wing applicator (felt tip brush) allows you to create perfect flicks with sharp and precise results. With an intense black finish that lasts up to 24 hours, the eyeliner will add sultry definition to your eyes. Resists fading and smudging.

How to Use: Remove the stencil from the cap and place against the outer corner of the eye at a 90 degree angle. Hold the stencil firmly in place, fill the inner line with the ultra-fine felt tip pen. Gently lift the stencil to reveal a perfect winged liner look in a flash.

Pricing: $16.00 for 1ml

Where to Find: Look Fantastic

10. Innisfree Powerproof Eyeliner


  • Intense and sharp look for the eyes: A formula that is highly resistant to water, sweat and sebum and creates an intense eye makeup look that stays sharp for long hours.
  • Rich colour: Ink Tank technology gives rich color for sharp-looking eyes.
  • Quick & easy cleansing: It is suitable for sensitive skin as well. You may remove it easily and cleanly with a lip and eye remover or a foaming cleanser without leaving any pigmentation around the eyes.

How to Use:

  • Grip the liner lightly as a pencil.
  • Lift the eyelid with a finger on your other hand and draw a line as if to fill in between lashes.
  • After use, twist the cap tightly until you hear a clicking sound.

Pricing: $15 for 0.6g

Where to Find: Innisfree

Innisfree Powerproof Eyeliner
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