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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Alexandra Retail Centre

Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) is the redeveloped podium of the PSA Building. The shopping centre offers amenities and convenience shopping to the working population and residents around the area. Via a sheltered bridge, it’s easily accessible to Labrador Park MRT station on the Circle Line. If you’re having your business lunch there, you can choose anything from the Japanese restaurant Ramen Tenji, or Chinese delicacies from Qin Ji Rougamo. Here are the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Alexandra Retail Centre.

1. SBCD Korean Tofu House

About: SBCD Korean Tofu House aims to uphold its kitchen philosophy of serving uplifting and complete meals by presenting the best of its delectable traditional Korean soft tofu stew. SBCD specializes in a variety of Korean soft tofu soup, where the “soon” in “soontofu” means soft. Every Soontofu dish is created with soft and silken tofu that is hand-made fresh daily in the SBCD kitchen, from specially imported soybeans from Paju, South Korea. The 10-ingredient secret recipe soup broth is also what keeps customers coming back for more. Other favourite Korean meat dishes include L.A. Galbi, Spicy Grilled Chicken and many others.

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #02-21 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963

Website: https://sbcd.com.sg/


2. Qin Ji Rougamou

About: The brand is built on strong Chinese culture, with a modernized business model, so as to allow everyone in Singapore to enjoy the best authentic snacks that originated from Shan Xi and Si Chuan provinces in the BCs.

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #01 – 33, Singapore 119963

Qin Ji Rougamo - One Raffles Place - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood SG


3. The Green Bar

About: The Green Bar’s first debut began in 2009, with its humble beginnings inside the very kitchen of a few good friends.

In over the years of meticulous crafting and experimenting with tasteful salad ingredients and combinations, they were able to create their very own collection of fresh mouthwatering honest-to-goodness, well crafted gourmet superfood salad recipes for all to enjoy.

Think sea-salt roasted Kale, freshly roasted rosemary pumpkins, house-seared Tuna Tataki, baked Norwegian salmon. The little details really matters.

Because they know it matters to you.

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #02-12, Singapore 119963

Website: https://thegreenbar.oddle.me/en_SG

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4. Nuodle

About: 2,200 years ago, the northwest region of China gave birth to the Qin dynasty, one of many that would shape China’s early history. As the first emperor, the warriors of Qin Shi Huang’s armies unified the vast expanses of ancient China, ushering in many advances along the way.

While they may be ancient history, the emperor and his legacy live on in numerous ways. The world-famous Terracotta Warriors, most of which are still entombed to this very day, are one of many examples of a brief but majestic civilization that brought a new wave of wealth and culture to the world.

While many aspects of this dynasty have been lost to history, one important example of that great heritage has long been integral in the daily lives of local inhabitants of Lanzhou: their Lanzhou noodles.

A bowl of noodles dating back to the time of emperor Qin Shi Huang was unearthed in a tomb in northwest China in 2005, confirming the theory that this grand civilization, led by travelling warriors brought with them a special dish, one comprised of beef and noodles made from wheat flour.

Despite thousands of years of evolution, today’s Lanzhou noodles still maintain the same appearance and flavor as they did during Qin’s reign. Created by the folk artisans known as “Shifu”, they developed techniques of kneading, folding, and pulling wheat flour, producing noodles with a distinct taste and exemplary quality.

At Nuodle, these traditions are alive and well. As you enter, be sure to look through the large, open window to witness the ancient process of master noodle-making play out in a modern setting. Then, experience history in the making with a unique bowl of yellow noodle goodness prepared just for you. Enjoy the unique aroma and flavor of beef and noodles in carefully brewed clear broth, made with clean white turnips, brilliant red chili oil, green cilantro, and a blend of traditional Chinese spices.

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #01-01 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963

Website: https://www.nuodle.asia/

5. D’penyetz

About: At D’Penyetz Singapore they serve authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #01-02 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963

Website: https://dpenyetzsingapore.oddle.me/en_SG

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6. Eng’s Wantan Noodle

About: Wantan noodle tossed in ENG’s secret sauce, topped with nicely charred Char Siew, homemade Wantan, fried pork lard & signature spicy chilli

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #02-37, Singapore, 119963

Website: https://engswantannoodle.oddle.me/en_SG

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7. Tingkat PeraMakan

About: With its roots dating back to the 15th century, the Peranakan culture has long been a source of inspiration and influence in Southeast Asia and is today, one of the most celebrated cuisines in this part of the world. PeraMakan is proud to be a part of this cultural heritage.

PeraMakan was founded in October 2004 by a fourth-generation Nyonya lady with a passion for promoting and preserving the Peranakan culinary heritage. PeraMakan has founded on the premise that Nyonya food originates from the home and therefore the food should be prepared and cooked with love. Hence, right from the beginning, no processed food was used in PeraMakan. A large variety of spice paste was made from scratch and slow-fried till fragrant. A good spice base is the answer to good, wholesome Peranakan food and till today, this value and belief have held the company stable over the years.

Today, PeraMakan operates a flagship restaurant at Keppel Club and has been at Keppel Club since April 2007. To bring the Peranakan culture and the food closer to the masses, we created “Tingkat PeraMakan” aimed at serving restaurant quality food at affordable prices and in a casual, no-frills setting. Tingkat PeraMakan outlets have a colorful character, vibrant and young, a statement that is loud enough to bid farewell to the old and change with the times even when our food still remains traditional and authentic

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Road #01-18 Singapore 119963

Website: https://www.peramakan.com/

Tingkat Peramakan - Alexandra Retail Centre - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood  SG


8. Xiao Man Niu Mala Xiang Guo

About: Xiao Man Niu is a Chinese hotpot restaurant that entices spice lovers with their signature Mala Xiang Guo featuring a special mala paste made from over 23 Chinese herbs and spices. The level of spiciness can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Address: 460 Alexandra Road #02-24 PSA Building

Website: https://mala.com.sg/xiao-man-niu-mala-xiang-guo/

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9. Ramen Tenji

About: Launched in 2010, Ramen Tenji brings strong Japanese tradition and cultural heritage in one bowl of soup. Each bowl of hearty soup is a warming symphony of fresh ingredients, following an age-old recipe, executed in a deliberate fashion. Behind each elegantly simple soup hides a very elaborate broth-brewing process, and each kind of noodle is tailor-made for its own unique soup base.

Every bowl of Ramen Tenji is made of:

– a consistent smoothness of broth

– a consistent texture of ramen noodles

– a consistent richness of Japanese tradition.

Every bowl, a whole lot of effort for the preparation of a meal that comforts.

Every bowl, a whole lot of heart for a little taste of Japanese culinary heritage.

Ramen Tenji prides itself on being different from many other ramen shops. They make their noodles freshly in the shop daily and pair different noodles with different broths to achieve perfection in Japanese Ramen cuisine. Every bowl of ramen contains broth meticulously prepared under high heat for up to 15 hours. 

Address: 460 Alexandra Road Singapore, Singapore 119963

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ramentenji/

Ramen Tenji - Alexandra Retail Centre - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood SG


10. Akshaya by Navrang

About: Akshaya by Navrang Restaurant …. Be it in the company of either family or friends, this is an ideal place where a casual meal is made …

Navrang is famous restaurant in India since 1964. It’s a best joint for Movie Star Celebrities and TOP Politicians. Navrang is very popular for the Briyani’s & Kebabs.

Navrang management opened a branch in Singapore in the name of Akshaya. The original recipes are closely guarded and followed. The humble roots have never been forgotten. This is home-style food, cooked and served with joy. The way it was meant to be. With simplicity and love. Welcome to “Akshaya by Navrang”

Menu: Menu

Address: 460 Alexandra Road#01- 03 Alexandra retail [email protected] building Singapore 119963

Website: https://akshaya.sg/

Akshaya - Alexandra Retail Centre - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood SG


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