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Top 7 Best Attractions Along the Singapore River

A lot of Singaporeans only visit the Singapore River area on weekend nights and on public vacation eves. In fact, the Singapore Riverside is a cool place to socialize with your buddies when night falls, however the majority of Singaporeans hardly ever visit in the day. Vacationers however, love the Singapore River. Take a stroll down the Singapore River and also you’ll likely see tourists on the bum boats waving from the river. The riverside is possibly most typically referred to as a significant destination for visitors by day and a night life main by night. Yet, there is so much even more to this site than simply that– the waterfront has a lot to use to locals and also vacationers alike, any time of day. Let the Tropika Club team share the plethora of attractions, from holy places and galleries to tasks for the adrenaline-seekers, below are 7 destinations along Singapore River that’s definitely worth a visit.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Former Hill Street Police Station: A historic building and former police station of the Singapore Police located at Hill Street within the Downtown Core in the Central Area of Singapore.
  • River Bum Boat Rides: Take a stroll down the Singapore River and you’ll likely see tourists on the bum boats waving from the river.
  • G-Max: An adrenaline-pumping activity for thrill-seekers.
  • Sculpture Walk: A walk along the river to see various sculptures and art installations.
  • Asian Civilisations Museum: A museum dedicated to exploring the rich artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans.
  • Victoria Concert Hall: A concert hall and home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.
  • Raffles Terrace: A historical site with a beautiful view of the river and city skyline.

1. Former Hill Street Police Station

It’s impossible to keep count of every person you know who’s ever taken an instagram selfi by the Old Hill Street Police Station. The happy colours of its wood home window shutters brightens your state of mind immediately, likewise making for an ideal backdrop for a picture. The Old Hill Street Police Headquarters is a historic structure as well as previous police headquarters of the Singapore Police located at Hill Street within the Midtown Core in the Central Location of Singapore. Likewise called Balai Polis Hillside Road Lama and (Chinese: 旧禧街警察局) in Malay and also Chinese specifically, the name was altered from Old Hillside Street Police Headquarters to “MITA Building” in 1999, followed by “MICA Structure” in 2004. After the change of ministries in November 2012, the name “MICA Structure” was returned to “Old Hill Road Police Headquarters”.

The structure has an overall of 927 windows and also they are repainted in the colours of the rainbow. Some might see that the coloured home windows on the initial four stories have the exact same lively strength, while the upper windows progressively increase to emphasize the cantilevered balconies which are interesting building attributes of this historic building.

The Artrium@MCI is a space devoted to art galleries combining various artistic movements. Situated in the centre Old Hill Street Police Station (previously known as MICA Building), this inner courtyard allows immersion in the artistic environment of Singapore, offering numerous exhibitions all year round.

  • Address: 140 Hill Street, Singapore 179369
  • Opening hours: The ARTrium is open from 10am – 5pm daily
  • WebsiteHere

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2. River Bum Boat Rides

Who says you can not be a tourist in your very own nation every now and then? Appreciate a leisurely ride past the landmarks along the river and also see the city from a various point of view in the watercraft tour.

There are river taxis that can bring you from certain stops to one more from $3. If you’re feeling somewhat cheekier, go for the floating bar. The Singapore horizon is gorgeous as it is, but a beverage or ten will just make it better. Hop on a bumboat with the Singapore River Cruise ship, and also acquaint yourself with Singapore’s history and modernity in one traditional experience.

Additionally referred to as tongkang (sea-going barge), these wooden boats were used from the 19th to 20th century, transporting goods along the Rochor, Kallang and Singapore rivers. Considering that 1987, Singapore River Cruise has actually protected this aspect of our city’s past, offering visitors a chance to experience contemporary Singapore from the rear of a bumboat. Known as ‘The Singapore River Experience– A Story of Two Quays’, this memorable flight encapsulates Singapore heritage as well as modernity in one activity, extending the famous districts of Clarke Quay, Watercraft Quay as well as Marina Bay.

Indulge in the abundant background of the Raffles Landing site, marvel at the skyrocketing futuristic design of Marina Bay Sands ®, and also uncover the tale of the river that gave life to our city.

  • Address: Various jetty points
  • Opening hours: 9am-11pm daily (last boat departs 10.15pm)

3. G-Max

Today, the bungy jumping industry in Singapore has become one of the most innovative in the world. Clarke Quay’s novel reverse bungy ride began its operations in 2003. Instead of jumping off, a maximum of three passengers are strapped down into the G-Max machine, an open-air capsule held by bungy cords. Once secured, the capsule is released and catapulted about 60 metres into the air. The passengers jolt up and down between 35 metre tall towers at the speed of about 50 metres per second!

Due to this nature of this adventure ride, passengers need to be at least 1.2 metres tall, 12 years of age, cannot be pregnant and must have no history of any heart-related problems.

If catching public transport to G-Max Reverse Bungy, Catch the MRT to Clarke Quay and exit on to Eu Tong Sen Street, the attraction is located along the river.

4. Sculpture Walk

When strolling along the financial institutions of the Singapore River, you’ll find these sculptures near Cavenagh Bridge, prolonging towards Watercraft Quay. Obtain a peek of life by the river in olden day Singapore– youngsters heartily delving into the river, vendors took part in trade, or Singapura felines. Take a photo with them as well as be delivered into the past! The bronze sculptures aren’t an attraction you ‘d spend way too much time on, however do keep this on your itinerary; there are also plenty of attractive places close by such as the Fullerton Resort and also Cavenagh Bridge.

Many people have the perception that Singapore lacks arts and background, yet in truth there are lots of stunning bronze sculptures on our island. Some are pure artistic creations, a couple of them are rich in their historical values, while others tell tales of the very early days of Singapore. Maybe one can take a minute to appreciate the sculptures when she or he passes by among them.

Possibly the most well-known sculpture in Singapore, the statuary of Sir Stamford Raffles was mounted by the 14th guv of the Straits Settlements Frederick Weld (1823-1891) in 1887 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s power. Initially situated at the middle of Padang, it set you back $20,446.10, a huge cost throughout that age.

In 1919, throughout the 100th-year party of Modern Singapore, the statuary was relocated to its contemporary location of the Town Hall. There was additionally an additional statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, made from rock and also white in colour, along the Singapore River.

  • Address: Boat Quay, near Cavenagh Bridge

5. Asian Civilisations Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is an institution which forms a part of the four museums in Singapore, the other 3 being the Peranakan Museum at Old Tao Nan Institution, the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Art Gallery. It is among the pioneering museums in the region to be experts in pan-Asian societies and also civilisations. The gallery is experts in the product background of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia as well as West Asia, from which the varied ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry.

With its mix of races as well as societies, Singapore has actually rightfully made an online reputation for being the cultural fusion of Asia. To display this diverse heritage, the Asian Civilisations Gallery (ACM) takes you on a grand exploration of the people from around the region that have picked our coasts over the past two centuries.

The ACM is the only museum in the area devoted to checking out the artistic heritage of Asia, specifically the genealogical societies of Singaporeans. Established in 1993, and also in its existing structure by the Singapore River considering that 2003, the ACM released 2 brand-new wings with brand-new galleries in late 2015.

The ACM shines the limelight on the historic connections in between the cultures of Asia, as well as in between Asia and the globe. At the first stage, you’ll locate the Trade as well as the Exchange of Suggestions gallery, which is house to artefacts and artworks that inform tales of Singapore’s background as a stand for global profession.

Famous Tang Shipwreck event at the Khoo Teck Puat gallery – In the ACM’s riverfront wing, stays the Khoo Teck Puat gallery, where site visitors can discover the well-known Tang Shipwreck collection, a virtual time pill of treasures from 9th-century China concealed from the world till its discovery in 1998.

After that, head to the Kwek Hong Png Wing to admire the museum’s very first contemporary art area, located on the first stage. The wing’s 3rd flooring likewise houses over 300 wonderful Chinese porcelains from the gallery’s collection. Other galleries in the ACM consist of the Old Religious beliefs Gallery as well as the Scholar in Chinese Society gallery.

The ACM is much more than simply an incredible background lesson. Expect programmes like the annual River Nights, where you can connect closely with society as well as the arts.

  • Address: 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm, Friday 10am-9pm
  • Website: https://www.acm.org.sg/

6. Victoria Concert Hall

If you enjoy beautiful architecture– and also who doesn’t– then pop by to Victoria Opera house simply across the street from the Arts Residence. The architecture of the inside is magnificent, with its high ceilings, large hallways and also clean brightness motivating a reposeful feeling of area. It is little marvel that it is a favourite spot among photographers.

The Victoria Theater and also Opera House is an executing arts facility in the Central Area of Singapore, located along Empress Place. It is a facility of 2 structures and a clock tower joined together by a common hallway; the earliest part of the building was first integrated in 1862, as well as the facility was finished in 1909. Brought back to its original neo-classical 1905 framework, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Music hall is among Singapore’s oldest doing arts locations, and an amazing, mid-sized system for local as well as worldwide musicians, arts teams and also neighbourhoods to organize their works.

7. Raffles Terrace

Out of all the parks in Singapore, Fort Canning Park should be one of the most traditionally significant park. From the moment where Malay Kings ruled the island to its transformation into 19th century premier trading port as well as the country army defense throughout The second world war, to date Ft Canning Park is a combination of walking courses with lush plant and also areas of ancient artifacts that will definitely urge anybody searching for a walk in the park mix with history lesson.

The park is separated into different strolling courses with different destinations to see in addition to the various art instalments put across the park, though the park mainly showcases its historic armed forces relevance starting from the Fort Gateway to the Fort Canning Shelter or Fight Box, Raffles Balcony and also the 9-Pound Cannon.

  • Address: Fort Canning Hill, Singapore
  • Opening hours:  All hours


The Singapore River is a beautiful and historic waterway that flows through the heart of Singapore. Along its banks, you’ll find a wide variety of attractions that are sure to delight and entertain visitors of all ages. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with you the top 7 best attractions along the Singapore River, as ranked by Tropika Club Magazine.

First on our list is the Former Hill Street Police Station. This historic building is a former police station of the Singapore Police, located at Hill Street within the Downtown Core in the Central Area of Singapore. It’s a great place to learn about the history of law enforcement in Singapore and to admire the beautiful architecture of the building.

Next up, we have River Bum Boat Rides. These boat rides are a great way to see the sights along the river and to get a unique perspective on the city. You’ll see tourists waving from the boats as they glide along the water, taking in the sights and sounds of Singapore.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, G-Max is a must-visit attraction. This thrilling activity will have you soaring through the air, experiencing the ultimate rush as you take in the stunning views of the city.

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, why not take a Sculpture Walk along the river? This walk will take you past various sculptures and art installations, allowing you to appreciate the creativity and talent of local artists.

The Asian Civilisations Museum is another must-visit attraction along the Singapore River. This museum is dedicated to exploring the rich artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. It’s a great place to learn about the history and culture of this fascinating region.

For music lovers, Victoria Concert Hall is a must-visit destination. This concert hall is home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and regularly hosts performances by some of the world’s most talented musicians.

Last but not least, we have Raffles Terrace. This historical site offers stunning views of the river and city skyline, making it a great place to relax and take in the beauty of Singapore.

In conclusion, there are many amazing attractions along the Singapore River that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking for history, culture, art, or adventure, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests along this beautiful waterway. So why not plan your visit today and discover all that this amazing destination has to offer? We hope this blog post has inspired you to explore some of these top attractions along the Singapore River!



Q: How do I get to the Singapore River? 

A: The Singapore River is easily accessible by public transportation. You can take the MRT to Clarke Quay, Raffles Place, or City Hall stations, which are all within walking distance of the river. Alternatively, you can take a bus to one of the many stops along the river.

Q: Are there any restaurants or cafes along the Singapore River? 

A: Yes, there are many restaurants and cafes along the Singapore River, offering a wide variety of cuisine and dining experiences. Some popular options include Jumbo Seafood, Brewerkz, and Privé Clarke Quay.

Q: Can I take a boat ride along the Singapore River? 

A: Yes, you can take a boat ride along the Singapore River on one of the many bum boats that operate along the waterway. These boat rides offer a unique perspective on the city and are a great way to see the sights along the river.

Q: Are there any guided tours available along the Singapore River? 

A: Yes, there are several guided tours available that will take you along the Singapore River and introduce you to its history and attractions. Some popular options include Singapore River Cruise and Original Singapore Walks.

Q: Is it safe to walk along the Singapore River at night? 

A: Yes, it is generally safe to walk along the Singapore River at night. The area is well-lit and there are usually plenty of people around. However, as with any big city, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and take basic safety precautions.

Q: Are there any events or festivals that take place along the Singapore River? 

A: Yes, there are several events and festivals that take place along the Singapore River throughout the year. Some popular events include the Singapore River Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, and Christmas light-ups.

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