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Top 10 Spa And Massage Services In Western Singapore

Unwind yourself in one of the top picks spa and massage services in the West region of Singapore.

Everyone deserves to be treated with love. The fact that society is running at full speed, stress is taking a toll on our lives. Sometimes, you just need a massage to rid the stress and refresh the body. As they always say, “you are one massage away from good mood”. Today, The Tropika Club Team has rounded up the Top 10 Spa & Massage Services in the West region of Singapore (this includes Jurong, Boon Lay & Bukit Timah areas) that will help you to find that perfect place. Read on, and pamper yourself with love today!

#1 Pisces Wellness

Introduction: Born out of a genuine passion to deliver trustworthy wellness treatments, PISCES Wellness uses a holistic approach to enable their patrons to achieve their ideal figure. Designed for the modern day city dweller, their suite of wellness treatments aim to relieve stress and relax the mind. Their team of well-trained therapists is dedicated to make their customers happy and improve clients’ health and wellness through the power of technologies and the magical power of touch. Because, real beauty comes from within.

The Treatment: Put your physical well-being at ease and let them calm your mind and soul with a relaxing retreat. Aim to improve blood circulation and loosen up tense muscles, it’s time to enjoy a relaxing massage and let your body rejuvenate at Pisces Wellness. Let them relieve your stress and help you to refresh your mind and body with more positive strength. Enjoy a full body massage to lighten all the load today.

Check them out at:

#2 Skin Lab 360

Introduction: Skin Lab 360 is one of the famous beauty salons and spas in Singapore. They are also a body massage, skin care, slimming, and hair care centre with manicure and pedicure services as the secondary activity.

The Treatment: Neck and shoulder soreness often? Come try out the East and West Bodong Therapy at Skin Lab 360! They are using the energy clearing method to excrete intracranial toxins and exhaust gases to relieve stress. This therapy can help to “open up” your meridians and promote blood circulation regulation.

Check them out at:

#3 Avone Beauty Secrets (JCube)

Introduction: Avone Beauty Secrets (ABS) is the only Beauty and Embroidery Faceworks Chain in Singapore to receive recognition from the prestigious International Beauty And Health General Union of Korea. They believe in delivering a total experience to their precious customers. They get to be pampered with reliable and trusted services by top notch professionals in a comfortable and cozy ambience, enjoying high end treatments at very affordable prices. Be pampered with confidence only at Avone Beauty Secrets!

The Treatment: It’s time to rebalance and revitalize your body. Avone Aroma Therapy is an ancient therapeutic treatment which encompasses a full body mask with a full body massage. It combines elements of shiatsu, reflexology and Swedish massage techniques by using a precious blend of pure aromatic oils to calms your nerves and restore your spirit and mind.

Fancy to try out their ultimate relax therapy too? This therapy includes a luxurious body scrub with massage focusing mainly on the back, and it comes with ear candling too. This therapy helps to relieve your tension, headache, stress and removes the impurities which improve one’s breathing system and sinus conditions.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-12, Singapore 609731
  • Hotline: +65 6592 0788
  • Websitehttps://www.avone.sg/

#4 Theresa Body Skin Wellness (Jurong East)

Introduction: With five outlets located island-wide, Theresa Beauty prides itself on bringing a world of organic beauty to your neighbourhood. Backed with more than 33 years of history, and a philosophy that beauty comes from within, the beauty parlour prides in a total combination of internal health and external spa treatment. A beautiful inside out transformation is what Theresa Beauty promises to give you.

The Treatment: Tension of expecting mothers with 5 to 8 month pregnancy? Prenatal Massage is their signature treatment by offering a slow and soft strokes to ease your discomforts while keeping your baby safe and healthy. During your pregnancy, your body will enter a beautiful transformation. However, during this process, you may encounter discomforts of water retention, soreness, stress and swelling.

Besides, Theresa Body Skin Wellness offers Postnatal Massage after your pregnancy. This massage is a full recuperation to bring your hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels. Their Postnatal Massage is thoughtfully designed to:

  • Tone your body
  • Improve Lactation
  • Relieve Post Surgery Swellings
  • Restore Womb Recovery

Check them out at:

  • Location: Blk 130, Jurong Gateway Road, #01-217, Singapore 600130
  • Hotline: +65 6565 8887
  • Website: https://theresa.com.sg/

#5 Oriental Remedies (Jurong East)

Introduction: At Oriental Remedies Group clinics, their physicians use all natural ingredients and incorporate their TCM expertise as well as integrative therapies into their beauty series treatments. They use the Chinese medical treatments ranging from herbal remedies and acupuncture clearly defines this belief to the treatment of their patients has to be done at the root of the causes.

The Treatment: Looking for traditional massage? Oriental Remedies offers Tuina Massage to customers. It requires the use of fingers, hands and elbows, to apply different techniques such as kneading, rolling, pressing and rubbing. The motion helps to remove blockages along the meridians and stimulate blood to promote healing.

Check them out at:

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#6 Masego The Safari Spa

Introduction: Masego The Safari Spa is the first and only safari themed spa in Singapore. They are using safari tents as their treatment rooms, and can be used for holding corporate events and private functions. The spa combines the use of natural herbs and massage techniques to create a unique selection of healing spa therapies.

The Treatment: Their Tropical Abyss Deep-Tissue Massage helps to unlock and relieve tension and fatigue. You may experience a liberating sense of featherlight wellness too. It is excellent for body toning, figure sculpting and after-exercise relaxation.

The Jungle Fever Quick Massage is a 30 minutes quick massage that instantly pamper your overworked back, neck and shoulder muscles as well as the scalp and head. This quick massage works to put every strain of your muscle into a “rest and relax” mode for a complete rejuvenating experience.

Check them out at:

#7 Mary Chia (Jurong Point)

Introduction: Mary Chia has always been built on customer trust, combined with the intelligent use of beauty science and state-of-the-art technologies in their treatments and products. Now, more than ever, the Mary Chia brand is vibrant and dynamic, seeking ways to empower individuals to live life more confidently and in greater wellness.

The Treatment: Want a weekend to relax and de-stress? Get a massage therapy that can help you wind down by Mary Chia’s Pampering Spa with Full Body Massage. By doing this massage, your nervous system enters a “rest and digest” mode while improving your bone blood supply.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-100/101/102, Singapore 648886
  • Hotline: +65 6793 0166
  • Website: https://www.marychia.com/

#8 Chrysalis Spa (Westgate)

Introduction: Chrysalis Spa is a one-stop spa haven with a total of 5 outlets in Singapore. The spa has been certified by CaseTrust, an accreditation arm of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). Thus, customers can have confidence in the professionalism and good business practices of Chrysalis Spa.

The Treatment: Mothers, come have a look here! Chrysalis Spa are offering Post-Natal Body Massage for mothers. It assists you back to your pre-pregnancy form and rejuvenates the abdominal wall muscle and uterus. It also helps to increased blood circulation and oxygen to your muscles to get rid of the toxins. This massage is recommended to be done one week after normal delivery and 4 to 6 weeks after C-section. Do check with your doctor for approval before going for this massage.

Check them out at:

#9 Citi Beauty

Introduction: Citi Beauty was established in 2007 in Singapore as a beauty and wellness centre. Their team of professionals combines a pure, comprehensive, holistic and effective approach to fulfil your inner and outer beauty needs as well as providing one-on-one skin care services suited for all genders. They feature the best facials, massages, and other expert services that are guaranteed to revive, rejuvenate and re-nourish. Allow them to enhance your beauty, relax your muscles and improve your well-being.

The Treatment: Achieve inner zen with an hour of pampering at the skilled hands of a masseuse with Citi Beauty’s full body massage. You can either choose your massage option from 12 Nerve Meridian Point, Aroma, Relaxing or Tuina with the selection massage oil of lemongrass or lavender flavour. It induce proper blood circulation to entire body by using long stroke massage.

Check them out at:

#10 New Wellness Spa

Introduction: New Wellness Spa is an authentic SPA in Singapore by serving their customers with full body massage, foot massage and other add-on beauty and relaxation services.

The Treatment: If you want to spice up your troubled day, then be sure to get the best massage therapist in New Wellness Spa! Come try out their Swedish massage. It focuses on muscle relaxation, targeting superficial muscles and increasing blood circulation. If you want to reduce stress, this massage therapy is most suitable for your needs.

Check them out at:

If you are interested to be featured in Tropika Club’s top picks, do write to us via our email. Tropika Club will do a comprehensive review of your treatments and customer journey as part of our verification and validation process.


If you are interested to be featured in Tropika Club’s top picks, do write to us via our email. Tropika Club will do a comprehensive review of your treatments and customer journey as part of our verification and validation process.

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