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Top 7 Best GRE Study Guides and Test Preparation Books

Top 7 Best GRE Study Guides and Test Preparation Books

Top 7 Best GRE Study Guides and Test Preparation Books

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  • Master Key Strategies: Unearth powerful GRE test-taking tactics with study guides designed to elevate your performance and scores.
  • Comprehensive Content Coverage: Dive into a wealth of curated material, ensuring a thorough grasp of GRE subjects and question types.
  • Realistic Practice Exams: Experience exam-like conditions with top-notch practice tests, fine-tuning your skills for the actual GRE challenge.
  • Interactive Study Tools: Maximize your learning potential through engaging resources, including interactive quizzes and multimedia content, enhancing retention and understanding.
  • Tailored Study Plans: Discover guides offering personalized study plans, adapting to your pace and optimizing preparation for optimal results.
  • Success Stories and Reviews: Benefit from the insights of successful test-takers and user reviews, guiding you towards the most effective study materials.


Get your study plan to shape with the Best GRE Study Guides. Get a prep book that helps you master test-taking strategies, detailed explanation, complementary study materials, and even online practice tests. The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a multiple-choice standardized exam. It is often required for admission to graduate programs and graduate business programs (MBA) globally. Since its a computer-based exam, honing your test-taking strategies with a prep book will surely keep you ahead of the curve.

#1 – Princeton Review GRE Premium Prep 2022 : 7 Practice Tests + Review & Techniques + Online Tools [Paperback]


Highlighted in the Daily News roundup of “Best GRE Study Materials” for 2021, The Princeton Review offers an unparalleled all-in-one solution for achieving your highest GRE score. Elevate your preparation with 7 full-length practice tests—2 in the book and 5 online, the most extensive collection available. Immerse yourself in thorough topic reviews that ensure a comprehensive understanding of GRE content.

Gain exclusive access to premium online content, providing an enriched study experience. Plus, unlock a $100 discount on an additional Princeton Review online GRE course, enhancing your test readiness further. This comprehensive GRE prep package is designed to empower you with the tools needed to excel on test day.

Whether you’re tackling practice tests, delving into topic reviews, or accessing premium online resources, The Princeton Review stands as your trusted partner for GRE success. Invest in the all-encompassing preparation that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your best GRE performance. Prepare confidently, score higher, and embrace the journey to your GRE goals with The Princeton Review.

Publication Date: 2021/05

No. of Pages: 768p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya


#2 – Princeton Review Gre Prep 2022 : 5 Practice Tests + Review & Techniques + Online Features [Paperback]


Unlock your path to a perfect GRE score with The Princeton Review’s expanded 2022 edition. This comprehensive guide features 5 full-length practice tests—2 in the book and 3 online, providing extensive practice opportunities for optimal readiness. Immerse yourself in thorough topic reviews, ensuring a deep understanding of GRE content.

Take advantage of extra practice resources online, enhancing your preparation with additional study materials. Review online GRE course, elevating your test readiness to new heights. The Princeton Review stands as a proven leader in delivering results, making it your trusted ally in achieving GRE success.

Prepare confidently with a GRE resource that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a robust package of practice tests, topic reviews, and online resources. With The Princeton Review, success is not just a goal; it’s a tangible outcome. Embrace the journey to your perfect GRE score with the expertise and proven results provided by The Princeton Review.

Publication Date: 2021/05

No. of Pages: 704p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya

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#3 – The Official Guide to the GRE General Test (Official Guide to the Gre) (3rd CSM) [Paperback]


Elevate your GRE preparation with the updated and expanded Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test, the authoritative resource straight from the test makers. This 3rd Edition provides unparalleled insight, including four complete, full-length real tests—two in the book and two online. Hone your skills with hundreds of authentic test questions for comprehensive practice.

Navigate the GRE revised General Test confidently with valuable information on what to expect and how the test is scored. Access the newly redesigned PowerPrep website for an enhanced online experience. This guide, created by those who develop the GRE, offers interactive content fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Discover the ultimate GRE resource that goes beyond expectations, offering a reliable and accurate source for test insights. No other guide provides the depth of knowledge offered by the Official Guide, ensuring you’re equipped for success on your journey toward a graduate or business school degree. Unleash your full potential with the expertise embedded in the only official guide endorsed by the test makers.

Publication Date: 2017/02

No. of Pages: 608p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya



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#4 – The Princeton Review 1,027 GRE Practice Questions (Gre Practice Questions) (5th) [Paperback]


Achieve an excellent GRE score with The Princeton Review’s 1,027 GRE Practice Questions—an invaluable resource for comprehensive preparation. Practice becomes perfect, and this guide equips you with over a thousand practice questions and answers to elevate your performance.

Inside, discover expert tips and strategies to tackle the GRE effectively. The material provides a clear preview of what to expect on the exam, ensuring you are well-prepared for every challenge. Whether you’re aiming for a top score or seeking to enhance your skills, this guide offers all the practice you need to reach your GRE goals.

With The Princeton Review, success is not just a goal; it’s a tangible outcome. Harness the power of extensive practice, proven strategies, and valuable insights to maximize your performance on the GRE. Elevate your preparation and stride confidently toward the score you desire with the expertise of The Princeton Review.

Publication Date: 2018/10

No. of Pages: 704p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya


#5 – Kaplan GRE Subject Test: Psychology (Kaplan Gre Subject Test Psychology) (6th CSM) [Paperback]ssional (5th CSM LAM) [Paperback]


Master the GRE Subject Test: Psychology with Kaplan’s comprehensive guide, equipped with score-raising strategies, practice questions, and updated content aligned with the DSM-5. Face the exam with confidence, benefitting from expert guidance and essential terminology defined in context.

This updated edition reflects test-maker changes and offers two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations. Align your preparation with the DSM-5, covering updated vocabulary, diagnosis, treatment guidelines, and classification of mental disorders. Kaplan’s guarantee ensures that after studying with this book, you’ll score higher on the GRE psychology test—or receive your money back.

Delve into in-depth reviews of key content areas, including social psychology, developmental psychology, statistics, and more. Practice sets cover essential concepts, providing a well-rounded preparation experience. Kaplan, with almost 80 years of experience, stands as the pioneer in test prep, offering proven strategies that have helped countless students achieve their dreams.Trust Kaplan’s expertise, where a dedicated team has studied every GRE-related document to ensure true-to-test practice questions and study materials. Elevate your GRE Subject Test: Psychology preparation with Kaplan’s time-tested strategies and resources, paving the way for your success on test day.

Publication Date: 2016/07

No. of Pages: 492p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya


#6 – Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions : With Practice for the Analytical Writing Measure (Official Gre Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions


Prepare effectively for the GRE Verbal Reasoning measure with the Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume 1—150 real GRE questions from the test maker, ETS. This unique guide offers authentic practice questions, complete with answers and explanations, providing the best preparation for success on the Verbal Reasoning measure.

Crafted by the actual test maker, this resource includes proven success strategies, valuable hints, and tips to enhance your performance on the GRE Verbal Reasoning measure. Gain authoritative insights into the GRE Analytical Writing measure with a comprehensive overview, featuring writing strategies, sample writing tasks, and scored essays.

For in-depth practice and accurate test preparation, rely on the expertise of ETS to show you exactly what to expect on the GRE. This essential study guide equips you with the tools needed to excel on test day, offering an invaluable blend of authentic practice questions and strategic insights. Elevate your GRE Verbal Reasoning preparation with the trusted guidance of the Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume 1.

Publication Date: 2017/03

No. of Pages: 256p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya


#7 – 1,001 GRE Practice Questions for Dummies (For Dummies) [Paperback]


Elevate your GRE preparation with 1,001 GRE Practice Questions For Dummies, a comprehensive guide offering targeted practice and professional insights. Authored by test prep experts, this resource leads you through questions aligned with the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections of the GRE.

Each practice question is accompanied by detailed answers and step-by-step instructions, guiding you to the best approach. Whether you’re a recent graduate or returning to academics after a hiatus, this book ensures thorough preparation for the GRE General Test, your gateway to graduate school.

Recognizing the importance of targeted learning, this resource shapes your study time around crucial GRE information, providing a one-year subscription to online content. Access hundreds of practice questions from easy to hard, track your progress, and customize question tests to your needs. Detailed explanations for every question enhance your understanding and boost your confidence for test day. Repeated practice is the key to GRE success, and 1,001 GRE Practice Questions For Dummies offers the ultimate prep method with a focused approach, ensuring you showcase your knowledge with confidence. Be fully prepared and know exactly what to expect on test day with this indispensable GRE resource.

Publication Date: 2015/06

No. of Pages: 468p

Where to Find: Kinokuniya



Master key strategies with study guides that elevate GRE performance and scores. Dive into comprehensive content coverage for a solid grasp of subjects. Experience exam-like conditions with realistic practice tests. Engage with interactive study tools like quizzes and multimedia for effective learning. Enjoy tailored study plans that adapt to your pace. Benefit from success stories and reviews to guide you to the most effective study materials. In conclusion, finding the right GRE study guide is crucial for success. Tropika Club Magazine believes that the curated list of the top 7 study guides offers a diverse range of resources to cater to different learning styles. Whether you’re a strategic planner, hands-on learner, or someone who thrives on real-life experiences, there’s a guide for you. The success stories and reviews provide valuable insights, helping you make an informed decision. Remember, it’s not just about studying hard; it’s about studying smart. So, pick a guide that resonates with your approach, follow a personalized study plan, and tackle the GRE with confidence. Your success story could be the next one inspiring others in their GRE journey. Happy studying!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I purchase the recommended GRE study guides in Singapore?

A: You can find these study guides at major bookstores like Kinokuniya, or conveniently order them online through platforms like Amazon or local online book retailers.

Q: Are there specific study guides suitable for GRE test-takers in Singapore?

A: Yes, the recommended list includes study guides that are widely available and relevant to GRE test-takers in Singapore, addressing the local exam format and requirements.

Q: How do I choose the right GRE study guide for my learning style?

A: Consider your preferred learning approach – whether you benefit from interactive tools, in-depth content coverage, or tailored study plans. Each recommended guide caters to different styles.

Q: Can I access digital versions or e-books of these GRE study guides?

A: Yes, many of the recommended study guides offer digital versions or e-books, providing a convenient option for those who prefer electronic formats.

Q: Are there additional resources beyond the recommended study guides for GRE preparation?

A: Absolutely, explore supplementary resources like online practice tests, flashcards, and study groups to enhance your GRE preparation beyond the suggested study guides.

Q: How long should I study using these GRE guides before taking the exam?

A: The duration varies based on individual preferences and schedules. Develop a personalized study plan and consistently dedicate focused study time, adjusting based on your progress.

A: While focused on the PSAT, the comprehensive content and strategies in these guides can be beneficial for related standardized tests.

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