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best laundry services in singapore

Top Best 23 Laundry Services in Singapore

Clean sheets and fresh clothes await with the Top Best Laundry Services in Singapore. Get ready for the ultimate laundry experience, with express service for a wide range of services, you can look forward to having your laundry be as fresh as a daisy. You can expect a high quality of service, be it for their deep cleaning, curtain cleaning, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning. They can handle most type of clothing too. With the friendly staff of the Top Best Laundry Services in Singapore, you’ll soon be feeling fresh too.

1. Keep Calm and Laundry ON

Introduction: KEEP CALM AND LAUNDRY ON was built from a mix of passion for driving and an understanding that doing laundry is not everyone’s cup of tea (it’s theirs though)! They want to help people free up time from laundry chores to attend to things that matter more to them – bonding with family and friends, pursuing interests and aspirations, or simply catching up on rest.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Online Service

Contact: +65 9755 7119


2. Fresh & Clean Laundry

Introduction: Established in 2014, Fresh & Clean Laundry Pte Ltd has been providing the highest quality care in laundry and dry cleaning services. Being a trusted partner for both residential and commercial like restaurants, spas, gyms, hotels, hostels and salons, Fresh & Clean’s expertise is in understanding their customers and providing an excellent service with a reputation built on promises of quality, efficiency and an innovative service delivery.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 5 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-23 Singapore 768161

Contact:  +65 6750 4781

Website: http://www.freshnclean.com.sg/


3. Ultimate Laundry

Introduction: Ultimate Laundry is one of the premier providers of Curtain Laundry Service Singapore and location-specific Laundry Service Singapore Delivery, with the specialization of a full fledge of normal laundry as well as dry cleaning service. Backed by a team of skilled and professionally trained laundry crew, they always ensure you to experience the best services for all your laundry requirements.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 37 Kallang Pudding Road #06-07, Tong Lee Block B (S)349315

Contact: +65 9857 3303

Website: https://ultimatelaundry.sg/

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4. Laundry Mart

Introduction: Stains and dirt won’t wait. Why should you? ​LaundryMart Fetch customers now can send and pick up their laundry and dry-clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit their shop​​ and experience this wonderful service. LaundryMart is using Seitz® Green Earth dry cleaning chemical to wash leather and delicate garment. Green Earth dry cleaning chemical refers to a solvent that replaces the petrochemical solvents traditionally used in dry cleaning with liquid silicone. liquid silicone is an environmental friendly odorless solvent, brings best care to your clothing and health.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact:  Multiple Contacts

Website: http://www.laundrymart.com.sg/

5. Big Mama Laundry

Introduction: Big Mama Home Services provide premium home services to individuals, households and companies within Singapore. Their team of home service professionals includes laundry/dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, bag and shoe cleaning, aircon services, house cleaning. Big Mama Home Services is equipped with advanced modern dry cleaning technology to give you the best dry cleaning results. Their environmentally friendly solvents will prevent any damage to your garments during the dry cleaning process.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 391 Orchard Road, #03-11B, Singapore 238872

Contact: +65 8518 4188

Website: https://big-mama.com.sg/

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6. Mr Dobi

Introduction: Mr Dobi was started with YOU, the end user, in mind. Since 1940, they have been providing laundry and dry cleaning services to many satisfied customers across Singapore. Convenience is always a key priority for them so that you are able to save time.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Blk 848 Yishun St 81, #01-128, Singapore 760848

Contact: +65 9623 6201

Website: http://mrdobilaundry.com.sg/

7. A&B Professional Dry Clean & Laundry

Introduction: A&B Professional Dry Clean & Laundry was created to service the fast growing door to door laundry and dry cleaning market. They have combined much of the latest laundry equipment with the “Silver Hair” generation of professionals. This gives them a quality edge to wash and Dry clean your Wedding Dresses, Evening Gowns, Casual Wear, Sarees, Winter Wear as well as, Curtains, Carpets, and other household items.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 2 Woodlands Sector 1, #03-22 Woodlands Spectrum, Singapore 738068

Contact: +65 6100 1616

Website: https://www.abclean.sg/

8. Sendhelper

Introduction: Sendhelper is the choice of masses on the island. They provide services like cleaning, cooking and laundry all over Singapore and have always proved to be the best. They are making laundry easier than DIY laundry Singapore. Sendhelper is a team of professionals who specialize in laundry services. They also provide door to door services with utmost care.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 1B Trengganu Street (3F), Singapore 058455

Contact: +65 9387 5891

Website: https://www.sendhelper.com/

9. KnocKnock

Introduction: A smarter, easier, and cleaner way to do your laundry! KnocKnocK Laundry offers premium dry cleaning, load wash, laundry service to your door with free pick up & delivery in Singapore island wide. We are rated as one of the best laundry service in Singapore and Served more than 50,000 Singapore families!

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Lobby B Ubi Techpark Singapore 408564

Contact: +65 6719 2357

Website: https://www.knocknockapp.com/

10. Piing!

Introduction: Piing provides a whole new laundry experience. As your laundry partner, they are at your beck & call, 6 days a week till 11pm. They provide free pick up service for full bag of laundry or just one shirt. On delivery, you can pay via their secure payment gateway or just pay cash. Their prices are reasonable too!

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 2 Woodlands Sector 1, #03-22 Woodlands Spectrum, Singapore 738068

Contact: +65 3105 3105

Website: https://piing.com.sg/

11. Laundry First

Introduction: Laundry First your trusted laundry service company. When you have so much at hand to do the chore or just want someone to do the washing for you, you can count on Laundry First. Their aim is to be one of the country’s trusted names when it comes to domestic and commercial laundry cleaning.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 31 Playfair Rd #03-36 Singapore 367993

Contact: +65 6206 5528

Website: http://www.laundryfirst.sg/

12. Sunday Laundry

Introduction: They know that they are in the business of freshness – in deed and in thought. As fresh laundry experts, they combine their expertise and passion for service to deliver a delightful laundry experience that leaves you worry-free. they are committed to ensuring that you’re clothed in freshness to soak in life’s joys everyday. They constantly look to improve themselves and refine their approaches to enhance your experience. They do all these because they are in the business of freshness and helping you stay fresh is their obsession.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-43 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934

Contact: +65 6255 4222

Website: http://www.sundaylaundry.sg/

13. Astoria Dry Cleaning Services

Introduction: They pride themselves in being Singapore’s only forth generation family owned, dry cleaning and laundry business. Fronted by sons for over 20 years, they are passionate about the traditions that have been handed down to them. Originally hailed from Shanghai, Astoria Dry Cleaning Services was revitalised in 1995 after the now-defunct Victoria Dry Cleaning Company (established in 1947). Their mission is to keep the legacy alive and thriving stronger than ever.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: http://www.astoriadrycleaning.com.sg/

14. Orchid Laundry Singapore

Introduction: Orchid Laundry together with DrycleanExpress and DryclynExpress are part of a group wholly owned by Tohly Investments & Holding Pte Ltd. It is run and managed by owners who have been in the business for decades. Always strive to provide the best dry-cleaning and laundry services for the nation, high quality chemicals and up-to-date machines are use.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: B2B Service

Contact: +65 6861 5933

Website: https://www.ol.com.sg/

15. Singapore Laundry

Introduction: They have been in the laundry services industry for over ten years, and dry cleaning is one of their specialties. They know how to deal with different types of clothes that need to be dry cleaned. Also, they understand the quality and relevance of dry cleaning services. They have also worked with different clients for ages, and this makes them a well-developed company that can provide you with the right services.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 417943

Contact: +65 6844 0554

Website: https://www.singaporelaundry.com/

16. Pressto

Introduction: Pressto is today the world’s largest chain of quality express dry cleaning with more than 500 outlets in over 22 countries. At Pressto, they redefined dry cleaning by assuring the best in garment handling and delivering excellent service using the latest dry cleaning and laundering technologies for finest results. They cater for individuals and professionals who value their garments and wish to see them treated and cared for in the way they deserve. Pressto marked its footprints in Singapore in 2009 and currently offers high quality dry cleaning and laundry services through 4 outlets in Singapore.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.presstoasia.com.sg/

17. Easy Wash

Introduction: At Easy Wash, everyone can have clean laundry at a fraction of the current cost and effort. They automated many technologies so doing your laundry means the simple touch of a button. To care for your different fabrics, their wash options range from “Soft and Delicate” to “Hot and Heavy”. The benefits of using commercial laundry technologies, their large capacity equipment and the flexibility to pay-as-you-use simply cannot be found at home.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: +65 8101 2488

Website: http://www.easywash.sg/

18. Cloud Story

Introduction: Why face hassle when you can have affordable laundry services in Singapore for all your cleaning needs? The Five Fold Benefits of Cloud Story is affordability, convenience, proficiency, professional cleaning and all that in a rapid turnaround time. Since their organization is being managed by a team of skilled dry cleaners and providing impeccable services under one roof, as a customer, you won’t be disappointed with the full-fledged dry cleaning services they offer under one roof. Other than providing laundry services to shirts and trousers, they are also broadly trusted for gown cleaning Singapore, costume cleaning Singapore, dry cleaning curtains, traditional costumes & gowns, leather care, carpet & mat.

Offerings: Types of Offering

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: +65 96896045

Website: https://www.cloudstory.sg/

19. Laundry Cares

Introduction: They believe your time is very important for everyone and if they are able to make full use of your time to accomplish the value-added task, they are actually generating more profits for your company and creating more wealth for yourself. The key question is, Are they effectively utilizing their valuable resource ( e.g. staff, workers, technicians, engineers, domestic helper) in tasks that are more value added and productivity.

Offering: Types of Offering

Location: 71 Prestige Centre, #06-03 Bukit Batok Crescent, Singapore 658071

Contact: +65 9460 6785

Website: https://www.laundrycares.com/

20. Duonini Laundry

Introduction: Duo Nini Pte Ltd was first established in 1995 as a laundry service provider and operating as a humble neighborhood shop. Over the last 25 years, it has grown progressively to be a full scale laundry factory providing a wide range of laundry, home, office as well as disinfection fogging services to consumers in Singapore. Today, Duo Nini Pte Ltd is a well-known brand in Singapore operating their business with a young fleet of vehicles serving homes, offices, schools, corporate and religious organizations.

Offering: Types of Offering

Location: 116 Telok Kurau Road, Singapore 423802

Contact: +65 9838 5355

Website: https://duoninilaundry.com.sg/pages/laundry-dry-cleaning

21. Wonder Wash

Introduction: Wonder Wash Self-Service Laundromat is the pioneer in Singapore to operate a totally self-service wash and dry laundry with no attendants. They started their operation in April 2010 and has since opened more than 40 outlets and they are still expanding.

Offering: Types of Offering

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: +65 97862038

Website: http://wonderwash.com.sg/

22. Laundry Heap

Introduction: Ocean Laundry, a family-owned business, has been in this laundry cleaning service for 40 years and had received wonderful compliments throughout the years due to progressive combination of old cleaning method as well as adopting latest modern cleaning technology. In addition, they will select the best solvents and chemicals so that your expensive garments are well-taken care of. Customer satisfaction in their services is their top priority and they are continuously striving towards service excellence.

Offering: Types of Offering

Location: Blk 151 serangoon North Ave 2 #01-07, Singapore 550151

Contact: +65 6280 8623

Website: https://oceanlaundry.sg/

23. Reward Laundry

Introduction: With one of the largest delivery teams in Singapore, Reward Laundry are able to assist you to save at least 30% of your time and expenses using their services. They are honored to gain trust from customers over the years. Come and experience the best laundry service Singapore today.

Offering: Types of Offering

Location: 1 Raffles Link, #B1-06, Singapore 039393

Contact: +65 6534 4843Website: https://www.rewardlaundry.com/

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