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Top 25 Best Piano Lesson Teachers and Schools in Singapore

Want to learn piano in Singapore? If you are looking for a piano teacher in Singapore, you can learn more about the best piano teachers in Singapore who will transform your dream of learning into reality. While we believe the best way to learn piano is from an instructor, we also understand that some students prefer self-learning. The piano is one of the most versatile instruments, and learning it will serve you well in other areas of life.

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  • Article Title: Top 25 Best Piano Lesson Teachers and Schools in Singapore
  • Article Purpose: To provide a list of piano teachers and schools in Singapore that can cater to different levels, styles, and goals of piano learning.
  • Article Criteria: The article selects piano teachers and schools based on their qualifications, experience, reputation, and teaching methods.
  • Article Content: The article introduces each piano teacher or school with a brief description of their features, courses, location, contact, and website. Some of them also have Instagram posts or videos to showcase their students or facilities.
  • Article Conclusion: The article ends with a statement that encourages the readers to explore their passion for piano and find the best teacher or school for them.

1. Finger Waltz Music & Dance


Their programs

  • Piano Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Ballet Lessons

About Company:

About Finger Waltz

Finger Waltz was founded by Dr. Wu Yang in April 2014, now already become one of the most reputable music and dance schools in Singapore, famous for its high teaching quality. Finger Waltz specializes in providing individually customized music lessons ( piano, violin, vocal) and group dance lessons to students of all ages and levels.

Finger Waltz believes that only real professional teachers can help their students to live their music and dance dreams. The teacher’s recruitment criteria in Finger Waltz are such rigorous, that only the best teachers can join. All the teachers in Finger Waltz graduated from famous conservatories or dance academies with at least a bachelor’s degree. They are highly experienced in teaching and performing, and all of them are able to teach students from beginner to diploma.

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: https://www.fingerwaltzmusic.com/

2. Jazz Piano School


Music Courses

  • Beginner Pop Piano Course
  • Pop Piano Course
  • Jazz Piano Course
  • Professional Lounge Pianist Course
  • Professional Lounge Pianist Course
  • Junior Piano Course

About Company:

They are a music school which specializes in piano music. At Jazz Piano, they have a team of qualified and experienced instructors for the various music courses they offer. They believe in making the music learning experience enjoyable and yet enriching at the same time.

Their Vision

At Jazz Piano, they believe that the stage is a place where a pianist truly belongs. A real musician is one who is confident, loves to interact with the crowd, and enjoys performing on stage.

They can help you realize your dream.

It does not matter whether you start out as a beginner or are already an accomplished classically-trained pianist. Their vision is to help you fulfill your dream of being a concert pianist. Hence, their school’s curriculum is planned in a way to provide you with the proper instruction and guidance to make you a natural performer and shine in a concert setting.

Contact: +65 6336 9886 or +65 9436 0395

Location: The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street, #04-21,
Singapore 179803

Website: http://www.jazzpiano.com.sg/


3. The Happy Pianist


Their programs

  • Piano Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Cello Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Singing Lessons

About the Company: The Happy Pianist is a platform that recommends qualified and experienced piano teachers to parents and students in Singapore. Since 2014, They have helped thousands of parents and students start piano lessons with their piano teachers, based on customer interests and preferences, at customer convenience.

You might have tried posting on your Facebook or searching forums for a piano teacher near your place. Or even found a teacher on Carousell offering dirt cheap piano lessons. However, you are still afraid to go ahead because you’re thinking…

Are these piano teachers real?
Are they really qualified and certified?
Any background info about these teachers?
Will they take my fees and run?
If they really go missing with my fees, what can I do?

All of their piano teachers are qualified and certified by internationally acclaimed music examination boards, music colleges, and universities. They can show you their certificates physically or digitally.

Contact: +65 9112 7056

Location: 475 Pasir Ris Drive 6, Singapore 510475

Website: https://www.thehappypianist.com/

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4. Wendelin Kwek


Lesson program

  • Individual piano lessons for all levels and ages.
  • The lesson duration is between 45-60 mins, depending on the level.
  • Familiar with the ABRSM syllabus.
  • Include Music Theory, Sight Reading, and Aural Training.
  • Encourage critical thinking, self-discovery, and self-interpretation.
  • Group Music Theory class is available upon request. 
  • Provide performance opportunities in an annual piano concert.

About Her:

Starting learning piano at the age of four, Wendelin Kwek has developed her love for music and shared the beauty of Classical music with the modern community. She believes that music is a universal language and has a big part in people’s life, so everyone should be given the chance to appreciate or learn music.

She pursued her passion at Indiana University Bloomington – Jacobs School of Music, where she had both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees under the tutelage of world-class pianists Edward Auer, Émile Naoumoff, and Reiko-Shigeoka Neriki. Due to her musical ability and sensitivity, she was exempted from numerous subjects by the university, hence she completed her undergraduate requirements in three years with the Highest Distinction (Summa Cum Laude) in 2013. 

During her study for her Master’s degree, she was appointed to be a piano instructor in the prestigious Indiana University Pre-College Music Program, where she taught for two years before coming back for good to teach in a reputable music school in Singapore, then teaching privately. Now, she has 6 years of teaching experience in total.

Her many music recognitions and prestigious awards include Founders Scholar from Indiana University Bloomington from 2011-13 for her achievement in obtaining a GPA of 4.0 throughout her undergraduate study, Distinction for all grades in the Piano ABRSM Examination, and Hedy King Robinson Prizes in 2007 and 2009 for her excellence in ABRSM Music Theory, to name a few.

She has performed actively in solo and chamber music concerts in Singapore, US, and Indonesia. She also actively organizes concerts for her students in prestigious venues, such as Esplanade Singapore. 

Website: https://wendelinkwek.wixsite.com/piano


5. Piano Lessons at Musical Dialogues


Piano lesson

About Company:

Founded by two music practitioners with extensive and diverse teaching experiences, having lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and North America, Musical Dialogues offers piano lessons and an array of musicology and music education programs in Singapore. 

An emphasis on musicality and communication characterizes their teaching approach: 

to encourage students to develop their own unique personalities and expressive capabilities, so that enthusiasm derived from musical exploration

translates into other aspects of life.

Music is their constant companion that enriches them in immeasurable ways, fuelling their imagination and love

of life, a tapestry of camaraderie that connects and binds us with others. 

Contact: +65 8339 7798

Location: Toa Payoh N, Singapore 310202

Website: https://www.musicaldialogues.com/

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6. The Music Works


Courses & Workshop

  • Piano Courses
  • Guitar Courses
  • Drum Courses

About Company:

The Music Work SG is a Music workshop for all the people that love and want to learn about music in Singapore. We use to be known as Absolute Piano, but as time passed they developed their utility as a music school and store that sells and taught not only digital piano or keyboard but musical instruments, they are now known as The Music Works.

The Music Works is one of the best-authorized dealers for four big music instrument brands in Singapore: Casio, Yamaha, Roland, and Korg. Music Works has existed for more than 10 years, to be precise since it was founded in 2010, and still developing through many online and offline sources in all of Singapore.

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: https://tmw.com.sg/

7. The Piano Teacher SG


About Company:

The piano teacher sg is a leading piano matching service in Singapore. 

Their platform was built to connect potential piano students to qualified and experienced piano teachers. They help parents and students to find piano teachers and match them with appropriate coaches who suit their requirements as well as interests. Here The piano teacher sg wants to provide you the top quality service. 

The piano teacher sg
Why They Are The BEST?

They are happy to be one of the best piano lessons in Singapore having skilled trained pianists who are both passionate and experienced in the field.

With your lifestyle and budget in mind, they are fiercely committed to providing the best quality piano teaching service that one could depend on and appreciate for several years to come.

Here at THEpianoteachersg, they want to help make things that are more convenient for everyone. Here, you are only required to shortlist the teachers and send them the request form.

Contact: +65 9699 4291

Location: 354 Clementi Ave 2, Singapore 120354

Website: https://www.thepianoteachersg.com/


8. Silversnow Music School


Their Lessons

About Company:

Silversnow Music School was founded in 2016 and is MOE-certified, meeting stringent requirements from the government board. The school offers music lessons for Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Flute, Vocal Training, Music Theory, and Music Appreciation for all ages. With two locations in Katong and Bukit Timah, students mostly tutored one-to-one.

The school’s bespoke lessons are based on each child’s aptitude and needs, ensuring that the child progresses at the ideal pace. The school charts the students’ learning journeys by providing weekly student progress feedback and accommodates the students’ busy schedules with the flexibility to make lesson changes with advance notice. Under the tutelage of the school’s friendly and qualified music teachers, students have achieved stellar ABRSM and LCM music exam results.

Students can be assured a conducive learning environment, as the school believes in providing students with a holistic music education. Students of Silversnow Music School are trained to be confident young individuals as all students get the chance to gain performance experience annually. 

With Silversnow Music School, every child or even adult can have the perfect environment to unleash his/her musical potential.

Contact: +65 6440 6805

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: https://www.silversnowmusic.com/

9. Ossia


Their programs

  • Piano Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Guitar Lesson
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Music Exploration

About Company:

At Ossia, they offer high-quality music lessons at affordable prices.
All their courses are structured and standardized to ensure the highest quality and the best learning experience for their students. Their lessons are carefully designed to cater to each individual’s learning needs.

They are proud to have a team of lively, engaging, and dedicated teachers, who are passionate to share the joys of music with you as you embark on your musical journey with Ossia.

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: https://www.ossia.edu.sg/

10. D-Flat Studios


Their Classes

About the Company: They are dedicated to helping their students achieve their best musical selves. They do this by focusing on developing Sight-Reading and Aural skills. Young students who start on their Piano for Children are introduced to singing exercises, developing their musicianship and musical sensitivities. Teaching music is a sacred trust. To maintain that trust, they have to deliver the best pedagogy. Students and parents must be happy with their learning and their service, that they have no choice but to recommend us to their friends. Their students are engaged beyond the classroom, as they create a performance-based learning environment. This is done through recitals, concerts, masterclasses, talks, and their Professional Series. This runs in line with the Ministry of Education’s philosophy of ECA learning – Experiential, Conceptual, and Application. All art forms are rooted in the classics, and the classics must be rooted in technique, developed through discipline. They teach their students to learn the rules of music, before encouraging them to break them later in their education. To keep abreast with best practices and learning methods, they harness EduTech by curating Theory and Sight-Reading applications into their lessons. Students are also able to access reference performances and interpretations through technology.

Contact: +65 625 7175 / +65 9778 3603 (WhatsApp)

Location: 356 Tanglin Road Belvedere Block A, Level 3 Singapore 247674 | 71 Seng Poh Road #01-33 Singapore 160071

Website: https://www.dflat.com.sg/

11. Evelyn Lim (Fun with Bach)

About Her: Ms. Evelyn Lim, a passionate piano teacher who teaches in Sengkang, has a string of students who score distinctions.

Evelyn has been teaching piano for the past 9 years. She is an avid supporter of ABRSM. She specializes in teaching exam-oriented ABRSM piano practical and theory classes. 80% of her students obtain quality results in their ABRSM examinations. She holds her fort strong, with numerous cases of merit and distinction results, totaling 95 and 88 cases to date in her students’ respective practical and theory examinations.

Ingredients for Distinctions = Passion + Patience.

Contact: +65 9665 6685 

Location: Home Studio: near Sengkang MRT, Blk 238 Compassvale Walk

Website: https://www.funwithbach.sg/


12. Alternate Tone


Their music lessons

About Company:

Alternate Tone is a contemporary music school that is located in the central part of Singapore. They specialize in providing pop piano, electric and acoustic guitar, as well as DJ courses. Their personalized music lessons are tailored to both kids and adults. Ever since they started out in 2009, till date they have raised over 400 musicians, with most of them starting with them as a novice player. At Alternate Tone, they believe the way they teach music should be as creative as the way they play music, crushing the mold of classroom-style learning and being the supplement of creative energy and a source of inspiration for their students.

Contact: +65 8115 9378

Location: 29B SEAH ST (LEVEL 3) SINGAPORE 188385

Website: https://alternatetone.com/

13. Music Lifestyle Academy


Their Music Lessons

  • Piano Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Viola Lessons
  • Guitar Lesson
  • Cello Lessons
  • Harmonica Lessons
  • Singing Lessons
  • Music Theory Lessons
  • Music Ensemble Lessons
  • Music Composing Lessons

About Company:

The Academy started out with the objective of sharing music as a way of life, and not merely an art form or entertainment.
They aim to instill a genuine love and appreciation for music that extends beyond the frustrations and stress of examinations.

As part of their all-rounded education, Academy students are exposed to performing opportunities beyond the classroom, such as public recitals and charity concerts.

Built from a selected cohort of passionate and qualified teaching professionals, led by Principal Kellyn Quek (BA.HONS.MUS of Kingston University from London UK) and Dr Ayke Agus (former Professor at The Juilliard School of Music), their team is ready to guide you on your music journey regardless of where you begin.

The Academy:
• Grooms students to be future musical educators/performers
• Is a one-stop Examination Centre offering Trial Examinations, Studio Rental
• Provides age-targeted music education for all ages

Make music part of your life today!

Contact: +65 6221 5221

Location: No.6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #03-30 Singapore 059817

Website: https://musiclifestyle.sg/


14. Studio 72


Their Lessons

  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Drum Lesson
  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Junior Lessons Tips

About Company:

Studio72 exists to inspire and galvanize aspiring musicians. A beacon for the uninitiated but also avidly interested, a guiding light shining the way forward for aspiring musicians and all inquisitive minds. To help dreams come alive, to help bring music back to life.

Studio72 inspires with a unique music academy experience in a stylish upscale environment, strategically located along the iconic Boat Quay. Learn and master your favorite instruments, or simply hone your rockstar skills, with an eye to performing live on stage (if you are game enough).

Professional, well-crafted music lessons by veteran musicians and qualified mentors. Flexible sessions are orchestrated to suit busy schedules and tailored to various skill levels and ambitions. A complete sensory experience to transform dreams into reality.

Come on a journey of discovery.
Come on a journey to live your dreams.
Come re-discover rock.

Contact: +65 9322 7272

Location: 24B Circular Rd, Singapore 049380

Website: https://www.studio72.sg/

15. Paul’s Piano Studio


  • Piano Lessons for Beginners
  • Piano Lessons for Adults
  • Piano Lessons for Kids

About Company:

Paul has been into the piano ever since he was a child. He has over 48 years of fruitful experience in the piano and he is confident in giving the best suitable learning experience to anyone of any age. During his youth days, Paul practices the piano intensively for hours daily as his passion to one day become a successful passionate pianist.

He passed his Grade 8 Examination by The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and was also gladly accepted to be a good piano teacher at Yamaha Music School after an audition where the examiner was very impressed by his skills on the piano. Paul is known as one of the Best Piano Teachers in Singapore.

Afterward, Paul reached another level by completing the Licentiate Teacher’s Diploma awarded by the Trinity College of Music. Paul has received much appreciation from his current and old students. At present, Paul is an experienced piano teacher who leads a serene life by practicing his Piano and sharing his piano skills with those who are taught by him.

Contact: +65 6286 1137

Location: 317A Anchorvale Rd, Singapore 541317

Where to Find: http://www.pianoteacherinsingapore.com/


16. BlessedPianist


Their Courses

About Company:

Teacher V’s lessons cater to young adults as well as working adults and retirees of all ages. Both Online & Physical Lessons are generally held weekly, lasting an hour, covering both Practical and Theory. Students can choose to attend lessons more than once a week if they would like to accelerate their learning. Extra lessons can be arranged when nearing students’ exams.

* In addition, the class schedules can be flexible for Healthcare Professionals, Air stewardesses / Flight Attendants & Adults who work on shifts. Students will have to fulfill a minimum of 4 hours of class each month and lesson timings will have to be discussed and arranged by Teacher V. Students may opt for both Online & Physical classes. (Contact Teacher V for clarification & further details.)

Contact: +65 8509 3996

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: https://blessedpianist.com/


17. Piano with Candice


Piano Lessons

About Her:

Hello, this is Candice and it is a great pleasure having you here!

Hover over or click on the colored boxes below to reveal my journey with piano.

Her first encounter with the piano began at the tender age of  5.

Back then, she was learning at a music school dancing, tapping tambourines, and playing simple songs with big note heads.

Subsequently, her parents decided she should undertake private lessons. That was the beginning of her nightmare.

As she had a gap in my transit from school to private tuition, her mum suggested the new teacher “revise” her past pieces and annotate each note to help her practice with ease. This stranger lady, on the other hand, harbored a wholly different idea that rattled her.

“No need”, she said. “she will teach her how to be independent so she no longer needs you beside her while practicing.” For a young child so reliant on her mum, such words were crippling…

Contact: +65 9790 9670

Location: Geylang, Singapore 398231

Website: https://piano-with-candice.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral


18. Juzmusic Academy


  • Suzuki Method
  • Piano Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Cello Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons
  • Wind Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Drum Lessons

About the Company: Juzmusic Academy is accredited by ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) as one of their official music examination venues. Since the establishment of Juzmusic Academy in 2006, They have adopted a unique and holistic approach to their music lessons.

These music lessons are individually tailored to students of all ages and abilities, and specific to the learning goals of each student. They have students who have never touched the instrument before, students who want to learn pop music such as those by Taylor Swift, and students who are preparing for music examinations (Grades 1 to Diploma).

Contact: +6563444420

Location: 1 Marine Parade Central, #09-04, Parkway Centre, S 449408

Website: https://juzmusic.com/

19. Mandeville Conservatory of Music


  • Mandeville Junior
  • Baby Stars Suzuki Early Childhood Education Certified
  •  Baby Violin
  • Preschooler Music
  •  Piano Group

About Company:

Mandeville Conservatory of Music was founded by two former SSO musicians. For over 20 years, they offer a conducive environment that helps newborns to adult learners develop passion and confidence in their learning.

As a premier music school in Singapore, our lessons are never boring or rigid – they are fun! After selecting an instrument to learn, their students are put through a tailored step-by-step music learning journey that will ensure their mastery of the instrument. With a holistic approach to teaching their students, they mix fun and careful discipline to ensure their students always learn and practice with true passion.

They understand the importance of not only nurturing and understanding their students but also pushing them along, empowering them to reach their true potential as a musician faster than they realize, achieving greater heights they never thought was possible.

The accomplished educators and dedicated staff are passionate about their pedagogues and services, making sure each and every learner enjoys a distinctive musical journey.

Contact: +65 6250 1911 ( United Square) / +65 6440 3883 (Parkway Parade)

Location: 101 Thomson Road #03-20/21 United Square Singapore 307591 / 80 Marine Parade Road #11-05 Parkway Parade Singapore 449269

Website: http://Mandeville Conservatory of Music

20. Play By Ear Music School


  • Pop Piano lessons for adults
  • Jazz Piano lessons
  • Pop Vocal lessons for adults
  • Pop Piano lessons for kids
  • Keyboard lessons for adults
  • P.B.E.S™ self-assessment

About Company:

Since its inception in Singapore in 2003, Play by Ear has been teaching music improvisation in a fun and rewarding way. Offering Pop Piano, Jazz Piano & Pop Vocal lessons, PBE Singapore is the appointed HQ for P.B.E.S™  (Study of Contemporary Music Improvisation & Aural Techniques), a global teaching methodology for adults, teens, and children. Today, Play By Ear’s global franchise network reaches out to countries such as Japan and Malaysia.

 Our Mission – To demystify contemporary music playing and to teach it systematically.

  • is for Professional. Each PBE instructor is a professional. Professional in their teaching methods, professional in the way they present themselves, and professional in their code of conduct.
  • B is for Better. Each PBE instructor always strives to better himself/herself in lesson preparation, communication, and musicianship.
  • E is still for Ear.

Their values – To teach in all sincerity with no ‘attitude’ problem. 

Their vision – To inspire and nurture the musical talents of each student. To spread awareness and understanding of contemporary music improvisation and the mastery of the P.B.E.S™ teaching methodology. To be the worldwide recognized music school that is synonymous with the term “The Pop & Jazz Music School”. We understand teaching and playing are two separate things, especially as it relates to contemporary music. Students from all walks of life, running the gamut from no musical studies to the level of ‘Classical Music Grade 8’, have come to learn from us. Their students range from complete beginners, casual music enthusiasts to music teachers and even accomplished musicians. The love of teaching is the passion that has driven them all these years. The challenges and rewards of teaching are the motivating forces at Play by Ear.

Contact: +65  9179 8110

Location 245A (2nd floor) 245B (3rd floor) Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 188032

Website: https://www.play-by-ear.net/

21. Amadeus Music Academy


  • Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons

About Company:

Amadeus Music Academy – The premier music school in Singapore for all your musical needsExperience the Joy of Learning MusicMusic is more than just tuneful melodies and mellifluous sounds. It is an experience and learning how to master the many instruments is a great way of enhancing the enjoyment of the medium. Here at Amadeus Music Academy, their expert instructors specialize in guiding you on your learning journey with the highest quality of proficiency and the most engaging ways.  Amadeus Music Academy is also a Ministry of Education (MOE) registered music school in Singapore. Whether you are picking up guitar, violin, or vocals lessons, or looking for premier piano lessons, Amadeus Music Academy is the place for all aspiring musicians young and old.

Contact: +65 6732 1155 / +65 8488 2288

Location: 176 Orchard Road, #03-02, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843

Website: http://www.amadeusma.com/

22. Jenny Piano Lessons


  • Piano Lessons 
  • Music Theory Lessons

About Company:

Jenny’s interest in music was rewarded when she garnered the highly sought-after Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Diploma 2001. Soon thereafter, she continued her studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she emerged as the best pianist in her class during the 2003 graduation recital. She was also awarded the prestigious Lee Foundation scholarship, which she obtained to further her studies at the University of Wales, England in 2004.

Over the next two years, Jenny did her Masters degree (Postgraduate studies) in Hamburg, Germany, at the Johannes Brahms Music Konservatory, under renowned Russian pianist, Irina Kolesnikova. Her study in Hamburg proved to be a great success, with two acclaimed recitals, where she obtained a distinction in her graduation assessment.

Among Jenny’s tutors are renowned musicians such as Ms. Hau Ping Ping from Malaysia, homegrown, talented pianist Mr. Ong Lip Tat, as well as Professors Irina Kolesnikova and Manfred Fock from Germany. In addition, she has also attended master classes with renowned American pianist, Professor Ruth Slencynsky.

Today, as a seasoned performer, Jenny dedicates her music knowledge to a successful teaching career in Singapore. Besides providing preparation for piano exams, Jenny also organises piano concerts for her students at the Esplanade every year.She is available for coaching at her home studio.

Contact: +65 9825 6286

Location: 5 Dedap Link, Singapore 528830

Website: http://www.wowpianowow.com/


23. KJ Music Studio


  • Flute Lessons
  • Piano Lessons 

About Company:

Tan Kian Joo (KJ) graduated with a Master of Music degree in Flute Performance from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, United Kingdom. He has been awarded the Fellowship from the Royal School of Music (FRSM) and a high distinction in his Licentiate in Flute Performance from the Trinity College of London. He has experience playing in various ensemble settings ranging from Baroque quartet to Jazz ensemble. He has also played with the Singapore Lyric Opera Orchestra, The Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Vienna Boys Choir together with the Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, Kian Joo undertook music pedagogy studies during his time at the Royal Northern College of Music and was attached to a music school in the UK for his practicum. He was selected and offered a teaching position at an established international music school in Abu Dhabi even before graduation.   

Kian Joo is also a competent pianist and keyboardist. He has been awarded a Licentiate from the Royal School of Music (LRSM) and the Trinity College of London (LTCL) in Piano Performance and a Yamaha Teacher’s grade in Electone performance. He has frequently accompanied soloists for public performances at notable venues such as the Esplanade and the grand 5,000-seat Star Theatre. He was also involved in Mediacorp TV projects and performances. Out of gallery 

Contact: +65 9827 0675

Location: Bedok Reservoir Road Singapore 479283

Website: https://www.kjmusicstudio.com/

24. Medley Music School


  • Piano Lessons
  • Group Keyboard Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Theory Lessons
  • Music Therapy
  • Early Childhood
  • School Holiday And Value-Added Programmes

About Company:

Medley Music School is the school of choice for music learning in Singapore, offering a variety of music programs in both individual and group settings for both children and adults of all ages.

Located at SAFRA Toa Payoh, Medley Music School focuses on providing a holistic music learning education with a strong curriculum to excel in different levels of graded exams through a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who are committed to bringing out the best in your child through fun and engaging music lessons.

The school also works closely with parents who are keen to apply for MOE’s popular Direct School Admission-Secondary (DSA-Sec) for their child as a possible option to enter their secondary school of choice, through the planning of their music learning journey via an internal framework target drawn up by the school.

Medley Music School strongly believes in empowering their students by providing a slew of performance opportunities (e.g. recitals, annual concert) all year round, together with many other exciting music activities (e.g. holiday music workshops) you and your child will both love and enjoy.


Contact: +65 9129 1658

Location: SAFRA Toa Payoh 293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #02-02 Singapore 319387

Website: https://www.medleymusic.com.sg/

25. Singapore Piano Hub


  • Piano Lessons
  • Buy/Sell Piano
  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Repair/Assessment
  • Piano Moving

About Company:

As a music lover myself with over 21 years of experience playing, performing, and teaching, I understand that music lovers and students are essentially looking for convenience and peace of mind when learning and enjoying music.

Singapore Piano Hub was created to offer exactly that.

​They are a one-stop platform designed to help you get all the information and help needed to start your or your child’s piano journey. They believe learning and playing the piano is a beautiful tradition and we strive to keep it in every home in Singapore.

Contact: +65 9750 0579

Location: 28 Senang Cres, #06-02, Singapore 416601

Website: https://www.singaporepianohub.com/



Learning piano can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for anyone who loves music. However, finding the best piano lesson teachers and schools in Singapore can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we have created this list of the top 25 best piano lesson teachers and schools in Singapore [2021 Edition] to help you make an informed decision. We hope that this list will help you find the perfect piano lesson provider that suits your needs and goals. Whether you want to learn piano for fun, for exams, or for your career, there is a piano lesson provider that can cater to your aspirations. So don’t hesitate to contact them and book your free trial lesson today! You will be amazed by how much you can learn and improve your piano skills in a short time. Happy piano playing! 🎹


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why should I learn piano in Singapore?

A: Learning piano in Singapore can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for anyone who loves music. The piano is a versatile instrument that can play a variety of genres, from classical to pop to jazz. Piano can also improve your cognitive, emotional, and social skills, such as memory, creativity, stress relief, and confidence. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there is a piano teacher or school in Singapore that can suit your needs and goals.

Q: How much does it cost to learn piano in Singapore? A: The cost of learning piano in Singapore depends on several factors, such as the level of the teacher, the duration and frequency of the lessons, the location of the lessons, and the type of piano you use. According to our research, the average cost of piano lessons in Singapore ranges from $25 to $100 per hour. However, some teachers or schools may offer discounts, packages, or trial classes that can lower the cost. You can also save money by renting or buying a second-hand piano instead of a new one.

Q: How do I choose the best piano teacher or school in Singapore for me?

A: Choosing the best piano teacher or school in Singapore for you depends on your personal preferences, learning style, and musical goals. Some of the factors you may want to consider are:

  • The qualifications and experience of the teacher
  • The teaching method and curriculum of the school
  • The availability and flexibility of the schedule
  • The location and accessibility of the studio
  • The reviews and testimonials of other students
  • The rapport and communication with the teacher

You can use our list of the top 25 best piano teachers and schools in Singapore 2021 edition as a reference to find the one that suits you best. You can also contact them directly to ask for more information or arrange a trial lesson.

Q: What are some tips to improve my piano skills faster?

A: Learning piano is a lifelong journey that requires patience, practice, and passion. However, there are some tips that can help you improve your piano skills faster, such as:

  • Set clear and realistic goals for yourself
  • Warm up before each practice session
  • Practice regularly and consistently
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Use a metronome to improve your timing and rhythm
  • Listen to different types of music and pianists
  • Learn from your mistakes and feedback
  • Have fun and enjoy the music
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