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Tropika Club Brand Ambassador Program

Get your brand noticed through authentic word of mouth, through Tropika Club’s Brand Ambassador program. People love to express themselves, and one of the several ways of doing so is through the things they buy. From the clothes they wear to the food they eat, people assign deep meaning to the brands they love because they help them form their true identities. Understanding this concept is the key to a successful business model. Your brand sells more than just a product or service — it sells meaning. Building a community around this meaning attracts more customers, and there is no better way to begin building that community than through a brand ambassador program. If you are already on Tropika Club as a listed merchant, you can tap onto Tropika Club’s Brand Ambassador Program to further promote your brand awareness.


Social Media Promotion through Brand Ambassadors

Whether you are launching a new service, offering a new monthly promotion, our Brand Ambassadors can help share it through their social media channels. They can also share their positive customer journey experience with your service, or even leave a positive Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor review!

  • Leverage authentic word of mouth marketing to reach out to the masses
  • Short to medium term impact (2 weeks to 6 months)
  • Bring high brand awareness to younger online shoppers
  • Highly flexible on how you can utilise this

Brand Ambassador Activities

Tropika Club Brand Ambassadors are able to assist with various social media promotion activities, based, on your requirements. Enjoy word of mouth marketing across various social media channels:

  • Post Positive Google Review (50 words or more)
  • Post Positive Facebook Review (50 words or more)
  • Post Positive Tripadvisor Review (50 words or more)
  • Merchant Promo – FB post
  • Merchant Promo – FB story
  • Merchant Promo – IG story
  • Merchant Promo – IG story
  • Merchant Promo – Blog post
  • Merchant Launch – FB post
  • Merchant Launch – FB story
  • Merchant Launch – IG post
  • Merchant Launch – IG story
  • Merchant Launch – Blog post
  • Merchant Service Experience – FB Post
  • Merchant Service Experience – FB Story
  • Merchant Service Experience – IG post
  • Merchant Service Experience – IG story
  • Merchant Service Experience – Blog post
  • Casting & Model for Merchant Photo Shoot (60 min)
  • Casting & Model for Merchant Video Shoot (150 min)

Social Media Influencers and Brand Ambassadors – Promote Your Brand Now

If you are looking to launch a new service or product, announce a new promotion, share about the customer journey, or to build your reputation with genuine positive feedback and reviews, you can tap onto our Brand Ambassadors to help you with the task. You can even engage our Brand Ambassadors to assist with a photo or model shoot. Of course, if you need assistance for additional media support such as crafting a featured article or being featured in a listicle, Tropika Club is also here to help you down to the last mile.

For more details and to find out our attractive rates, kindly contact Louis here or via phone call +65 9382 6587.



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