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5 Types of Hair Extensions and Where to Get Them in Singapore

Hair Extensions: The Easy Guide 

Dying for hair extensions? Who says you can’t have beautiful hair during these unsettling times? Take this as a touch of self-care to keep you going. Mr Steve Koh, 29, style director at Number 76 hairdressing salon in Orchard Gateway, says he has seen an increase of at least 20 per cent in the number of clients who want hair extensions. On average, and if you’re taking good care of them, tape-ins last up to six to eight weeks, glue-ins last four to eight weeks, and protein-bonded extensions last six to eight weeks. Here are 5 types of hair extensions and where to get them in Singapore by the team at Tropika Club for you to see the array of choices for you to get your desired celebrity look. Pretty soon you’ll be the envy of Greek goddesses with your lustrous hair. 

Hair Extensions Types You Need to Know 

The name says it all: hair extensions, either made of synthetic or natural hairs, are additions that add length and volume to your hair. As its name suggests, hair extension s are basically locks or sections of hair that you can use to add volume or length to your mane. They can be made of synthetic hair, natural hair, or even a mix of both, in recent cases. Before deciding your look, here’s a nifty list of 5 popular types of hair extensions: 

1. Tape-ins 

This is perfect if your hair is made up of fine strands so you can add some volume and thickness to it. Pieces of hair are plastered on to your natural hair with medical-grade tape. It’s lightweight and virtually undetectable; the tape-in hair extensions adhere flat on your head, which only takes around 45 minutes to apply.  

While it’s reusable, tape-in hair extensions take a bit more work when it comes to maintenance—you need to re-apply the hair extensions every 6-7 weeks, and you’d have to avoid oils around the tape area otherwise they’ll slip. 

2. Micro Rings

Perhaps you might know it as micro bead extensions. With micro rings, individual strands are secured on to your hair with a small ring. This hair extension doesn’t need any heat, glue, or chemicals that could damage your scalp.  

You can use micro rings to fix a haircut mishap, or if you want extra length for your hair. However, you might be sitting on that salon chair for longer, since the hair strands are applied individually. Micro rings aren’t quite suitable for people with fine hair though since the micro rings might be visible.   

Like the tape-ins, micro rings are reusable too. With proper care and maintenance, it can last around 3 months. Be careful when you brush your hair with this type of hair extensions! Brush your hair extensions in sections, so the micro rings won’t be twisted and matted. 

3. Weaves

With weaves, a track of hair is sewn onto a braid. They can be a bit bulkier and weigh the mane down, but they’ll give your hair dramatic volume and length, and you can go easy when you’re styling your hair. You just need to wash and condition your weaves, as you would with your own hair, and avoid heat if you’re using styling equipment on this type of hair extension. Net weaves relieve tension and allow the hair to not swell as much after shampooing. The downside is that you will be less able to care for your real hair, as the net gets in the way. If you have normally thick hair, get the regular sew-in. But if you have thinner hair, a net weave sew-In may be in the cards for you as it also adds more coverage.


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