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Let’s Get Physical!

7 Core workouts to do during the Circuit Breaker

Day 5 of the circuit breaker: you slowly feel the sluggishness dragging your bones down after hours of Netflix. The swimming pools, gyms, and now even the stadiums are closed. And now you’re itching for a workout after finishing the latest season of Itaewon Class. To get you started, Tropika Club shares 7 core exercises you can do during the Circuit Breaker

But first, why you should get a strong core:

Having a strong core is like having a strong engine driving your daily activities. From getting up from bed to bending over to pick up things on the floor, your core is the centre of every movement you make. With a strong core, you’ll have better balance and posture, and you get to reduce back pain as you relieve the strain from your lower back.

How should core exercises work?

Like an engine, your core has several muscle groups that help you move:  

  • The rectus abdominis, what we often refer to as ‘abs’ 
  • The transverse abdominis, the internal core muscle that wraps around the side of your waist and spine 
  • And the internal and external obliques, the muscles on both sides of the abdomen  

Since every workout uses those muscles in different combinations, the most effective exercises work all of those muscles simultaneously. By working the core muscles all at once, you’re maintaining the balance of the core muscles. That not only improves performance but prevents injuries too. 

So, with a better understanding of your core muscles, let’s get to work! 

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1. Planks 

I’m sure this is where some of us want to wriggle out of (me). As you do planks, you’re working your core, your hamstrings, and your glutes. By training those muscles, you’re not only building your strength and endurance but improving your balance and supports better posture as well.  

The steps: 

  • Place your palms on the floor, or your forearms for a better workout. Your elbows should be directly below your shoulders. Keep your palms facing forwards, so your arms are parallel with each other.  
  • Extend your legs, and just place your toes on the floor. Now, your body should form a straight line from your shoulders all the way to your heels. 
  • Hold your core, and work your glutes and quads. You should tuck your tailbone, but only a little so your lower back remains straight.  
  • You should keep a straight line; check if your hips are dropping to the floor, or if your butt is heading to the ceiling. 
  • Keep your neck in a neutral position, so don’t lower your head. Keep your gaze on your hands. 
  • Hold for 1 minute at first. You can increase the duration as you get stronger. 
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