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28 Nov, Saturday
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All you need to know about Skin Hyper Pigmentation

Much like fine lines and creases, hyperpigmentation is a common skin issue that most folks associate with the face– not the body. Think it or not, however, hyperpigmentation (spots or specks that show up darker than the remainder of the skin). Hyperpigmentation does not discriminate as well as can show up practically anywhere on the face or listed below the neck.

We know what you’re possibly believing: Oh, offer me a break. And we’re right there with you. It’s frustrating that we need to bother with dark marks and also discolouration on our precious complexions– but our whole bodies, also? It feels like a helluva of a lot of ground to cover.

The good news? Hyperpigmentation reasons and also therapies are rather comparable for the face as well as the body. The Tropika Club team consulted two board-certified skin specialists for their expert insight on the matters. Let us help provide a complete breakdown on body hyperpigmentation — consisting of causes, options, as well as uncommon situations you need to know about– listed below.

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