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Artemis Beauty (Serangoon)

Equipped with the latest technologies from Vinushape and Ortus, you can expect stellar results for the beauty treatments at Artemis Beauty Centre, whether you’re at their Serangoon outlet, or their Bukit Timah Outlet. Relax, and pamper yourself with beauty services such as facials, body treatments, massages, and nail therapies at Artemis Beauty Centre.

  • Opening Hours: 10:30 – 20:00
  • Region: D19 Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Ponggol
  • Location: 214 Serangoon Ave 4, S550214
  • Tel: 62800170

Artemis Beauty is a fully-fledged beauty clinic. After a quick consultation, you’ll have a better view of the comprehensive list of beauty treatments at Artemis Beauty. The highlights of their hair removal treatments include the IPL Permanent Hair Removal and Brazilian Waxing.

You can’t miss their facial treatments too. You can check out the Sensitive Skin Treatment, Dehydrated Skin Treatment, and their Advanced Exfoliation Treatment. You’d be surprised that this Beauty Salon even has Eyelash Extensions, Natural Lashes Extensions, Deep Tissue Massage, and Body Scrubs on offer.

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Signature Services:

Hair Removal

  • Waxing (Underarm)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Upper Lips)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Bikini)
  • Waxing (Half Leg)
  • Eyebrow Trimming
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Brazillian)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Half Leg)
  • Waxing (Half Arm)
  • Waxing (Upper Lip)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Underarm)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Half Arm)
  • Waxing (Bikini)
  • Waxing (Full Arm)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Full Leg)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Full Arm)
  • Waxing (Full Leg)
  • Waxing (Brazillian)
  • Permanent Hair Removal (IPL) – (Bikini Line)
  • Eyebrow Trimming

Facial & Aesthetics

  • Bojin Facial
  • Meridian Lymphatic Drainage (60mins)
  • RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment
  • Lymphatic Detoxification Facial
  • AGE Smart Professional Treatment
  • Dark Eye Circles Treatment
  • Repair Treatment
  • Sensitive Double Masque Treatment
  • Express Mini Facial
  • Advanced Exfoliation Treatment
  • Sensitive Skin Treatment
  • Dehydrated Skin Treatment
  • Acne /Oily Breakout Skin Treatment
  • Classic Facial

Brows & Lashes

  • Volume Extensions (90mins)
  • Natural Extensions (75mins)
  • Fluttery Extensions (120mins)
  • Classic Refills (40mins)
  • Classic Extensions (90mins)

Massage & Spa

  • Bust Detoxification (60mins)
  • Gua Sha Dextoxification (20mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (60mins)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (90mins)
  • Ovary Moxibustion (60mins)
  • Back Bojin (30mins)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (60mins)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (90mins)
  • Arm Therapy Moxibustion (60mins)
  • Ovary Detoxification Slimming (30mins)
  • Stomach Moxibustion (60mins)
  • Foot Massage (60mins)
  • TBS Detoxification (30mins)
  • Meridian Lymphatic Drainage (90mins)
  • Relaxing Ear Candling (30mins)
  • Swedish Massage (30mins)
  • Swedish Massage (60mins)
  • Head Treatment (20mins)
  • Body Scrub (40mins)
  • Bust Treatment (60mins)
  • Cupping Slimming (20mins)

Nails & Makeup

  • Cuccio Spa (Pedicure)
  • Cuccio Spa (Manicure)
  • OPI Spa (Manicure)
  • OPI Spa (Pedicure)
  • Polish For Kids (Pedicure)
  • Polish For Kids (Manicure)
  • Gelish French + Classic (Pedicure)
  • Gelish French + Classic (Manicure)
  • Gel Removal (Pedicure)
  • Gel Removal (Manicure)
  • French Pedicure
  • French Manicure
  • Classic (Manicure)
  • Paraffin (Manicure)
  • Paraffin (Pedicure)
  • Gelish Classic (Manicure)
  • Gelish Classic (Pedicure)
  • Nail Art
  • Classic (Pedicure)
  • Removal Acrylic / Hardener
  • Express Gelish (Manicure)
  • Callus Pedicure
  • Express (Manicure)
  • Express (Pedicure)
  • Express Gelish (Manicure)

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