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Teck Ghee Court

Top 7 Best Eats at Teck Ghee Court Food Centre

“Located in the heart of Teck Ghee estate and opposite Bishan Park, the 32 cooked food stalls and 86 market stalls within the hawker centre remain a popular choice among patrons despite the availability of alternative marketing and dining facilities nearby. Popular local dishes are whipped up dail to satisfy partrons’ desires for good food! Here’s our suggested good food stalls to try.

 Teck Ghee Court

#1 – SHIOK SHIOK noodles

Introduction: The pasta was served al dente, with a light-textured sauce that was slightly lighter compared to the conventional mala xiang guo. The spiciness of the sauce was somewhere between xiao la and zhong la, which was sufficient to suit the needs of individuals with a low spice tolerance. As with the typical mala dishes, I would have preferred the sauce to be spicier for a stronger and punchier taste.

Menu Items:

  • Traditional Black Mee Sua Soup $7
  • Ang Zhao Mee Sua $5.50
  • Spicy Mala Minced Meat Noodle $4.50

Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 01-07, Singapore 560341

Operating hours: 7am – 2.30pm (Sun to Tue & Thu), 8am – 2.30pm (Wed), Closed on Fri

Website: Website Link Here


#2 – Eng Kee Bak Kut The

Introduction: Although the restaurant sells bak kut teh, the meal of the day is the very large plate of pig’s trotters ($5), which were tender and very thoroughly braised with the dark soy sauce. The soup was spicy and sweet and seasoned, but the meat was tough. We basically had to rip off the meat from the bone. The scallion and liver soup ($5) on the menu is also nothing fancy, but a tasty dish suitable for lunch.

Menu Items:

  • Pig Trotters $7
  • Bak Kut Teh $6
  • Pig’s Stomach Soup $5

Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 01-04, Singapore 560341

Operating hours: Tue to Fri 10am – 3pm, Sat & Sun 9am – 3pm (Closed on Mon)

Website: Website Link Here


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#3 – Vegetable Oil Fried Carrot Cake

Introduction: The store prides itself with their homemade carrot cake, as the first thing you see apart from its signboard, is a signage with homemade printed. You can tell that the carrot cake is homemade when they are chopped up in random bits & pieces of different shapes & sizes. Served with generous portions of cai poh (pickled radish), large slabs of eggs & a whole load of wok hei flavours, this yummy yet not so sinful dish is something you can indulge in for breakfast! Stir-fried using vegetable oil, you won’t be afraid of sinning too much while enjoying your favorite hawker dish. (Amanda Liu from Burple)

Menu Items:

  • Homemade Carrot Cake (Black) $3.50/$4/$7
  • Homemade Carrot Cake (White) $3/$3.50/$6
  • Glutinous Rice $3

Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 01-15, Singapore 560341

Operating hours: Daily 6 -11:30am

Website: Website Link Here


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#4 – Hock Heng Delights

Introduction: Hock Heng Delights is just one of the honourable mentions to have to go on the list. While I may change my selection of dishes often when visiting Hock Heng Delights, the assam fish head is always something I have difficulty resisting. At first glance, it may not seem much, but the chef’s skill in pulling off a balance of sweet and spicy taste left me incredibly impressed.

Menu Items:

  • Prawn Paste Chicken $8/$10
  • Hot Plate Beancurd $8/$10
  • Salted Egg Chicken $10/$12
  • Beef Hor Fun $5

Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 01-01, Singapore 560341

Operating hours: Daily 11am–10pm, Tuesday Closed

Website: Website Link Here


#5 – Belinda’s Traditional Pancake

Introduction: The thin crust pancake was baked till crispy, filling will then added and rolled into a cone shape, you have to eat while it is hot, the high humidity climate here has no mercy on its crispiness and can ruin the whole pancake into a piece of soft and rubbery sheet in a very short time. The thicker and chewy version pancake is equally good, fresh and generous fillings sandwiched in between the Mee Jiang Kueh, the peanut filling was nicely roasted and crushed to the perfect right size, not too coarse or too fine to the bite which is critical for a good Mee Jiang Kueh.

Menu Items:

  • Traditional Pancake Peanut, Coconut and Red Bean $0.90/pc
  • Cone Pancake Peanut, Coconut, Chocolate and Cheese $1.20/pc
  • Puttu Mayam $1.60/2pcs

Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 01-27, Singapore 560341

Operating hours: Weekdays 6.30am to sold out. Weekends 6.15am to sold out. Closed on Mondays and Thursdays.

Website: Website Link Here


#6 – Wanton Noodles @ He Zuo Yun Tun Mian

Introduction: Spotting huge chinese characters as their stall name with no english words, He Zuo Yun Tun Mian spots a retro stall front with little to no presence of modern design. Heck, they even have this rainbow background behind pictures of their food items. Here is YumzYumz’s food review of He Zuo Yun Tun Mian wanton noodles.

Menu Items:

  • Wanton Mee $3
  • Wanton Soup $3
  • Dumpling Noodles $3.50
  • Dumpling Soup $3.50

Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, 01-20, Singapore 560341

Operating hours: Daily 7am–10pm

Website: Website Link Here


#7 – F&B

Introduction: About the restaurant

Menu Items:

  • Menu Item A (Price $12)
  • Menu Item B (Price $15)
  • Menu Item C (Price $22)
  • Menu Item D (Price $15)

Location: Location Here

Contact: +65 11111111

Website: Website Link Here


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