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From Being Homeless to Owning a Hair Care Brand Worth $2M

Jerricha Hoskins, the founder and CEO of one of those most popular Black-owned hair care brands, Arcani Coil Care, was in foster care and live in homeless shelters. However, with determination and the right formula, she has produced an empire worth $2 million within just 2 years!

Hoskins has always wished to be like Madam CJ Walker, the richest self-made woman in the U.S. during her time. Growing up, however, she had nothing — her mom abandoned her in foster care when she had been 15-years older, and she then became homeless and one mother at age 18.

She decided that he did not want the same happen to her kids, so she pursued her dream to make a better life for them. Then an idea came up to her if she discovered that none of the favourite skincare products she was using worked for her.

“So I started formulating things and just introduced it to the general public,” Hoskins told WDTN.

Finally, Arcani Coil Care was born. It’s a hair care manufacturer that offers a wide variety of merchandise in the basics such as shampoo and conditioner into the special products such as hair grower, vegan-based temporary hair colours, and men’s beard care kits. The”Enthroned Edges” border control has been the best seller and is going viral on societal websites together with the hashtag #rubchallenge.

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Now a mother of six, Hoskins is very much hands-on with the business. She hired staff that included mostly single mothers and nurture kids that are ageing out of the system.

“I am very enthusiastic about working with at-risk childhood since I was an at-risk youth at one time. I am aware that when I was able to see anything like this in an earlier stage it would’ve given me that extra push.”

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