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Popular Customs at an Indian Wedding in Singapore

10 Popular Customs at an Indian Wedding in Singapore

Popular Customs at an Indian Wedding in Singapore

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  • Vibrant Attire Extravaganza: Guests showcase a riot of colors, donning traditional Indian attire that transforms the celebration into a visual spectacle.
  • Spice Symphony on Plates: Indulge in a culinary adventure as the wedding feast unfolds, featuring an array of delectable and aromatic Indian dishes.
  • Dance Fusion Fiesta: Experience the melding of Bollywood beats with traditional dance forms, creating a lively and unforgettable dance floor experience.
  • Mehendi Magic Unleashed: Witness intricate henna designs adorning the hands and feet of the bride, symbolizing love, joy, and new beginnings.
  • Auspicious Rituals Galore: Participate in time-honored customs like the sacred vows, symbolizing the union of two souls in a deeply meaningful way.


Weddings in Singapore are a kaleidoscope of cultures, and Indian weddings here are a spectacle of age-old traditions celebrated with a modern twist. From the spiritual chants to the vibrant dances, each custom is a thread in the fabric of a joyous and sacred union. Let’s walk through the ten popular customs that make Indian weddings in Singapore a unique blend of tradition and contemporary charm.

1. The Auspicious Start: Ganesh Puja

Before the matrimonial festivities kick-off, the Ganesh Puja sets the stage. This ceremony is a plea for smooth sailing, where families pray to Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. In the heart of Singapore, this ritual takes on a cosmopolitan flair while retaining its spiritual essence. The chant of mantras and the scent of incense create a divine atmosphere, inviting blessings for the couple’s new journey.

2. The Henna Night: Mehndi Ceremony

As the sun dips below the skyline of Singapore, the Mehndi ceremony begins, a night filled with laughter, color, and art. Skilled artists paint intricate designs on the bride’s hands and feet, symbolizing beauty, joy, and spiritual awakening. The darker the henna, the stronger the love, they say. It’s a night where tradition meets merriment, and every stroke of henna tells a story of impending union.

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3. The Matrimonial March: Baraat

The streets of Singapore come alive with the Baraat, where the groom, atop a horse or in a luxury car, makes his grand entrance. Accompanied by a procession of dancing relatives and music that beats to the rhythm of two hearts becoming one, the Baraat is a spectacle that blends Indian tradition with the Singaporean zest for celebration.

4. The Bridal Entrance: Kanyadaan

In a moment that tugs at the heartstrings, the Kanyadaan witnesses the bride’s family entrusting her to the groom. It’s a poignant custom that, in Singapore’s multicultural embrace, transcends cultural boundaries, symbolizing trust and the uniting of families. The bride, often in a resplendent saree, is a vision of cultural heritage and familial love.

5. The Sacred Flames: Agni Puja

Central to the wedding is the Agni Puja, where the couple circles the sacred fire, making vows of loyalty, love, and respect. In Singapore, this ritual is a mesmerizing dance of tradition and modernity, with the fire’s glow reflecting the nation’s melting pot of cultures. Each round around the fire seals a promise, witnessed by the heavens and earth alike.

6. The Seven Steps: Saat Phere

The Saat Phere is where promises are etched in time. With each step around the fire, the couple pledges their commitment to each other, marking the seven aspects of a nourished life. In Singapore, this custom resonates with universal values, as guests from all walks of life look on, witnessing the couple’s journey into matrimony.


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7. The Eternal Knot: Mangalsutra

The Mangalsutra, a necklace the groom ties around the bride’s neck, is the emblem of love and marital commitment. In the backdrop of Singapore’s modern skyline, this ancient tradition is a profound testament to the enduring nature of marital bonds, a moment cherished by all in attendance.

8. The Color of Commitment: Sindoor

The application of sindoor, red vermillion powder, along the bride’s hair parting is a powerful symbol of her new status as a married woman. In the Singaporean context, this tradition is a beautiful confluence of age-old customs and contemporary life, a vivid streak of commitment in the bride’s crowning glory.

9. The Exchange of Garlands: Jaimala

The Jaimala, an exchange of floral garlands between the bride and groom, is a playful yet symbolic custom. It represents their acceptance of one another, and in Singapore, the vibrant flowers mirror the city’s diversity. This fragrant exchange is a testament to the beauty of unity in diversity.

10. The Sweet Beginnings: Mithai

No Indian wedding in Singapore is complete without the sweet conclusion of Mithai. This assortment of Indian sweets symbolizes a sweet start to the couple’s new life. Amidst the city’s culinary delights, these traditional confections hold their own, offering a taste of India’s sweet heritage.


As the final notes of the wedding music fade into the balmy Singapore night, the customs we’ve explored together paint a vivid picture of a celebration that is both timeless and modern. Indian weddings in Singapore are not just ceremonies; they are a vibrant cultural fiesta, a symphony of age-old traditions and contemporary practices that come together in a harmonious blend.

Each ritual, from the intricate henna designs of the Mehendi ceremony to the sacred vows of the Saptapadi, tells a story. They are tales of love and commitment, of families uniting and communities coming together. They are a testament to the rich tapestry of Indian culture, lovingly preserved and joyously celebrated in the heart of the Lion City.

But these weddings are more than just a series of rituals. They are a sensory feast, a riot of colors and sounds, of tantalizing aromas and delectable flavors. The bride’s resplendent lehenga, the groom’s elegant sherwani, the melodious strains of the shehnai, the fragrant garlands of marigold, the mouth-watering spread of biryani and sweets – every element adds to the enchantment of the celebration.

In the midst of the bustling metropolis of Singapore, these weddings stand as vibrant islands of tradition. They are a reminder of the city’s multicultural ethos, a testament to its ability to embrace diversity and foster harmony. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and the fast-paced lifestyle, they offer a moment of connection, a chance to celebrate love and togetherness.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the traditional Indian wedding colors?

A: Traditional Indian wedding colors include vibrant hues like red, gold, and auspicious shades symbolizing joy and prosperity.

Q: How long does an Indian wedding ceremony typically last in Singapore?

A: Indian weddings in Singapore generally last between 3 to 4 hours, encompassing rituals, vows, and celebratory moments.

Q: Can non-Indian guests participate in the traditional dances?

A: Absolutely! Indian weddings in Singapore are known for their inclusivity, and non-Indian guests are often encouraged to join the dance festivities.

Q: What’s the significance of Mehendi in Indian weddings?

A: Mehendi, or henna, is applied during pre-wedding ceremonies to symbolize love, happiness, and the bond between the couple.

Q: Are there any unique Indian wedding customs specific to Singapore?

A: In Singapore, incorporating multicultural elements is common, blending traditional Indian customs with the country’s diverse cultural influences.

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