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SG Magazine: Newly launched Tropika Club is a booking portal for spas, salons, gyms and more

Tropika Club was featured by SG Magazine on 29 July 2020 by SG staff. You can read the except of the article below.

In this new normal, digitalisation is more important than ever. This is true even for brick-and-mortar operations like spas, salons and gyms, that still rely on customers coming to their premises for business. While these wellness and beauty services still need physical patronage, that doesn’t mean they can’t better market their services online, and newly launched on-demand booking portal Tropika Club, with over 3500 service listings at launch and counting, promises to bridge that digital divide for the industry in Singapore.

Going beyond offering traditional booking functions, Tropika Club aims to better match services to customers by offering both users and merchants nifty features. Their search-by-map function, for instance, allows users to locate vendors nearest to them, then gives an instant, on-demand access to discounted services of up to 50% in closest proximity.

Of course, if you’re comfortable with finding the right treatment through search, they got that too. Simply type in your desired keyword into the search bar and let the site do the rest. Various filters and a tab dividing services meant for females or males helps you better find the offer that’s right for you.

For service providers, a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine recommends businesses the most optimal discounts and promotions to offer, given your business model and objectives. These can be set as limited-time only, so you can better leverage off-peak periods.

There is an in-built loyalty program as well, where users gain 1 Flamingo Point per successful treatment or service. These can then be converted into credits for future bookings.

As for handling cancellations, Tropika Club allows users to do so up to four hours before a confirmed booking. In this case, individuals will be refunded with booking credits that can be used for their next transaction.

It’s the wealth of service providers that will ultimately sway users to get onboard with Tropika Club, as there’s currently no other platform with this much variety. From haircuts to fitness classes, eyebrow extensions to massages, they’ve got everything all in one place.

More info on Tropika Club here.

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