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Singapore Airlines (or Scoot) should start selling their in-flight meals

It’s no wonder why so many of us miss the taste of flight. After all, Singaporeans are the very definition of frequent flyers. Tropika Club found a 2018 study by Visa, the digital payments provider, that stated in the previous two years, Singaporeans took an average of 6.62 international trips. The average of 2.7 trips for the rest of the Asia Pacific region and the global average of 2.5 trips pale in comparison.

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It may be a while before we can take to the skies again. And when we do, the world of travelling post-COVID-19 will look very different from what we know. 

But some Asian airlines have taken a pretty smart approach to cater to the wanderlusts across the region – by selling their in-flight meals. 

Thai Airways started to advertise their meal boxes back in April, touting delicacies including beef cheek with cumin sauce and stir-fried tiger prawns. Cathay Pacific sold its meals to airport staff, and Garuda, Indonesia’s national airline, is offering its meals as if it’s for a flight, which is provided by their catering company Aerofood ACS.



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