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Skip-care: the Korean skincare trend you should know

No, it’s not a typo. Skip-care essentially means you find out what your skin needs the most, so you can just skip using any unnecessary products. This trend seems like the perfect antithesis to the crazy amount of Korean beauty treatments and products since it first started taking over the world. So what exactly is skip-care? Tropika Club dives deeper on this Korean skincare trend you should know – because we think this will soon take the world by storm. 

Skip-care: the Korean skincare trend you should know

Skip-care 101: 

Here’s another surprising twist to this: skip-care came from South Korea. As South Korean women raged against unattainable beauty standards, some Korean millennials have begun to take on this trend. They want to move beyond the demanding Korean beauty routines we came to know. They’ve begun to use fewer products without sacrificing results.   

It doesn’t mean that the 10-step Korean beauty routine is ineffective. After all, longer routines can still provide your desired tone and complexion. With skip-care, it just means that you can tweak it according to what you need. Also, skip-care could be your way to go if you’re aiming for a more sustainable approach to your beauty routine. After all, you’re reducing the number of products you’re going to buy; not to mention all the packaging you’ll be avoiding. 

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The Tropika Club Skip-care Toolkit 

Be it if you’re brightening or moisturising, the trick to skip-care is to find ‘hybrid products’ that can do more in one step. Now you can forget about applying toner after toner after toner. Here are some products that can help: 

1. Rose Water Toner by Mamonde 

Even Vogue featured this. This toner combines what you want out from a toner and essence, giving you a soft complexion as it tones, soothes, and hydrates your skin. 

2. The Green Tea Seed Serum by Innisfree 

According to this reviewer on Byrdie, you might even get to skip using your normal moisturiser in the morning. This serum taps on the power of green tea seeds and fresh organic Jeju green tea to nourish and moisturise your skin. 

3. Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige 

For an overnight fix for your new skip-care journey, try this water-based sleeping mask. Then you can wake up to a fresh look for your face with the Sleep-tox™ purifying effect working all night to keep your face moisturised all through the night. 



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