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The Best Anti-Frizz Solutions in Singapore That You Can Find

When it comes to frizzy hair, we all know the struggle to tame your hair. Dealing with frizz can be a daily battle, and one that is often difficult to win. But don’t despair, there are a number of anti-frizz solutions in Singapore that can help you get the smooth, sleek hair you’ve always wanted. If you have frizzy hair. There are a few treatments that can help control frizzy hair. So, if you’re looking for ways to keep your hair looking smooth and sleek, read on.

anti frizz

1. Nova Straight Hair Treatment At Jean Yip Hairdressing

Founded in 1982,  Jean Yip Group is a renowned hair and beauty group that has won countless awards. They provide a comprehensive range of services including hairdressing, scalp, hair spa, nails, beauty, body and wellness. With over 60 outlets across the island, they are continuously growing with a total of 800 employees. 

The Nova Straight Hair Treatment is an anti-frizz smoothing treatment that helps to keep flyaway, frizziness and dryness at bay without any risks of damage. Unlike other hair treatments, it does not involve the use of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, ammonia, peroxide neutralisation, and sodium bromate neutralisation. It focuses on conditioning the hair rather than using a permanent chemical treatment for the smoothing effect. So you can definitely expect super smooth and shiny looking tresses that last for up to three months. 

Address: Multiple Locations around Singapore

Website: https://jeanyipgroup.com

Contact: 6841 7481

2. Mucota Volume Rebonding At Apgujeong

Apgujeong Hair Studio offers full Korean hair and make up services. Their pioneering, award-winning styling team strives to push the boundaries and set the trends when it comes to hairdressing. 

Formaldehyde-free, Mucota Algana is a revolutionary hair conditioning treatment that uses Argan Oil to repair and enhance hair integrity. Algana Rebonding starts with a first wash to take off any build-up, followed by application of the Algana Cream for 10-15 minutes. This treatment is also well-known for its ability to moisturise. It is also long-lasting as it can last up to 6 months.

Address: Multiple Locations

Website: https://www.apgujeonghair.com/

Contact: Multiple Contacts

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3. Hair Botox and Fillers by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Chez Vous was the first hair salon in Singapore to formulate and launch their version of Hair Botox and Fillers treatment, catered to the local market, back in 2017. When it was first launched, it won the hearts of many and earned several prestigious hair awards. Many media outlets were raving about it – touting it as the best hair treatment in Singapore. Following its huge success, many other hair salons tried to jump on the bandwagon.

More Superior than Keratin Treatments

Our hair moisture and protein composition should ideally be balanced. However, Keratin Treatments are protein-rich. Thus, it causes hair to be stiff, hard and coarse over time. Which explains why some customers might find the efficacy of Keratin Treatments declining after subsequent sessions.

Hence, Chez Vous’ Hair Botox and Fillers therapy infuses not only proteins for repair and control, but also saturates the hair with intense moisture. After all, most women like their hair to be soft, airy and controlled without the rigidity associated with typical Keratin Treatments.

Bonus: Also, subsequent Hair Botox and Fillers therapy will amplify the effectiveness of the previous, unlike conventional Keratin Treatments.

Comprehensive Care to Target Multiple Hair Concerns

Most treatments in the market targets only one (or maximum two) hair concerns: (A) Repair, (B) Hydration, or (C) Smoothing. However, Chez Vous’ Hair Botox and Fillers is the first treatment to target all three! Which is why some reviews claim that this service helps them to resolve all their hair woes – all-at-once!


Supercharged Isolated Plant Proteins are delivered to compromised areas within the medulla, cortex and cuticle to effectively rebuild each strand from the inside out.


Infused with Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Acai Extract, Avocado Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil. To deeply nourish rebellious & dry hair, promote shine and seal out humidity.


Tannic Acids are carefully extracted from the Acacia Negra tree to re-align hair bonds, creating a semi-permanent smoothening effect while promoting manageability.

The Treatment does NOT contain formaldehyde nor preservatives

Achieving gorgeous-looking and frizz-free hair should NOT come at the expense of our health. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and preservatives today!

Bonus: Compared to other smoothing treatments in the market, Chez Vous’ Hair Botox and Fillers uses a higher percentage of naturally-derived ingredients too! Such as coconut oil, acai extract, avocado oil, and pomegranate seed oil.

Cut Down Blow Dry Time    

Having to juggle between work and family, many women in Singapore are time-pressed. Chez Vous’ Hair Botox and Fillers treatment help cut blow dry time by half while reducing frizz by up to 70%! Say yeah to more snooze time.

Address: Chez Vous Hair Salon (Main Outlet): 391 Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City Podium, #05-05,  Singapore 238872

Website: https://chezvoushair.com/

Contact: +65 6732 9388

4. Cinderella Treatment by Walking on Sunshine

Get the royal treatment you deserve! The Cinderella Treatment by Walking on Sunshine is a multi-award-winning organic keratin hair treatment from Korea that’ll fix up your frizzy, bleached, curly, or damaged hair. The treatment not only prevents breakage, but tames unruly strands too, giving you shiny smooth hair that lasts for up to three months.

The treatment is absolutely free from chemicals, banking on natural ingredients to rejuvenate your hair. You can enjoy the benefits of nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, cedarwood oil, pomegranate, and green tea extracts.

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Website: https://walkingonsunshine.sg/

Contact: +65 8877 8800

5. Algana Hair Treatment by Follicle at Adeva’s

The treatment infuses amino acid (cysteine) present in hair to strengthen your hair and make it more durable. It’s free from harsh chemicals and formaldehyde, so it’s absolutely safe. After the treatment, you get to tame your frizz and enjoy softer, smoother hair that looks oh-so natural

Address: #06-22/23/24, Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859 | 111 Somerset Road, #02-38,39, Singapore 238164

Website: https://www.follicle.com.sg/

Contact: +65 ​6235 8088 (Paragon) | +65 6235 9298 (Tripeone Somerset)

6. Keratin Treatment At Kimage

Established in 1994, Kimage is a boutique hair salon chain in Singapore founded on a guiding belief that an individual’s personality can be amplified through the craft of hairdressing. Today, Kimage has 10 hair salons under their principal brand.

Keratin treatment is famed by various hair salons for helping tame frizzy hair. It’s a special chemical-based hair therapy designed to improve the elasticity, sheen, thickness, and hair health to restore the lost keratin. It also helps to remove unwanted curls, roughness, and enliven the hair while saving you the pain of straightening your hair daily.

This hair treatment involves multiple steps that require a professional application. The first step begins with your hairdresser washing your hair. Then your hairdresser will bind the keratin to your hair using a flat iron.

The heat that emanates from the iron creates the mixture that is used to straighten your hair. To help the keratin function properly, your hairdresser may add a handful of essential chemicals.

After the treatment, you can wash your hair the next day, using shampoos formulated for keratin-treated hair. The best part about this treatment is that the effects typically last for 2-4 months, depending on the original condition of your hair.

Address: Multiple Outlets in Singapore

Website: https://www.kimage.com.sg/contact-us

Contact: +65 68832700

7. Aderans Japanese Hair & Scalp Treatment

Let their over 50 years of research and experience help you combat hair issues such as hair thinning, hair loss and other hair-related concerns. Aderans is a Total Hair & Beauty Solution from Japan. Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands with their team of highly skilled and trained professionals that will guide you through the whole treatment process.

It starts with a consultation, along with a check on your hair and check with their microscope camera to weed out the main cause of your hair woes. Then, they’ll apply their in-house botanical and natural hair care products.

Afterwards, it’s on to their innovative haircare technology, with built-it LED red lights to rejuvenate your scalp health, To top it all of, you’ll be enjoying a head, neck & shoulder massage too!

Address: 360 Orchard Road #02-03/04 International Building

Website: https://www.aderans.com.sg/

Contact: +65 6735 9696


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8. Salon Vim

​Established in 2009, Salon Vim has grown from strength to strength, becoming one of Singapore’s Leading Hair Salon today. 

Salon Vim is honoured to be one of L’Oreal Professionnel’s flagship store in Singapore. They are proud to be involved in events such as Audi Fashion Week & SG Fashion Week; selected to style for renown labels such as — Victoria Beckham | Collate The Label | Guo Pei | Self-Portrait. With innovation being held at a high regard, the team incessantly attempt to recreate wearable looks inspired by the runway for their uniquely cosmopolitan clientele in Singapore.

SIGNATURE Texture Control 2.0: Permanent Frizz Free hair that is airy and voluminous.

This innovative multi-step treatment is designed by the salon’s Directors, and has won many awards on beauty magazines, well loved by celebrities and social media influencers to achieve more manageable hair. After an intensive 7 step treatment, hair appears stronger, more resilient with a healthy shine.

Address: Multiple Locations Across in Singapore

Website: https://www.salonvim.sg/

Contact: 88684982

9. Cinderella Treatment by Leekaja

Show off your princess-like wonder with the Cinderella Treatment by Leekaja. It uses organic ingredients, including aloe vera, collagen and vitamins. All of that helps replenish your bleached, frizzy, or damaged tresses, without the help of any chemical treatments.

Address: #03-13, Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897

Website: https://leekaja.sg/

Contact: +65 8133 0818

10. Mochi Mochi Treatment by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Mocho Mochi Treatment combines the science behind acid, heat and hydrogen. When it comes to damaged hair, it usually has weak cysteine bonds and breakages that causes amino acids to leak out. So the Mochi Mochi Treatment restores the amino acids within your hair, and eventually rebuilding the strength of the cysteine bonds.

Malic Acid is the key ingredient that neutralises the pH levels of your hair follicles while also removing dirt deposits. That improves your hair texture while eliminating the bacteria. During the treatment, there’s also their ultrasonic machine that removes moisture absorbed from the air to tamp down your frizzy hair.

Address: 23 New Bridge Road, 2nd floor, Singapore 059389

Website: https://michaela.sg/en/

Contact: +65 6538 0263

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