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The Best Massage & Spa Promos, Vouchers and Discount Deals in Singapore [2020 Edition]

Find the best updated promotions, vouchers, discounts, offers and deals for massage and spa services in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a discounted deal or promo for full body massage, foot reflexology, cupping, tuina, or spa experience, Tropika Club Deals has the most updated list for your fancy. Read on to find out more.


$55 Back + Foot Massage by 萬仁 Wanren Wellness (30+30 minutes)

Back + Foot Massage by 萬仁 Wanren Wellness (30 +30 minutes)

  • Reinvigorate with Back + Foot Massage by Wanren Wellness, where it improves blood circulation and stimulates your body’s lymphatic circulation.
  • Let the enduring wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine power your life at Wanren Wellness.
  • They provide a wealth of personal care services and wellness care treatments powered by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

$65.00 $55.00

What You Get

  • Reinvigorating Back + Foot Massage by Wanren Wellness (30 +30 minutes)

$50 Body Massage By Kang Zu Xuan (60 Minutes)

Body Massage by Kang Zu Xuan (60 minutes)

  • Smooth over all your worries with this energising 60-minute Body Massage by Kang Zu Xuan Healthcare.
  • You can trust Kang Zu Xuan Healthcare to give you total rejuvenation.
  • Guided by the enduring practices of Traditional Chinese Machine, they also provide Cervical, Spine, and Shoulder Massage, Sea Salt Foot Massage, Body Massage, Guasha and Cupping. 

$80.00 $50.00

What You Get

  • An energising 60-minute Body Massage.

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