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Top 10 Best Sunscreens in Singapore

The 10 Best Sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Sunscreen keeps your skin healthier in other ways as well. It protects sensitive skin against sunburn and it reduces the appearance of sun damage – discolorations and dark spots, sagging or leathery skin, and wrinkles. These protections help your skin maintain a more even skin tone overall. If you have a darker complexion, the melanin in your skin confers some natural protection from sunburns, but you still need protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, including the best sunscreens for the face. The Tropika Club team has rounded up Top 10 Best Sunscreen ranking in Singapore. Read on!

Best Sunscreens

1. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Description: Shield and nourish your skin with the Shiseido Expert Sun Protector Face And Body Lotion SPF30. Offering SPF30 protection against UVA and UVB rays, this face and body lotion is infused with skin-friendly ingredients to moisturise the pores while shielding the surface. Powered by SynchroShield™ technology, the lotion becomes even stronger when met with water, sweat, or heat from the sun, keeping your skin truly safe. Weightless, the lotion is easily absorbed by the skin, comfortable to wear rather than oily and sticky. Thanks to its invisible consistency, it can also be worn beneath makeup without a trace, rather than leaving that white residue. This is our no. 1 best sunscreen ranking in SIngapore.

How to Use: Shake well. Take the appropriate amount and smooth onto the skin. Reapply at least every two hours.

Pricing: 150ml S$59.50

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

2. Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30

Description: Experience sun protection like never before with the Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30, a feather-light, barely-there formula that feels just like a second skin. The ultra-sheer fluid seamlessly blends with your complexion, creating an effective shield against UVA/UVB rays as well as blue light without leaving behind any shine, grease or white streaks. Boasting broad spectrum SPF30, the sun cream alternative is designed for use all-year-round, even in the winter, both indoors and outdoors. Your skin will be defended from potential signs of ageing and damage even if you rarely experience burning. This is one of the best sunscreen for oily face.

How to Use: Apply liberally to face, preferably 30 minutes prior to sun exposure

Pricing: 50ml S$86.00

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

3. Ambre Solaire Mini Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Cream SPF50

Description: Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with Garnier Ambre Solaire Mini Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ 50ml. Specially formulated for fair, sensitive and sun-intolerant skin, it offers 50 times your skin’s natural protection, preventing burning and the premature ageing effects of UVA/UVB rays. Enriched with a hydrating complex and pure vitamin E, it also offers protection against dryness by maintaining your skin’s moisture levels during sun exposure. It instantly absorbs into your skin without leaving a greasy residue, so your skin is both protected and comfortable.

How to Use: Apply a generous amount approximately half an hour before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently, especially after swimming, towelling and perspiring.

Pricing: 50ml S$17.50

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

4. Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Face Cream Strong Sun

Description: Prepare skin for Strong Sun exposure with Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Face Cream. The face cream is formulated to help skin adapt better to the effects of sun, whilst also activating the skin’s natural melanin process, for a deeper more intensified tan. The innovative cream protects skin against UVA/UVB rays and photo-ageing. Ideal for sensitive skin types that tan with difficulty including fair and sunburned skin.

How to Use: Apply to the face and neckline 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Re-apply every two hours

Pricing: 50ml S$71.00

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

5. ANESSA Whitening Gel UV Sunscreen Gel

Description: Apply evenly and liberally to your face and neck as the last step in your skincare routine before sun exposure. Apply directly to the body in a straight line, then spread evenly in large circular motions using your palm. Reducing the quantity of application will lower the level of sunscreen protection significantly. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming and toweling. Remove thoroughly with daily cleanser. This is one of the best sunscreens for acne-prone skin.

How to Use: Shake well. Take the appropriate amount and smooth onto the skin. Reapply at least every two hours.

Pricing: 90g S$34.90

Where to Find:

” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Watsons

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6. REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 Mattifying Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen

Description: Bask in the warm sunshine guilt-free with REN’s Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 Mattifying Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen; a, that offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and blue light defence. Formulated for daily use, it’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin types and is absorbed in a flash without leaving behind a sticky residue or ashy cast. Naturally-sourced Zinc Oxide, the cream forms a protective shield that sits on the skin’s surface, forming a non-comedogenic barrier that intercepts the sun’s harmful rays and environmental pollutants without causing irritation. Enriched with powerful antioxidant Yellow Passionfruit Seed extract and soothing Rice extract to alleviate reddened skin, the sunblock moisturiser combats sun-induced shine and excess oil.

How to Use: Apply daily as the last step of your skincare routine, before makeup. Run into face until fully absorbed. Can be reapplied during the day to ensure constant sun protection.

Pricing: 50ml S$52.50

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

7. Ultrasun SPF 50+ Anti-Pollution Face Fluid

Description: Skincare meets sun protection with the SPF 50+ Anti-Pollution Face Fluid from Ultrasun. The lightweight, non-greasy sun cream provides broad spectrum protection from UV rays whilst also using Glycofilm® Pollustop® to help prevent skin damage caused by everyday pollution. Melting effortlessly into the complexion without leaving a sticky feeling, the sun lotion is suitable for sensitive skin as it replenishes natural moisture levels and fights off the appearance of ageing. This is one of the best sunscreens for face under makeup.

How to Use: Apply to clean, dry skin 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Pricing: 40ml S$49.00

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

8. Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Milk

Description: Experience the ultimate in broad spectrum sun protection with the Sun Beauty Velvet Milk SPF30 from Monaco-based brand, Lancaster. Fortified with innovative Full Light Technology, the lightweight, quick-absorbing body lotion defends against the four different types of sunlight: ageing UVA rays, burning UVB rays, visible light and infrared.

How to Use: Apply generously all over body before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming, perspiring, towelling or prolonged sun exposure.

Pricing: 175ml S$42.00

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

9. NUXE Sun High Protection Fondant Cream for Face SPF 50

Description: Suitable for fair and sensitive skin, the NUXE Sun Fondant Cream SPF50 for Face provides high sun protection to shield skin from harmful rays and prevent premature ageing. Specially formulated with Kau Pe sun flower to reduce overheating, whilst water hyacinth maintains hydration levels. The lightweight, non-sticky cream works as an ideal base to help you achieve the perfect, even tan and minimises the appearance of dark spots.

How to Use: Apply liberally before sun exposure. Reapply frequently, especially after swimming or towel-drying the skin. Applying an insufficient amount of product will significantly reduce the level of sun protection.

Pricing: 50ml S$32.50

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

10. Rimmel Sunshimmer In Shower Self-Tan

Description: Revolutionise your tanning routine with Rimmel’s Sunshimmer In Shower Self-Tan, an innovative in-shower self-tan with one minute, express application. One shade suits all, the formula is perfect for all over the body and delivers a softening and hydrating veil whilst working with your skin to create a radiant, sunkissed glow. Its glide-on, rinse-off formula is easy to apply and can be built upon to create a more intense tan. Skin feels soft and hydrated, and looks beautifully golden.

How to Use: Shower with our usual shower gel and rinse off. Apply and massage the product evenly onto wet skin. The more often you apply, the more intense the tanning will be. Rinse off. Dry yourself without rubbing and dress up.

Pricing: 200ml S$17.50

Where to Find: Lookfantastic

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