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Top 10 Best Hair Clay and Wax in Singapore

The 10 Hair Clay and Wax for Perfect Styling

To start a good hair day, you will need to use the right hair clay, wax or pomade. Firstly, hair clay products generally have a medium hold and a matte finish. They are perfect for a men’s loose, relaxed and re-workable hairstyle. While hair wax products is a hair-styling products that contain wax which used to assist with holding men’s hair. They are enables to restyle men’s hair without reapplying product or washing. Gentlemen, come read on this article to choose your new hair clay or wax to charm your day. The Tropika Club team has rounded up Top 10 Best Hair Clay and Wax in Singapore. Check them out!

1. Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax

Description: A high performing hair wax with a perfect matte finish and extreme hold to enable professional styling that lasts all day. It works perfectly for short, textured styles to longer length contemporary quiff hairstyles. Made from a blend of high quality hydrogenated beeswax and fragrances, the versatile hair wax can be easily applied and worked with to create spectacular hairstyles every day. This hair wax is complemented with the soothing Lilac floral scent which would calm your nerves and prep you for the day ahead.

How to Use: Rub small amount of this dope product onto palms and coat them with a thin layer. Apply to hair and style as desired. Applying the wax to dry hair creates a stronger hold. To restyle hair later in the day, just apply more wax to hair and style with passion. Washes off completely with just water.

Pricing: $20.00 for 100ml

Where to Find: Lazada

2. Suavecito Firm Hold Strong Hold Pomade

Description: Taking Suavecito’s Original Hold pomade formula and kicking it up a notch, Suavecito’s Firme Hold Pomade is an extra strength hair styling pomade. For those days your hair needs a little extra ‘help’, this water soluble pomade will tame anything you throw at it. This formula works great for curly, thick or stubborn hair. Pompadours, slick backs and side parts can be styled with ease. Strong and tough but still combs in with ease. With the same awesome base ingredients and scent as our original, this pomade washes out easily and doesn’t flake. No need for any special soaps or shampoos. It dries with a high firmness and medium shine.

How to Use:

  • Apply to DRY hair for less shine and a stronger hold.
  • Apply to DAMP hair for more shine and a slightly less stronger hold
  • Start with a quarter sized amount in your palm. Rub product into hands and fingers. Work into hair with fingertips from the roots up. Ensure even distribution of product. Comb to desired style. To remove, simply wash out with water.

Pricing: $26.00 for 4oz

Where to Find: Lazada

Suavecito Firm Hold Strong Hold Pomade

3. Uppercut Deluxe – Deluxe Pomade

Description: Deluxe Pomade has been designed for the discerning guy who has a particular style in mind. Perfect for timeless, classic looks – such as high pompadours, side parts and slick backs. The first hair pomade product in the Uppercut Deluxe range, Deluxe Pomade set the bar for quality and has earnt itself a cult following over the years. Deluxe Pomade works exceptionally well in a variety of hair lengths and types. The pomade works well in thin, thick curly or straight hair types. It’s perfect for controlling unruly or stubborn hair. Deluxe Pomade is water soluble, so it can be washed out with ease.

How to Use:

  • Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then work from the back of your head forwards making sure to spread product evenly throughout your hair.
  • Using an Uppercut Deluxe Comb, shape and define your style from root to tip, front to back. For extra hold or shine, build up layers of Deluxe Pomade as you go, before setting your style tight.

Pricing: $29.00 for 100g

Where to Find: Lazada

4. Quincy Pomade Original by Defy Empire

Description: A water soluble pomade with fresh cologne scent. Styles pompadours, slickbacks, and even mohawks with ease.

How to Use: Use generous amount of product on palm and rub evenly before applying to damp hair to create the classic pomp.

Pricing: $28.00 for 100ml

Where to Find: Lazada

5. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

Description: GEL POMADE is especially good for finer hair as it will thicken and enhance volume and will also enhance curls if crunched into hair. It is water-reactivatable and conveniently rinses out.

How to Use: Apply a small amount to the dry hair to have a strong holding power and apply to a damp hair to have a lighter hold result.

Pricing: $35.00 for 177g

Where to Find: Lazada

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6. Refined Superior Matte Clay

Description: Refined Superior Matte Clay is every gentlemen essential towards a more natural appearance. Water soluble styling clay, which provides a strong hold and matte low shine finish. It works perfectly for short, textured styles and longer, fuller looks. Smooth application and washes off easily without any hassle.

How to Use: Apply to dry hair. Twist in, blow dry or comb through to achieve desired style.

Pricing: $24.00 for 4oz

Where to Find: Lazada

7. American Crew Pomade

Description: A moisture-rich cream pomade that provides a natural look while taming hair leaving a low shine finish. For light/medium hold with low shine.

How to Use: Use when textured definition, frizz-free hair and a natural look is desired. Work a small amount evenly through dry or towel dried hair and style as desired.

Pricing: $36.00 for 85g

Where to Find: Lazada

8. Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

Description: A styling clay for men’s hair Helps separate, define and sculpt hair With a texturing formula that enables you to manipulate hair and enhances styling versatility. Contains natural ingredients including clay and beeswax. Gives a strong, pliable hold and a matte finish.

How to Use: Rub a small amount in palms, apply on damp or dry hair. Use more for enhanced hold and style.

Pricing: $41.70 for 60ml

Where to Find: Lazada

9. Undisputed Pomade V2 Strong Hold Slim Design Water Soluble

Description: Most affordable yet quality water-based pomade. Do not melt under heat. Easy to rinse off clean. Suitable for all hair types. Great with pompadours and slickbacks.

How to Use: Use generous amount of product on palm and rub evenly before applying to damp hair to create the classic pomp.

Pricing: $14.90 for 100ml

Where to Find: Lazada

Undisputed Pomade V2 Strong Hold Slim Design Water Soluble

10. Blumaan Cavalier Heavy Clay

Description: BluMaan’s Cavalier Clay works with your hair to create extreme texture and all-day hold. From the classic to the creative, you can count on the Cavalier’s heavy hold to make your hairstyle last all day (or two!) without a need to reapply. Its denser consistency allows it to control coarse, wavy and thick hair. It also nourishes and strengthens your hair with organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids.

How to Use: Take a small amount and spread it evenly across both palms. Rub your hands together to warm it up. Once the clay is smooth, push your hands through your hair until you get the loose, messy and relaxed hairstyle you desire. Or grab your comb for a cleaner look.

Pricing: $35.00 for 2.5oz

Where to Find: Lazada

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