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Top 10 Hair Removal Salons In Central Of Singapore

Get Your Unwanted Hair Removed Permanently At Top 10 Hair Removal Salons in Central Singapore

Do you want to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently? You are on the right channel. The Tropika Club Team has rounded up the Top 10 Hair Removal salons in the Central region of Singapore (This includes Toa Payoh, Orchard, Irving Place, Goldhill Centre, Thomson areas) that will help you to solve your problem. Read on to find out more.

#1 Skin Health Aesthetics

Introduction: They have well trained staff to exceed your expectation.With elegant salon space dedicated to guest comfort and their devotion to innovation and artistry.They are also proud to align with Skin Health Aesthetics’ mission of ethical and sustainable business practices and its high-fashion aesthetic. Skin Health Aesthetics share exceptional standards of quality products, treatments, and guest care, and everything they do reflects the standards of their Skin Health Aesthetics salon.

The Treatment: SHR Hair Removal treatment is available for these body parts: Underarm, Half Arm, Full Arm, Upper Lip, Lower Lip, Full Legs, Half Legs, Bikini/Brazilian, Full Face.

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#2 Wellaholic (Tai Seng)

Introduction: Wellaholic’s vision is to help their customers look their best with the best rates in Singapore. They offer a range of aesthetic services, including technology facials, microneedling, permanent hair removal, hair regrowth, fat freeze, RF body sculpting and teeth whitening. Wellaholic has six outlets, with Tai Seng as HQ, Jurong East, Orchard, Clarke Quay, Tg Pagar and Lavender. They believe in offering quality services to their customers, with excellent customer service and definitely no hard-selling.

The Treatment: Super Hair Removal permanent hair removal heats the skin gently through the melanin and the stem cells with low energy but high frequency. With Wellaholic’s SHR technology, the hair removal methodology that involves the hair pigment uses only 50% of the energy for permanent hair removal. The remaining 50% is absorbed into the stem cells responsible for hair production. SHR’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) In-Motion technology is a breakthrough in customer comfort and effectiveness of treatments.With in motion technology helps to treat light and fine hair and has less pain on skin as compared with IPL .

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#3 Asia Wellness

Introduction: Asia Wellness was incorporated by a group of beauty professionals to cater to the exponential growth and demand for beauty and slimming services. Located conveniently at the Hub of Toa Payoh, they provide customised beauty and body slimming programs to the neighbourhood. In keeping with their company’s commitment, they focus on the continuous innovation of new and effective treatments to you, their dearest customer. In Asia Wellness, they provide one-stop services; cater to all your beauty needs, from top to toe, ranging from Facial, Slimming to Wellness and Waxing.

The Treatment: They provide IPL and Waxing Service which includes: Brazilian IPL/ Underam IPL/ Hand &Leg IPL/ Upper Lip IPL. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal System is a state-of-the-art pain-free and hassle-free technology to remove unwanted hairs with benefits such as cost effectiveness, visible result, painless, hassle-free, permanent solution, whitening and skin smoothing effect.Waxing at Asia Wellness is formulated for sensitive and normal skin. The temperatures of their waxes are a little above body temperature, which make burning the skin impossible.

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#4 Love de Beauteous

Introduction: Love de Beauteous is a spa in Toa Payoh Central, which provides a wholesome pampering service from facial treatment, body relaxing massage, to post natal/surgery massage and pain relief treatment. They specialise in slimming and body contouring treatment. Established in 2007, Love de Beauteous aims to provide you an affordable service to help you in health and beauty from the inside out. They will serve you with their sincerity.

The Treatment: Signature Brazilian Waxing. This usually removes all the hair so that you will feel smooth all over. Love de Beauteous uses mainly hot premium-graded wax which are suitable for clients even with sensitive skins.

Check them out at:

#5 Mary Chia (Novena)

Introduction: Mary Chia is a homegrown listed beauty & wellness brand, with 40 years of specialised expertise in the field of quality skincare & weight management for women.Their brand ethos has always been built on customer trust, combined with the intelligent use of beauty science and state-of-the-art technologies in their treatments and products. Now, more than ever, the Mary Chia brand is vibrant and dynamic, seeking ways to empower individuals to live life more confidently and in greater wellness.

The Treatment: CrystalLite Permanent Hair Removal is a miracle light therapy which allows light waves to penetrate skin’s epidermal layers, travel down the hair shaft, destroy hair follicles and ultimately inhibit hair growth. It is fast, effective, safe, virtually painless and most importantly, PERMANENT.

Treatment areas: Underarm /Upper Lip /Full Hands /Full Legs /Lower Back /Bikini Line /Thigh/ Full Body

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#6 Blush @ Somerset Orchard

Introduction: Established since 2008, BLUSH waxing salon provides clients a friendly, cozy and comfortable environment.Offering affordable quality waxing, relaxing ambience and their professional therapists being meticulous to detail, are some of the reasons that keep their clients returning to BLUSH for their services. Start unwinding by indulging in the aroma of their scented wax and enjoy watching television while being treated. You can be truly transported away from your stress in everyday life.

The Treatment: They take pride in offering you quality services and professional advices. Assuring that your treatments are being performed by qualified specialists in the highest industry standards. All waxing equipments are sterilized with hospital graded disinfectant and disposed after use.
They use one of the top leading brands of depilatory waxes, pre & post waxes after-care from Australia to ensure quality treatment to all clients.
Their premium wax prevents hair breakages, ingrown hair, redness and the associated painful sting. Their scented soft and hard wax contains unique titanium dioxide technology.

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#7 Cellnique – Syuen Beauty

Introduction: They are a beauty salon providing facial skin care, beauty care products and beauty treatments. Amidst the pale wheat walls, minimalist furnishings, and neatly curlicued sign that denotes arrivals at this beauty salon, therapists guide patrons through their choice of skin and bodily pamper packages. Seeded in Toa Payoh Central, the centre rubs shoulders with local institutions like the public library, Central Community Club, and Sports Hall, as well as the area’s eponymous MRT station. Nudged along by Cellnique care products, Syuen Beauty’s list of services include fractional laser facials to refine pores and uneven skin tone, and IPL treatments to rid the hirsute of unwanted body hair.

The Treatment: SHR, Super Hair Removal, the latest non-invasive light treatment technology from Korea, that effectively removes all the unsightly hairs, at the undesirable body parts, permanently, in a new way. Unlike the earlier versions of normal intense pulse light technology, this latest SHR technology uses the non-laser rate of fast pulse light to treat the desired body parts at a much comfortable level with no heat, no pain. As compared to the earlier versions of technology, this SHR technology generates a much stable and longer lasting energy that was created by it’s light, and penetrates into their derma structure in a form of a lower and slower pace energy, leaving a longer lasting, and better result.

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#8 GATINNIE Expression Beauty Centre

Introduction: Established in 2002, Gatinnie Expression Beauty Centre is a complete one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Whether you are looking at achieving a crystal clear radiant look; firm and toned body contours or cosmetics procedures to enhance your overall look, Gatinnie Expression Beauty Centre has it all. You will be in the best of hands of their attentive, caring, professional and trained therapists. Relax while they bring you through a consultation, analyze your skin, customise the best treatment for you and educate you on caring for your skin and body. Everyone is born beautiful but maintaining the natural beauty that each is born with it , needs a lot of hard work and determination.

The Treatment: Permanent underarms Hair Removal,Waxing and Threading

Check them out at:

#9 GloAesthetics

Introduction: Established in 2008, more than 11 years of experience. Treatment are performed by their highly trained and experienced staff. They use only U.S FDA approved medical aesthetics equipments and products.

The Treatment: Permanent Hair Removal with their Latest Cutting-Edge Technology
With the Latest Sharplight™ Formax Plus and Cutera ProWave™ for permanent hair removal from GloAesthetics, you can eliminate fear of procedural pain and save valuable time with amazing results. At GloAesthetics, they have invested in two cutting-edge hair removal technology to ensure clients safety, ease fear of procedural pain, speed and clinically proven results for a wide range of skin type

Check them out at:

#10 Datsumo Labo

Introduction: Datsumo Labo is a full body laser hair removal salon from Japan, they currently have over 80 branches worldwide. Backed by scientific research and the latest technology, they are able to provide their customers with painless and effective hair removal results that is both pocket-friendly and long-lasting. With 2 centrally-located salons to choose from, they make it convenient for their customers to book online in order to fit their busy schedules. Consultation is completely free. Book online and start investing in your full body hair removal journey with them today!

The Treatment: SHR treatment for Full Body.
A better upgrade from their previous IPL machines . SHR is the latest hair removal technology in the market to date. Used at wavelengths tailored to your specific needs, SHR is able to deliver faster, more accurate and powerful shots , covering tiny areas of the body such as the upper lip and armpits, to more sensitive areas such as the bikini line and Brazilian to deliver the best results. No matter your skin tone and condition, SHR hair removal treatment is able to accommodate those with sensitive and darker skin pigments as compared to traditional IPL laser treatment

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