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Top 10 Best Hair Removal Salons In Northern Singapore [2021 Edition]

Get Permanent Hair Removal At Top 10 Best Hair Removal Salons in Northern Singapore

Are you looking for a well-recommended permanent Hair Removal treatment in the Northern area of Singapore? Check our recommendations! The Tropika Club Team has rounded up the Top 10 Hair Removal salons in the Northern region of Singapore (This includes Yishun, Serangoon, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio and Bishan ) that will help you to solve your problem. Read on to find out more.

#1 The Best Beauty Centre

Introduction: The Best Beauty is your complete beauty therapy centre offering you specialist beauty treatments in a tranquil and private haven. You will enjoy their face, body and eyebrow embroidery carried out by highly qualified, experienced beauticians. They aim to provide each client with exceptional, professional service intended to relax, energise and revitalise you, your skin and your body. They are about taking time out for you, rebalancing yourself and making you feel great and beautiful.

The Treatment: According to a recent consumer study, 69% of people feel more confident when they remove body hair. Traditional shaving and trimming, however, is all too often associated with irritated skin, unsightly stubble and results that don’t last that long. The Best Beauty offers hair removal services for both men and women. They use advanced hair removal technology to deliver permanent results. You can also be assured of the highest standards – from safety to service. Applicable to any part of the body, the follicles are destroyed at the root, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Check them out at:

#2 Avone Beauty Secrets

Introduction: Avone Beauty Secrets – Avone Beauty Secrets (ABS) is the only Beauty and Embroidery Faceworks Chain in Singapore to receive recognition from the prestigious International Beauty And Health General Union of Korea. They have been recognised for their revolutionary Embroidery Techniques which are the results of extensive research together with the International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea. Each unique embroidery technique uses different (Korean Manufactured) specialised embroidery needle blades specifically designed to enhance the delivered techniques giving amazing results. The ever-popular ABS 6V Korean Virtual Brows Embroidery has won the hearts of the Beauty editors, judges and readers.

The Treatment: They are using Asian laser hair removal brand which is the best way to remove your body hair. It is a completely painlessly treatment by bypassing the skin and going straight to the hair roots.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 23 Serangoon Central #02-25,Singapore 556083(At Serangoon MRT)
  • Hotline: +65 6509 1151
  • Website: https://www.avone.sg/

#3 Japan IPL Express

Introduction: As Singapore’s first unisex IPL centre, they committed to offering the most effective and convenient IPL service that’s focused on your needs and wants. There’s no need to call ahead and rearrange your schedule around a series of appointments — come when you want, and get what you want. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair and blemishes, They think it’s as simple as that… Hair removal has never been easier.

The Treatment: IPL works on the follicles of your hair—when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. However, IPL works best with follicles in the active growth stage, while dormant follicles slip by. So don’t worry if you still see some hair growth after your first treatment—each treatment results in the permanent removal of hair.

Check them out at:

#4 Beaudefine Beauty Salon

Introduction: They keep themselves abreast with the latest technology, training and trends to acquire the latest know-how in dealing with all sorts of skin issues. Come to them and they will do their best to make you look good. Remember, it’s only when you look good that this world will be more good.

The Treatment: OPT Hair Removal- If you are suffering from excessive hair growth, then OPT Hair Removal Treatment is the right treatment for you. Optimum Pulse Light (OPT) is an advanced and improved version of Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Each light pulse penetrates tissue and creates controlled destruction to the pigmentation while leaving the surrounding healthy skin and vessels unaffected. The treatment that is perfect for long-lasting hair-free skin.

Honey Wax Hair Removal- Honey hair-removal wax is a safe and inexpensive way to remove body hair. An ecologically friendly hair remover, Honey Wax won’t expose your skin to harmful petroleum-based hair-removal products or clutter up the landfill with disposable plastic razors. Body sugaring will remove hair for six to eight weeks, and the hair that grows in will be less coarse than the original hair.

Check them out at:

  • Location: Blk 263 Serangoon Central Drive#01-69 Singapore 550263
  • Hotline: +65 6285 5188
  • Website: https://beaudefine.sg/

#5 Care Lyna

Introduction: Established in 2001, Care Lyna embodies high quality, customized beauty solutions tailored for both ladies & gentlemen. They aspire to bring out and emphasize your unique aesthetic qualities. As unique individuals, they understand the need for customization towards health and beauty. For over a decade, they have adopted a unique, holistic and scientific approach towards beauty. Not only help the client look and feel better, but they also strive to attain the best possible results through creating customized solutions. While results are of utmost importance, they also believe in providing exceptional pre and post-treatment services. Your journey with them begins from the very second their qualified consultants receive you at the outlet of choice. They value the trust you put in them and it is their mantra to provide the highest level of service to make your transformation a physically and spiritually unique one.

The Treatment: IPL permanent hair removal is the latest high-tech method of removing unwanted body hair permanently. The effectiveness of this treatment depends on various factors, such as the colour of body hair, skin colour, hair type and age. IPL permanent hair removal targets the pigments in the hair follicles. The light from the system is absorbed by these pigments and the energy will convert into heat which results in the thermal damage to the hair follicles. The thermal damage causes permanent destruction of the hair follicles. In simpler terms, the darker pigmentations of the hair follicles absorbed more energy than the pigments in the surrounding skin. Therefore the system raises the temperature of the hair follicle safely without damaging the surrounding skin.

Check them out at:

  • Location: BLK 727 ANG MO KIO AVE 6 #01-4252 (S) 560727
  • Hotline: +65 6451 8233
  • Website: http://carelyna.sg/

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#6 Strip Co-Ed Northpoint City

Introduction: The first international concept waxing boutique since 2002, STRIP has thriving outlets all over the world. Keeping things smooth in Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, STRIP has pruned and waxed a staggering three million bushes (and counting). Being at the forefront of Brazilian waxing, STRIP offers quality service and advanced techniques when it comes to pre- and post-wax care. At STRIP, they abide by their HSQ mantra: Hygiene, Speed and Quality, and they were the first to introduce the “No Double Dipping” commandment.

The Treatment: Waxing is a non-permanent hair removal method that removes hair from the root using soft or hard wax. A thin layer of wax is spread over the skin, then a cloth strip is pressed on top and ripped off swiftly against the direction of hair growth. Using hard wax, a semi-hardened strip of wax is ripped off at the same swift speed against the direction of hair growth.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 1 Northpoint Drive, South Wing, #01-147/148 Northpoint City, 768019
  • Hotline: +65 6877 4870
  • Website: http://www.strip.com.sg

#7 Pink Parlour

Introduction: Pink Parlour is a pioneer hair removal salon since 2005 & Asia’s largest spray tan chain.
Their commitment to high treatment standards and service levels has won much recognition and distinction within the industry and media including the following awards:
2006 Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards, 2007 Spa Crystal Awards Nominee – Best Spa in Southeast Asia, 2008 Cleo Singapore Beauty Directory for Top 20 Nail Salons, 2009 SWW Best Hydration Fix Facial, 2009 SWW Best Bikini Wax, 2009 SWW Best Specialty Wax (Designer Brazilian), 2010/2011 Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore for Grooming (Waxing), 2011 SWW Best Waxing Parlour. Get Smooth, Get Bronze and Get Fabulous at Pink Parlour!

The Treatment: They Brazilian waxing is less painful than your break up! They are a pioneer hair removal salon since 2005 & Asia’s largest spray tanning chain. Why choose Pink Parlour Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal? Firstly, tt’s effective. Secondly, no more burns. Thirdly, BYE, BYE ingrown hairs (chicken skin). Fourthly, save time & money. Lastly, lightens the targeted area. You will notice hair falling off within 7 days to 3 weeks after the treatment, but hair reduction may not be noticeable as they all have many cycles of actively growing hair. An average person may require 3 to 5 session before noticing any hair reduction.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 205 Hougang Street 21, #02-17, Heartland Mall – Kovan, Singapore 530205
  • Hotline: +65 6100 8266
  • Website: http://www.pinkparlour.asia

#8 Regina Hair Removal Specialist

Introduction: Regina is a hair removal salon specializing in Krypton Pulsed(KPL) Light hair removal treatments. They are committed to providing safe, hygienic, effective and long-lasting results at affordable prices. Using the latest advance FDA-approved, patented IPL technology for increased effectiveness with reduced side effects compared to other IPL devices. Their team of beauty consultant and therapist has extensive knowledge and experience in hair removal techniques. Their beauty therapists are trained by professional beauty trainers in Japan to best advice customers towards the treatment that will best suit their individual needs. They also provide a free one-to-one consultation with each customer before the treatment to address each customer’s concern or worries about unwanted hair. They do not charge any extra charges such as admission fee or membership fee. They do not sell products so their customers can receive treatment in peace and comfort. In the coming months, they will introduce an outlet for unisex services to cater to everyone!

The Treatment: KPL uses intense light energy to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from any parts of the body, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, melanin, which then converts to heat. The heat damages the hair follicle and destroys its ability to re-grow without harming the surrounding tissues. Regina uses the latest advance FDA approved, patented pulsed light technology which delivers a higher performance with reduced side effects compared to other KPL devices.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 9 Bishan Place #02-17 Junction 8 Singapore 579837
  • Hotline: +65 6358 0209
  • Website: https://regina.sg/

#9 Spa Alangkaara Little India Shop Houses

Introduction: Originating from the ancient language of Sanskrit, Alangkaara embodies all things beautiful, ornamental and pleasing to the eye. At Spa Alangkaara they combine traditional and modern treatments offering the ideal solution for relaxation and indulgence. Owner, Ms Mala who has years of beauty experience brings the mission of “beautifying life”. After more than 14 years, with sheer determination, hard work will power and passion, Spa Alangkaara was born!

The Treatment: Spa Alangkaara provides effective yet comfortable SHR Hair Removal and Waxing service to their clients. With their signature, cutting-edge technology, painless SHR treatment and Waxing treatment are now possible. Their formulated cooling gel increases the comfort of the entire treatment procedures.

Check them out at:

#10 Wellaholic (Kovan)

Introduction: Wellaholic’s vision is to help their customers look their best with the best rates in Singapore. They offer a range of aesthetic services, including technology facials, microneedling, permanent hair removal, hair regrowth, fat freeze, RF body sculpting and teeth whitening. Wellaholic has six outlets, with Tai Seng as HQ, Jurong East, Orchard, Clarke Quay, Tg Pagar , Lavender and upcoming 7th Kovan is opening soon. They believe in offering quality services to their customers, with excellent customer service and definitely no hard-selling.

The Treatment: They have provided different types of SHR package where you can view through easily on their website ,all the price listing are transparent. Super Hair Removal permanent hair removal heats the skin gently through the melanin and the stem cells with low energy but high frequency. With Wellaholic’s SHR technology, the hair removal methodology that involves the hair pigment uses only 50% of the energy for permanent hair removal. The remaining 50% is absorbed into the stem cells responsible for hair production. SHR’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) In-Motion technology is a breakthrough in customer comfort and effectiveness of treatments.With in motion technology that helps to treat light and fine hair and has less pain on skin as compared with IPL .

Check them out at:

  • Location: Block 208 Hougang Street 21, Kovan, #03-207, Singapore 530208
  • Hotline: +65 8181 1814
  • Website: https://www.wellaholic.com/contact.html

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