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Top 10 Hair Styling Places in Western Singapore

Whether Jurong or Clementi, these salons are our picks

The best hair salons in Western, and also North Western Singapore for colouring, highlights, balayage and dip-dye. Don’t let anyone near your hair until you’ve read this. The Tropika Club team travels westwards to Clementi, Jurong, Boon Lay, and even North West to Bukit Panjang and Choa Chu Kang to compile this list of great hair styling places in western Singapore. Try them out!

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Introduction: The article introduces the top 10 hair styling places in western Singapore for colouring, highlights, balayage and dip-dye. It also provides the location, contact details, and website of each salon.
  • Signature Salon by DIXMONDSG: This salon offers organic hair care products and customised European herbal hair remedies. It also provides hair dye, hair length set, hair care and hair growth series.
  • M Tech Hair @ Jurong Point: This salon is part of the MONSOON Group that adopts a holistic approach to hair and scalp care. It offers treatments for serious hair and scalp conditions such as hair loss, alopecia, psoriasis, and dandruff.
  • Pro Trim Hair Salon @ JEM: This salon is a Korean-inspired hair salon that offers trendy and stylish haircuts, colours, perms, rebonding, and treatments. It also has a team of experienced and professional stylists who can cater to different hair needs and preferences.
  • XQUIZIT Hair Design: This salon is a cosy and friendly salon that offers quality and affordable hair services. It also has a loyal customer base who praises its excellent service and results.
  • Team Salon @ JEM (Aveda): This salon is an Aveda lifestyle salon that uses natural and eco-friendly products. It also offers a range of hair services such as cutting, colouring, perming, rebonding, and treatments
  • Expect Hair Design: This salon is a Japanese-style salon that offers creative and fashionable hair designs. It also uses premium Japanese products and techniques to achieve the best results.

#1 Signature Salon by DIXMONDSG

Introduction: DIXMONDSG is an organic hair care brand line headquartered in Singapore that currently focuses exclusively on producing high quality permanent hair dyes at affordable cost. To establish DIXMONDSG as an important brand that represents quality in hair care products. They will accomplish this using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a comprehensive distribution network using both brick and mortar retail outlets, internet presence, and a consumer catalogue. Apart from the quality of their products, they will strive to excel in customer service and to bring convenience for their customers.

The Treatment: DIXMONDSG specialises in the following treatments: 1) Hair Dye – DixmondSG’s products do not contain harmful chemicals that strips off original hair texture. They provide wide range of custom colours available and the colour lasts from 1-3 months with proper hair maintenance. 2) Hair length set – They provide hair length set service like ear length hair (with / without fringe), shoulder length hair, mid back hair, etc. 3) Hair care and hair growth series – They provide hair growth products for customer with hair loss or thinning hair issue. In addition they provide hair care products that are effective in repairing chemical treated hairs, damaged hairs, frizzy hairs, oil hairs, and etc.

Check them out at:

#2 M Tech Hair @ Jurong Point

Introduction: M Hair Tech Laboratory by MONSOON Group adopt holistic approach to hair & scalp care taking into account what your hair & scalp needs, internally as well as externally to look and feel its absolute best.

The Treatment: They offer treatment for serious hair and scalp conditions ranging from genetic and nutritional related hair loss, alopecia areata and scarring alopecia to psoriasis, neurodermatitis and serve scaling and flaking of the scalp. However, treatments are also available for cosmetic damage such as very dry, damaged and overly processed hair.

Check them out at:

#3 Pro Trim Hair Salon @ JEM

Introduction:Over the past 20 years, they have successfully established themselves as a highly reputable enterprise within the hairdressing industry in Singapore. Each of their hairstylist and designers are trained under a structured and comprehensive training programme. They learn to provide a quality of work and service that is second to none.

The Treatment: ProTrim Hair offers customised men’s haircuts by their experienced stylists. Their Chief Hair Stylist who focuses not only on aesthetics of customer new hair cut but also it’s manageability. Visit their gallery for the latest looks sported by men or book an appointment at any of their locations in Singapore. Explore from a rainbow of hair colours with an extensive range of colours designed keeping in mind the style statement customers are. With the use of organic hair colours exclusively available at their salons in Singapore customers are assured that their products have no chemical side-effects and are safe for customer hair, giving customer long-lasting hair colour too. So go ahead, make your new look match y

Check them out at:

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#4 XQUIZIT Hair Design

Introduction: Having the customers to feel relaxed while doing their hair in Xquizit’s aim. Xquizit Hair Design has over 20 years of experience to provide a guaranteed and the highest level of hairdressing service, professional advice, and the best quality products. The salon pampers you with expert advice and care, providing a long-lasting relationship, and excellent customer service. It is not just about professional experience and knowledge they are sharing. They build trust and long-term friendship with sincerity. Always do your best, simple!

The Treatment: They specialise in undercut, asymmetric, chunky fringe, disconnection, silhouette, and wispy textures. All their products are superior quality brands from Korea, Japan, USA, and Italy. You can receive a customised beauty service in minutes, whether you are a long-time customer or as a first time experience.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 420, 640420 Jurong West, Singapore
  • Hotline: +65 9190 1979
  • Website: http://xhd.com.sg/

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#5 Team Salon @ JEM (Aveda)

Introduction: Multi Award Winning Salon established in 1985 by Director Jean Tong, TEAM SALON is a dynamic and esteemed name in the industry, seamlessly weaves the best of colour chemistry, sophisticated cutting techniques, as well as the amazing talent and creativity of its hair artists, to give customer new and outstanding styles, showing the world a more beautiful and confident. Its strong customer base of regulars, along with the good press it has garnered over the years will certainly attest to this.

The Treatment: Hair cut price varies depend on Hair Length and Stylist Experience. Includes wash and blow. Using premium styling products on your hair. They use original Aveda product (shampoo,treatment,peroxide etc ) in EVERY step of Aveda chemical services. They not substitute with other cheaper products. USA #1 Plant Based Hair Product. Experience it to feel the difference. They use original Aveda product in EVERY step of Aveda treatments.

Check them out at:

#6 Expect Hair Design

Introduction: Their primary mission is to provide the highest level of customer service to each client, thereby establishing a long lasting relationship of trust and commitment.Their professionalism allows them to provide clients with the utmost beauty experience.

The Treatment: Organic Keratin Treatment is the ultimate hair smoothing treatment. From dry frizzy curls to ultra smooth sleek straight hair! Keratin Revolution Ultra Smooth Illuminate, Professional Smoothing System with Ultimate Shine. You can say goodbye to your Fizzy/ Curls/ Wavy and Unmanageable hair.

Check them out at:

#7 Ex Style Jurong Sculpture

Introduction: They believe in providing their customer with the latest hairstyles that suits their lifestyle. Coupled with excellent customer service & a wide range of hair and scalp services, they will see to all the customer hair needs.

The Treatment: They offer a one-stop services for all customer hair needs. From colouring to fashion highlight, their team of professional stylist is there to take care of their customer. They will also work with customer’s scalp therapist to ensure that they use the best product to match customer current hair conditions. No hair service is complete without a professional scalp therapy. Their team of professionally trained therapists will ensure that customer’s scalp stay healthy while you are doing your various hair services. They will work hand in hand with your stylist to customise the best treatment course for your scalp. EX Style also offer a wide range of comprehensive package for corporate events, sponsorship and partnership. Their team of professional hairstylist is here to ensure that your photo shoot, corporate events such as dinner and dance, or any other special event will be a memorable experience for your guests.

Check them out at:

  • Location: 1 Jurong West Central 2, JP1, #03-06D, Shopping Centre, Jurong Point, 648886
  • Hotline: +65 6252 8814
  • Website: https://www.exstyle.com.sg

#8 Trim & Cut Salon

Introduction: Trim & Cut Salon’s professional team of stylists are experienced in designing the best looks that complement your unique lifestyle. Their beliefs are beyond beauty and trends.

The Treatment: Trim & Cut Salon offers exceptional and unique hairstyle services at a reasonable price. It has advanced and latest equipment/products to give exact and amazing results that meet and exceed your imagination. Their expert professionals provide different types of haircut and style. The salon offers technical services that include conducting training, consultation, assessment, and diagnosis.

Check them out at:

#9 The Base Salon

Introduction: The Base Salon is a premium hair salon with reasonable price. Their hairstylists have many years of experience, they can give you recommendation base on your face shape and hair type. They also value every single customer, and only use the product in the market best for youenient, whilst ensuring you get value for your money.

The Treatment: Their Hairstylist can help you to cut any hair you desire or that suit you the most. They also do offer hair dyes services to let their customers add a little colour for a new look. Their hairstylists have many years of experience, they can give you recommendation base on your face shape and hair type.

Check them out at:

#10 Essensuals Hair Dressing

Introduction: ESSENSUALS HAIRDRESSING, a diffusion of the world renowned TONI&GUY hairdressing brand was established over 15 years ago and now has over 100 salons worldwide. ESSENSUALS HAIRDRESSING integrates hair with street fashion by providing professional and trendy services at an affordable price. Not compromising the quality in a contemporary urban salon space. Interpreting catwalk and street inspired trends into wearable, desirable styles that require low maintenance between salon visits, the brand has created an ubercool reputation.

The Treatment: Their philosophy is superb-looking hair. They are dedicated to creating desirable and wearable styles to suit their clients’ personality and lifestyle as well as educating each client, in perfect-style maintenance between salon visits. Essensuals is proud of its heritage and success with the brand’s foundations and educational systems. These are comfortably and firmly entrenched within Toni&Guy. Their stylist are well up to date with global hair trends. They are also familiar with both Caucasian and Asian’s styles, hair textures, skin tone as well as facial features and shapes. For Essensuals it’s all about the finish. Their expertise in luxury blow dries, express finishing, quick fix Friday night hair and statement wedding locks are perfected through our rigorous training. All staff receive continual professional development to ensure your looks are glossy, stylish, wearable and on trend. Creating the perfect colour for you, their stylists will advise you of what will suit you and your lifestyle and how to maintain your colour & the condition of your hair.

Check them out at:


If you’re looking for a new hairdo or a fresh colour, you don’t have to travel far from home. Western Singapore has plenty of amazing hair styling places that can cater to your every hair need and preference. Whether you want to go for a trendy Korean-inspired cut, a natural organic dye, or a pampering scalp treatment, you’ll find it all in this list of the top 10 hair styling places in western Singapore. These salons have been tried and tested by many satisfied customers who rave about their excellent service, skills, and results. Plus, they offer affordable prices and convenient locations that make them easy to access. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of these salons today and get ready to rock your new look! You can also check out our other articles on the best hair salons in downtown Singapore and northern Singapore for more options. And don’t forget to share your experience with us on our Facebook page or Instagram account. We’d love to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I choose the best hair salon for me in western Singapore?

A: There are many factors to consider when choosing a hair salon, such as your hair type, style preference, budget, location, and availability. You should also do some research on the reputation, reviews, and portfolio of the salon and its stylists. You can use online platforms such as Tropika Club to compare and book the best hair salons in western Singapore based on your needs and preferences.

Q: What are some of the latest hair trends in 2023?

A: Some of the latest hair trends in 2023 include:

  • Curtain bangs: These are long, wispy bangs that frame your face and add some movement and texture to your hair. They are versatile and easy to style, and they suit most face shapes and hair types.
  • Mullets: These are short at the front and long at the back hairstyles that have made a comeback from the 80s. They are edgy and fun, and they can be customized with different colours, layers, and textures.
  • Chunky highlights: These are bold and contrasting streaks of colour that add some dimension and drama to your hair. They can be done with natural or unnatural colours, depending on your mood and personality.
  • Shaggy bobs: These are short to medium-length hairstyles that have a lot of layers and texture. They are chic and effortless, and they can be styled with waves, curls, or straighteners.

Q: How do I take care of my hair after colouring or perming?

A: Colouring or perming your hair can cause some damage and dryness to your hair and scalp. To keep your hair healthy and vibrant, you should:

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for coloured or permed hair. These products can help protect your hair from fading or losing its shape, as well as nourish and moisturize your hair.
  • Avoid washing your hair too often or too harshly. This can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture, as well as cause your colour or perm to fade faster. You should wash your hair every two to three days with lukewarm water and gentle massage.
  • Apply a hair mask or treatment once a week. This can help repair any damage caused by colouring or perming, as well as restore your hair’s shine and softness. You can use a store-bought product or make your own with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, or yogurt.
  • Protect your hair from heat and sun exposure. Heat and sun can damage your hair further and make your colour or perm fade faster. You should use a heat protectant spray before using any styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, or straighteners. You should also wear a hat or scarf when going out in the sun.

Q: How often should I visit a hair salon for maintenance?

A: The frequency of visiting a hair salon depends on your hair type, style, and personal preference. Generally speaking, you should visit a hair salon every four to six weeks for a trim or touch-up. This can help keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends, breakage, or uneven growth. If you have coloured or permed hair, you may need to visit more often to refresh your colour or perm. You can also consult your stylist for their professional advice on how often you should visit them.

Q: What are some of the benefits of booking a hair salon online with Tropika Club?

A: Booking a hair salon online with Tropika Club has many benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: You can book a hair salon anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks on your phone or computer. You don’t have to call or visit multiple salons to check their availability or prices.
  • Savings: You can enjoy exclusive discounts and deals when you book a hair salon online with Tropika Club. You can also compare different salons based on their ratings, reviews, services, and prices.
  • Quality: You can trust that the salons listed on Tropika Club are verified and reputable. They have been carefully selected and reviewed by our team and customers. You can also read real customer feedback and see photos of their work before you book.
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