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Top 11 Best Piano Tuning Services in Singapore

Top 11 Best Piano Tuning Services in Singapore

Stay on key with the Best Piano Tuning Services in Singapore. Get a proper piano technician or piano tuner to help you with your regular piano tunings. Most of these professionals will not only get your piano back on the correct pitch but are also able to work with a variety of pianos, from the humble upright pianos to the grand pianos. Besides that, they’ll make sure that the tonal quality remains top-notch so you can have your peace of mind. The Best Piano Tuning Services in Singapore will have you tickling your ivories soon enough.

No Time to Read? Here’s a Snappy Summary of This Article

  • Harmonious Expertise: Singapore’s Top Piano Tuning Services: Discover elite piano tuners in Singapore, fine-tuning instruments with precision, and transforming melodies into enchanting symphonies.
  • Pitch-Perfect Professionals: Experience flawless piano tuning by skilled artisans, ensuring each key resonates with impeccable clarity, elevating musical performances to new heights.
  • 3. Sonic Precision Unleashed: Unleash the power of sonic perfection as Singapore’s top piano tuners meticulously refine each note, creating an auditory masterpiece that captivates the soul.
  • 4. Melodic Mastery Unveiled: Embark on a journey of melodic mastery with experts who breathe life into pianos, turning ordinary instruments into extraordinary sources of musical magic.
  • 5. Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: Witness the unparalleled craftsmanship of Singapore’s premier piano tuners, harmonizing strings and keys to create a symphonic masterpiece worthy of applause.
  • 6. Musical Alchemy in Singapore: Step into the realm of musical alchemy as these distinguished piano tuners in Singapore weave a tapestry of harmonies, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

1. Attune Piano Singapore

Introduction: Regular Piano Tunings Can Prevent Serious Damage Pianos are complex instruments; if one part performs sub-par, the overall quality of the instrument suffers. Bad tuning can be a symptom of another problem, and out-of-tune strings are probably the most annoying indicator that you need an overall tune-up. Regular piano tunings can also prevent damage. Correct (and constant) string tension is important to the health of many delicate piano parts – parts that are very expensive to fix. Tunings help these parts work together smoothly, preventing damage to (and from) neighboring pieces. Piano Tuners Can Inform You of Problems Some issues are undetectable by players, so having a professional look inside your piano regularly can prevent small problems from evolving into major damage.

Price range:

Upright Piano Tuning $70
(With Free Internal and External Piano Cleanup Service)
Pitch Raise – additional  $20

Grand Piano Tuning  $120
Pitch Raise – additional  $30

Contact: 9729 0760

Website: http://www.attunepiano.com/


2. Just Piano Services

Introduction: When you hire someone to tune your piano, you expect your piano to sound better when the technician leaves right? That, of course, is their main goal, on top of it, they do it in a friendly and professional way. They also provide repairs and adjustments that your piano needs.

Price range: Quotation after Assessment

Location: 6 Marine Terrace Singapore 440006

Contact: 9188 5638

Website: https://www.justpianoservices.com/

Just Piano Services - Piano Tuning And Repair Service


3. Yamaha – Technical Service Center

Introduction: Yamaha’s history began when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Shortly thereafter, he completed the first reed organ. More than 130 years after our founding in 1887, we defined the Yamaha Philosophy as the philosophical framework that underpins business management at the Yamaha Group. Furthermore, in 2019, we established our new brand promise “Make Waves” to capture that special moment when our customers’ hearts tremble.

Price range:

Upright PianoTuning and Servicing package.from S$232.00 (2 tunings & servicing / year)
Grand PianoTuning and Servicing package.from S$400.00 (2 tunings & servicing / year)

Location: 202 Hougang Street 21 #02-00 Singapore 530202

Contact: 6740 9200

Website: https://sg.yamaha.com/en/support/technical_services/

Yamaha - Technical Service Center, Singapore (+65 6740 9262)


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Introduction: SGTUNER is a registered company in Singapore. Their professional technicians have been well-trained in tuning, servicing, and repairing pianos. They strive to provide excellent services at a reasonable cost. Their skilled technicians with music backgrounds have experience in handling various piano brands up to 100 years old. They love music as much as you do, and serve to keep your pianos alive! Schools, cruise ships, hotels, hospitals, and private homes have requested their piano services. They are just a phone call or a text away from your better music!

Price range:

Upright piano
Assessment fee: SGD35
Upright piano tuning: SGD80 Flat rate
Pitch raise: Free of charge
Upright piano general service: SGD50
Repair/ Regulation: Quotation will be issued after assessment.

Location: 705 Hougang Ave 2, Singapore 530705

Contact: 9100 9703

Website: https://www.sgtuner.com.sg/


5. Piano Tuner Singapore

Introduction: The Art of Quality Piano Tuning. Piano Tuning is about getting the piano to sing again through the adjustment of the pitches of 18 tons of string tension; the piano will then sound in tune when its strings vibrate at certain frequencies determined by musical and acoustical rules. Pianos that are more than slightly out of tune tend to be unpleasant to play and listen to, to an extent that varies with the ear of the listener. A tuning hammer and tuning mutes are the main tools that piano technicians use. Piano tunings are not quick, nor are they always convenient, but it is a necessary discipline to prevent damage. Correct and constant string tension is important to the health of many delicate parts, which are otherwise very expensive to fix.

Location: 7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07, Suntec Tower OneSingapore 038987

Contact: 9189 1952

Website: https://piano-tuner-singapore.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral


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6. Trusty Piano Tuner

Introduction: Trusty Piano Tuner provides Trusted Quick & Affordable Fine Tuning Service to keep your Piano in Tip Top Condition.

Price range: Quotation after Assessment

Location: 6001 Beach Road #02-18 Golden Mile Tower Singapore 199599

Contact: 9386 2013

Website: https://trustypianotuner.business.site/


7. Singapore Piano Service Hub

Introduction: Singapore Piano Service Hub is a piano service company that aspires to provide high-standard and professional services to all piano users with the most reasonable and affordable prices — so owning and enjoying a piano is never a luxury to anyone. With a mature piano market, there is a large number of piano users right here in Singapore. However, many still have trouble with the ever-expensive costs of piano maintenance-related services ie. piano tuning, repair, assessment, etc., and the lack of highly experienced and professional piano service providers, or are constantly falling into the dilemma of whether to buy a piano for fear of making a mistake due to a lack of related knowledge et cetera. Fret not, as their team from Singapore Piano Service Hub provides a complete series of services that is more than enough to have you covered. Their piano servicing technicians are skilfully trained professionals with many years of profound experience, leaving their past customers both comforted and contented with their high-standard services. All piano repairing parts or components they sell to our customers come straight from our partnering factories. Besides waiving all hidden charges in the process, they provide the best services to our customers with the lowest prices deemed possible.

Price range:

Piano Tuning: From as low as S$70

Piano Repair: Quotation after Assessment

Piano Assessment: From S$40

Piano Cleaning: From as low as S$20

Piano Moving: From S$100

Buy/Sell Piano: Quotation after Assessment

Contact: 9472 1298

Website: https://www.sgpianoservicehub.com/


8. Jesley Piano

Introduction: Jesley Piano has been serving Singapore with its fleet of quality used pianos for over 30 years since the 1980s. Their vision is to provide high-quality and affordable pianos at the lowest possible price so that everyone can afford to own a piano to learn and play music. As academic education shifts focus towards horizontal growth, more parents seek to enhance and value-add their child’s musical skills. With more disposable income on hand, there is a growing demand for quality and inexpensive pianos in the Singapore market. Therefore, they commit themselves to trading used pianos from established brands that are internationally recognized, mainly Yamaha & Kawai. These brands are affirmed by many outstanding pianists time and again, that decades of usage do not undermine their quality and shelf lives because they are built to last.

Price range:

Piano Tuning

Upright Piano – $80
Grand Piano – $120

Piano Voicing

Upright Piano – $90
Grand Piano – $140

Piano Assessment

Upright Piano – $50
Grand Piano – $80

Piano Moving

Upright Piano – $120
Grand Piano – $350

Location: 1015 Geylang East Ave 3 #02-139 Singapore 389730

Contact: 9800 4404

Website: https://jesleypiano.com/


9. Singapore Piano Hub

Introduction: As a music lover himself with over 21 years of experience playing, performing, and teaching, the CEO understands that music lovers and students are essentially looking for convenience and peace of mind when learning and enjoying music. Singapore Piano Hub was created to offer exactly that. They are a one-stop platform designed to help you get all the information and help needed to start your or your child’s piano journey. They believe learning and playing the piano is a beautiful tradition and they strive to keep it in every home in Singapore.

Price range:

Piano Tuning​

Upright Piano – $80

Grand Piano – $115

Piano Moving

Upright Piano – from $90

Baby Grand Piano – from $280 

Digital Piano – from $80

Piano Repair/Assessment

Piano Assessment fee – $45

Piano Repair – Quote upon assessment

In-house Piano Warranty

Piano Assessment fee – $45

Warranty fee & period – Quote after assessment

Location: 28 Senang Cres, #06-02, Singapore 416601

Contact: 9750 0579

Website: https://www.singaporepianohub.com/


10. Chiu Piano Co. Pte. Ltd.

Introduction: Pianos are their passion and they hope to be able to share this with you no matter what your style of playing is or what music you love to play. They firmly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the luxury of a good piano in the comfort of their own home and constantly strive to provide our customers with the best value that their budget affords. With your lifestyle and budget in mind, they are fiercely committed to providing the best quality pianos that you can rely on and enjoy for many years to come.

Location: Thomson Plaza #02-06 301 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574408

Contact: 6454 7679

Website: https://www.chiupiano.com.sg/


11. Asia Piano

Introduction: The Asia Piano Company is a small family business run by two people, namely Mr Leonard Soh and Chee Wai (call him “Ah Wee” as he is affectionately referred to by friends and relatives. Starting the business from scratch in an old, humble factory warehouse in Hillview Terrace, they have moved to its homely showroom in the Singapore Shopping Centre as of May 2003 before. Today, they are located at No. 31, Playfair Road, #04-01, Golden Season Building, Singapore 367993 THEIR PRODUCTS/SERVICES Japan Imported Used piano/Second Hand Piano( Yamaha, Kawai, and others brands) their assignment help Buy Your Old Piano Appraisals of Pianos Piano Repair and Restoration Piano Maintenance Wholesales and Rental of Pianos Professional Piano Tuning Transportation of piano

Price range: Rates are $60-$80 for uprights depending on their size and complexity and $120 for grands.

Location: No. 31, Playfair Road, #04-01, Golden Season Building, S36799

Contact: 67638872 / 64630118 / 63344118

Website: http://www.asiapiano.com.sg/



In the symphony of piano tuning services in Singapore, each of these top 11 is a virtuoso in its own right. From the precision of Melody Master to the personalized touch of Serenade Pianos, there’s a tuner for every piano’s soul.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How often should I tune my piano?

A: It’s recommended to tune your piano at least twice a year to maintain optimal sound quality, especially in Singapore’s humid climate.

Q: Are piano tuning services in Singapore affordable?

A: Yes, there are budget-friendly options available. Prices vary, but the blog post highlights some of the best and reasonably priced services in Singapore.

Q: What sets professional piano tuners apart?

A: Professional piano tuners featured in the article have expertise in handling various piano models and use advanced techniques to ensure precise tuning.

Q: Can piano tuning services also repair damaged pianos?

A: While tuning services focus on optimizing pitch, some featured providers offer additional piano repair services for any damages or issues.

Q: How long does a typical piano tuning session take?

A: On average, a piano tuning session takes around 1 to 2 hours. However, the duration may vary based on the condition and size of the piano.

Q: Are there specialized piano tuning services for grand pianos?

A: Yes, several piano tuning services in Singapore specialize in grand piano tuning, ensuring the unique needs of grand pianos are addressed with precision.

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