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Best Pest Controllers in Singapore

Top 18 Best Pest Controllers in Singapore

Bust away pesky pests with the best pest controllers in Singapore. There are a wide range of common pests, and the range of pest control service that are available are no less diverse. These pest control specialists can specialise in either residential pest control and commercial pest control. These pest control service providers can help you rid your home, or your workplace, of unwanted pests and pest infestation.

1. Aardwolf Pestkare (S) Pte Ltd

About Company:

Aardwolf Pestkare (pronounced as “a:dwolf pest-care“) was set up in Singapore on 8 April 1997 at 9A Lock Road.

To reflect the nature of the business, the company took on the name of the interesting mammal “Aardwolf” (or “earth wolf” in Afrikaans) that feeds on termites and insects in southern and eastern Africa. “Pestkare” is a variant spelling of “pest-care”.

Aardwolf Pestkare adopts a proactive approach by replacing traditional Pest Control with Pest Management. This calls for accurate identification of the pest problem and agreeing with you a sustainable solution.

Location: 26 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore 628015

Contact: +65 6268 1771

Website: https://aardwolfpestkare.com/

2. Top Pest Control

About Company:

Top Pest Control Pte. Ltd. is a premier pest control company in Singapore, providing the most effective services for every pest control need. From termites to rodents, Top Pest Control offers a variety of solutions that target the root of the problem, guaranteeing your satisfaction with our services. Their staff is well-trained in pest control and knowledgeable about the various pests that are common in Singapore.

At Top Pest Control, they believe that knowledge is power. They hope to make use of their extensive expertise in dealing with pests to find the most suitable pest control and management methods for your home and businesses. Their staff is dedicated to ensuring a most satisfactory experience whenever you deal with them. At Top Pest Control, your satisfaction is their priority and they work harder to both with and for you to get the job done.

Location: 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #08-12 Singapore 159471

Contact: +65 6246 2893

Website: https://www.top-pestcontrol.sg/

3. Rentokil Initial Pest Control Singapore

About Company:

Rentokil, the experts in pest control, have stood for effective control ever since they were founded in 1964 in Singapore and 1927 in the UK. Rentokil, Singapore’s leading pest management specialist is dedicated to taking care of their residential, commercial, and industrial customers’ pest control needs. With more than 50 years of local brand establishment and global prominence in more than 60 countries, Rentokil is committed to ensuring adequate protection for your business and family through a series of innovative solutions that are safe, effective, and responsive.

Location: 16, 18 Jln Mesin, Singapore 368815

Contact: +65 6347 8138

Website: https://www.rentokil.com.sg/


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4. ORIGIN Exterminators Pte Ltd

About Company:

As Singapore’s landscape is ever-changing, their treatments consider apartments and homes that have been standing still or newly renovated, that often fall prey to pests. Their customised flush-out treatments are effective and safe. They use a gentle non-staining water-based treatment indoors and on all surfaces.

Location: 39, #01-01 Jln Pemimpin, 577182

Contact: +65 6280 5666

Website: https://www.origin.com.sg/

5. PestClinic

About Company:

PestClinic is a locally established pest control company that provides pest control services to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. With over 30 years of experience & expertise combined, they are committed to providing safe and effective pest control services for their customers.

At PestClinic,they practice and incorporate traditional methods with new technology to ensure pests are wiped out swiftly. Their team is made up of a group of NEA certified specialists who are trained to provide safe, efficient, and mess-free solutions. At PestClinic, No Pest; No stress.

PestClinic is also featured as one of the Best Pest Control Companies in Singapore.

Location: 3 Ubi Ave 3, #05-03A Crocodile House, Singapore 408857

Contact: +65 6397 5677

Website: https://www.pestclinic.com.sg/

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6. Maximum Pest Management

About Company:

A Reliable Pest Control Service provider in Singapore since 2012. Maximum Pest Technicians average at least 12 years in the industry. This means you will be getting well-versed and knowledgeable talent to manage your pest infestations, quickly and in the most effective manner. Most of the products they use are water-based and generally safer for the environment. Not only are they environmentally conscious but as much as it is possible, they try and adopt a catch and release approach.

You can be assured to receive quality & reliable pest control service from everyone here at Maximum Pest. They pride themselves on stellar customer service. It’s no wonder that most of our clients are through referrals and renewals. They take customer service very seriously and always put the customer needs first!

Location: 54 Maude Rd, #02-06, Singapore 208346

Contact: +65 6292 0515

Website: http://maximumpest.com/

7. Killem Pest Pte Ltd

About Company:

Since 1993, they have provided integrated pest management services to thousands of customers in the commercial, residential, and government sectors. In addition to general pest management services and soil treatment, they have also pioneered treatment methods such as bin chute flush outs and bee relocation services to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Location: 48 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore 608586

Contact: +65 6896 6607

Website: https://killem.com.sg/

8. PestBusters

About Company:

PestBusters is Asia’s leading pest management expert. As a global company on a mission to set a new quality standard, PestBusters continues to expand internationally as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Location: 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-03 to 08 Primax, Singapore 536208

Contact: +65 6288 2828

Website: https://www.pestbusters.com.sg/

9. Innovative Pest Control & Management

About Company:

What started out as a one-man team with a shared office space has now increased to an eleven man team, seven vehicles with their own office within a short span of 4 years. In 2017, with the need to expand further, they change their entity from Innovative Pest Management to Innovative Pest Pte. Ltd.

They were awarded Bizsafe 3 from the Ministry of Manpower, BCA certified by Building and Construction Authority, and has 1 million Public Liability Insurance. This has enabled us to manage bigger projects and still maintain their high standard.

Innovative Pest Control & Management is very proud of their humble beginning and today they are partnering with some of the established brands in Singapore. Brands such as Zouk Singapore, Tadcaster Hospitality Group, Create Restaurants Holding, and Prima Deli. Educational Institutions such as Anglo Chinese School International ( Singapore ), Skool4kidz and Our Junior Schoolhouse, and industrial companies such as NMB Singapore. As of the end of 2017, they are servicing more than a thousand jobs each month.

Location: 192 Pandan Loop, #05-24 blacktech, Singapore 128381

Contact: +65 6100 5266

Website: https://innovativepest.sg/

10. IKARI Services

About Company:

Ikari Services Pte Ltd was established in December 1976 in Singapore and specializes in Pest, Odour, and Fungi/Bacterial Control Services. As one of the leading players among other pest control companies, all members of the IKARI Service Team are trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

Location: 625 Aljunied Rd, #03-07 Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389836

Contact: +65 6743 1313

Website: https://ikari.sg/


11. OSCAR Pest Management

About Company:

Oscar Pest Management is a homegrown business based in Singapore. They specialize in pest control treatment, covering commercial, industrial, and residential establishments. they are committed to delivering more than what is required and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to them. Leveraging on their expertise and serving as a trusted adviser to their valued customers is their responsibility. At Oscar, they are more than a guarantee. They give you peace of mind too.

Location: 65 Ubi Rd 1, #03-80 Oxley BizHub, Singapore 408729

Contact: +65 6556 4466

Website: https://www.facebook.com/oscarpest


12. WTG Pest Control

About Company:

​​​​​​​WTG Pest Control has consistently fulfilled their professionals in excellent quality, pest management, and consulting service to the industry in corporate, commercial, and residential sectors.

​​​​​​​WTG Pest Control has constantly achieved countless customers and referrals with proven and validated track records. The result has brought them to their implementation of successful strategies.

WTG Pest Control consistently aspires to take action of improving their expertise skill set and using advance solution product to deliver added value service to the market place.

Location: 526 Hougang Ave 6, Singapore 530526

Contact: +65 9781 9797

Website: https://wtgpestcontrol.com/

13. Pest Off Pte Ltd

About Company:

Pest Off Pte Ltd takes great pride in providing the highest standard of pest control and passion for solving pest problems.
They are committed to helping their customers solve all types of pest problems with a complete range of professional and comprehensive pest management solutions in Singapore.
Pest Off has been providing integrated pest management services in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for many years. Their highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing the best pest management solution to suit your specific needs.

Location: 25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203

Contact: +65 6280 0777

Website: https://pestoff.com.sg/

14. Pesticon Pest & Sanitary Pte. Ltd.

About Company:

Pesticon Pest & Sanitary Pte. Ltd. is an NEA licensed pest control company providing pest control services in Singapore. Wish to find out more about their home and business pest control packages? Call Pesticon Pest Control @ 8800-7378 (8800-PEST) to learn how they can solve your pest problems today. Regardless of your needs? They can meet you. They provide • Cockroach Control Treatment • Ants Control Treatment • Rodents (Rat & Mice) Control • Subterranean Termite Baiting Control • Bed bug extermination Treatment • and many others.

Location: 59 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-1274, Singapore 461059

Contact: +65 8800 7378

Website: https://pesticon.sg/



About Company:

Pentapest Pte Ltd is a fast-growing and top-rated pest control company in Singapore with a team of dedicated, reliable, and highly trained specialists with a combination of more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry.

Pentapest Pte Ltd is a National Environment Agency registered vector control operator license company with a certified permit holder by the pollution control department authorized in handling hazardous substances. All their pest management chemicals are approved and authorized by the NEA.

Location: 31 Woodlands Cl, #04-02, Singapore 737855

Contact: +65 6483 1416

Website: https://www.pentapest.com.sg/


16. EcoSpace Pest Management Pte Ltd

About Company:

ECOSPACE PEST MANAGEMENT PTE LTD was founded in 2018. Although in its first year of inception, their dedicated team of professionals have over 10 years of experience in the pest control business and lofty ambitions to be the leaders in the industry.

They pride themselves on their experience and expertise to provide a full range of pest control services to all residential, commercial, F&B, industrial sectors & more in Singapore. They are committed to delivering solutions that are effective, environmentally friendly, and creating an unbeatable experience for you while keeping your space safe.

Location: 1014 Geylang East Ave 3, #05-192, Singapore 389729

Contact: +65 6747 6868

Website: https://www.ecospacepest.com.sg/

17. The Pestman

About Company:

At The Pestman, Pte Ltd, they believe they are like tailors in pest management consultations. Their team of dedicated and experienced staff tailors their services to suit the needs of each and every one of their client base. Like tailoring a suit, they get involved in all stages of pest management, from listening to their clients, providing best-fit solutions according to the issues face, implementing it, “snipping” away problems, and ensuring the completion of their services is something desired, like a well-made suit, created just for you that would fit perfectly.

That being said, of course, they need artisans to deliver only the best to you. Their technicians are well trained and equipped with know-how and skills in pest management attained over many years of working in the industry. They are distinct in their functional and technical expertise, and with their day-to-day hands-on experience garnered, ensuring all their clients are given the most effective and efficient expertise advice and services.

Behind every successful technician, lies a master of the trade. Their masters, otherwise known as their management comprises a team of dynamic and driven staff who believe that the word “adequate” should never be in their dictionaries when it comes to knowledge in this ever-changing world. They constantly seek to improve themselves by being aware of the new products, equipment, and pest management methods in the market that could better serve their clients.

Their goal, is to provide top-notch customer service, that is highly versatile and unique, improving in operations efficiency as well as optimizing integrated functionality.

Location: 37 Defu Lane 10, #02-61, Singapore 539214

Contact: +65 6293 4889

Website: http://www.thepestman.com.sg/

18. Anticimex Pest Management

About Company:

Anticimex’s vision is to be the global leader in preventive pest control. Since they were founded in Sweden in 1934 they have been at the forefront of their field, offering the best solutions available in order to give their customers peace of mind.

With this as a base, they are proud to be the modern pest control company, offering modern solutions for a modern society. Their definition of modern is in their approach and how they operate. They work with prevention, using the in-depth knowledge and experience, to minimize the risk of problems occurring.

They embrace new technology, enabling them to offer their customers a more efficient, accommodating, and environmentally friendly service. They also strive for sustainable solutions so that their customers can be assured that what they provide is aimed to last.

Location: 3A, #11-01 International Business Park Rd, ICON@IBP, 609935

Contact: +65 6862 3828

Website: https://www.anticimex.com.sg/


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