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What Happens When You Sit for Prolonged Periods?

As COVID-19 hit the world, more and more people are WFH or working from home. Where it’s possible, employers are encouraging or requiring people to work from home for an indeterminate amount of time. If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, whether due to coronavirus or because you’ve managed to find a remote-based job, you’ll need to change some of your habits and routines to make working from home a success. But if you are already used to working from home, you might want to read this article by Tropika Club, to find out what are the dangers and pitfalls of sitting for prolonged periods.

Sitting for long periods of time is like adding water to a grease fire– it will only make things worse. “The body must be moving for some amount of time every hour,” she describes. Fact be informed, a lot can take place from simply sitting at your desk for hours at a time. The next time you feel like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, get up and go for a leisurely walk to get things moving again.

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After One Day

Truth be told, a lot can occur from just sitting at your desk for hours at a time. “After a little bit of sitting, your postural muscles ‘dial down’ their shooting power, so you will as a result droop into the seat,” states Heimann. “With each hour that goes by in a seated position, the decreased activation of the postural muscles– muscles around the axial skeleton, including ribs, spine, and hips– further impacts the limb musculature, resulting in reduced blood and lymph flow.”

However, you can’t simply blame your day job for being immobile. Dr. Geier discusses that while it can be the main reason you’re sitting for long duration of time, inactive activities like watching TV or playing video games can be damaging if they’ve ended up being a replacement for healthier, movement-based activities.

Alcohol can make your skin feel dehydrated and excessively dry, but anti-oxidants will help recover and revitalize your skin. This need to be followed with a wholesome and renewing moisturiser to hydrate your skin. Constantly wear sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging sun rays, whether you’re at home or exterior.

After One Week

Whether you’ve had to skip the gym for a week or choose to remain at your desk more than you ‘d like to admit, you might start to observe that your muscle tone might not be the very same as previously.” [This] affects how well your blood is distributed in the body. You will have reduced muscular power and endurance, along with metabolic changes that put you at greater risk for avoidable illness like diabetes and heart problem,” says Heimann.

Orthopedic surgeon and sports medication specialist Dr. David Geier adds that while exercise is excellent, it’s a lot more crucial to include low-intensity, steady-state activities, like taking leisurely walks and cleaning the house. “It’s not simply essential for present health factors but to likewise live much healthier lives later on down the line,” he states. When you live a sedentary way of life, here’s what truly happens over time.

According to Heimann, being sedentary for this length of time can even age you by a year. “Without the needed movement of the musculoskeletal system, all systems are negatively impacted and stressed, which has a damaging influence on your overall health,” she states. “Being inactive for that long is like being put in a time capsule that avoids ahead; it’s the equivalent of aging without gaining any of the benefits of memory or experience.” Think we much better start moving.

You might even put yourself at threat for a cold. “Different research studies reveal that sitting for as low as 30 minutes can start to affect the lymphatic system,” says Heimann. “The body requires to move for the lymph system to operate, and the lymphatic system is accountable for our body immune system.”

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After One Month

” Being sedentary for one month is damaging to all systems of the body,” says Heimann. “Not only will you lose muscle mass, however you’ll likewise lose bone mass and your cardiopulmonary effectiveness will be lessened.” Continuing to sit for long periods of time can likewise negatively impact your nerve system, which can alter your mood, brain function, and energy levels, according to Heimann.

Continuing to sit for long durations of time can also adversely affect your anxious system, which can alter your state of mind, brain function, and energy levels, according to Heimann.

You may also see that your muscles feel a little tight. “The connective tissue that is ubiquitous in the body– called fascia– can end up being adhered to the surrounding muscles, producing a feeling of stickiness and rigidity.” So the next time you feel like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, get up and go for a leisurely walk to get things moving again.

After Six Months

In between 6 months to a year, Dr. Geier specifies that these habits are more difficult to break, especially as you grow older. While you might notice a boost of fat has appeared around your abdomen, these perilous modifications occur slowly with time.

” The body is actually made to move,” states creator of Movement by Lara and physical therapist Lara Heimann. “It’s built of bones, muscles, soft tissues, and organs, all of which depend upon movement to function optimally.” While Heimann says that individuals do not need to exercise aggressively– too much endurance can be damaging for some individuals’s health– it’s essential to move as regularly as possible. “The body should be moving for some quantity of time every hour,” she discusses. “In other words, it’s much better to move for 10 minutes out of a 60-minute period than to be inactive for 8 hours and then move for one hour.”

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