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27 Nov, Friday
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Things that Could Happen During Phase 3 in Singapore

We have come this far. COVID-19 cases in Singapore has remained stable. Just two weeks ago, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM)Heng Swee Keat announced that the multi-ministry task force would release plans regarding Phase 3. As Singapore’s economy prepares to take it up a notch, here are what Tropika Club’s thinks will happen during Phase 3 in Singapore.


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Cautiously Optimistic

Singapore’s gradual re-opening is already well underway. On September 28, the government allowed more people to return to workplaces, though with safety management measures in place. To reduce crowding at common spaces and public transport, employers have to implement flexible working hours for their employees, so they can travel to the workplace outside of peak periods.

Also, the Ministry of Health (MOH) began piloting a new business travel pass for senior executives with regional or international responsibilities. Just over the weekend, the National Library Board announced that more library services will resume on Tuesday.



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