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Top 10 Best Popiah in Singapore

Popiah (薄餅) is a traditional snack believed to be of Chinese Hokkien origin. Popiah, which means “thin snack” or “pancake” in Teochew, refers to a spring roll made from thin flour skin wrapped around finely chopped vegetables and meat. The snack shares similarities with kueh pie tee, where the same filling is stuffed into pie-crust shells. It is common to see both dishes sold at the same stall in hawker centres and coffee shops around Singapore. [source] Tropika Club aggregated rankings or “ranking of rankings” compared from the following sources to further ascertain the final rankings. This is further refined using the TripAdvisor rankings to decide between the position in case there is a tie. Read on to find out where are the Top 10 Best Popiah in Singapore.

2. Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Original Popiah & Kueh Pie Tee

Introduction: At Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Original Popiah & Kueh Pie Tie, is a place where taking their long family tradition of making the most authentic handmade popiahs in Singapore. For over 70 years, They have been making popiah skins with traditional way – painstakingly by hand, using a secret family recipe handed down from their forefathers in Fujian province, China. No other place in Singapore makes handmade popiah skin that is so softy, chewy, resilient, and paper-thin as Kway Guan Huat Original Joo Chiat Popiah.Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah’s rich food heritage is included in the National Heritage Board’s historical food trail.

Offerings: Joochiat Popiah Restaurant offers signature Do-It-Yourself popiah sets served claypot style, and even offer delectable local zichar dishes here, prepared by an executive chef with decades of culinary experience under his belt. In their restaurant, traditional popiah with seafood filling added some twists to an old favourite such as the new chicken and lobster sets, among others. Besides, they waded into uncharted waters in popiah skin experimentation and came up with two new flavors – pandan and sesame.

Location: 01-01, 95 Joo Chiat Road 427389, Singapore


  • Joochiat Popiah Shop +65 9620 2000 (Vic) * SMS / Whatsapp only
  • Joochiat Popiah Restaurant +65 6970 9360

Website: https://www.joochiatpopiah.com/

3. Old Long House Popiah

Introduction: Old Long House Popiah is a recommended place that offers taste of authentic popiah since 1930. Their own secret recipes with no Monosodium glutamate (MSG), no artificial colourings, no preservatives, no pork & no lard, no seafood ​in turnips​, giving daily meals a healthy way for the young and old to enjoy it at any time of the day. Old Long House Popiah highly recommended in a lot of media channel such as FBI (Food & Beverage Investigator), The Green Book Best Food Awards, Singapore Street Directory, Gold 90.5FM and others.

Offerings: They are specialise in making delicious popiah as well as kueh pie tee cup

  1. The hand made popiah skin. Chef will grab a ball of very thick batter and spread a thin layer on to the hot plate. Fried it for less than 2 mins. If the skin got too thick, the popiah will taste very heavy. If too thin, it can’t contain the juicy turnip.
  2. Stir fried light brown Turnip with caramelise sweet taste
  3. Crispy golden bits provided an savoury sweet flavor which was so comforting to the mouth.
  4. Chilli. While getting bore from the sweet turnip and savoury bits, suddenly a tickling sensation was felt and kick started the taste b

Location: 01-33, 22 lorong toa payoh 7, 310022 SINGAPORE

Contact:  +65 9171 7157

Website: https://www.oldlonghouse.com/

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